Worst Designs Are Big Help

Gone are the days when people used to stress more on the theoretical knowledge of any subject. These days, practical explanations and experiments are taking the ground. The rational difference between the two is the experience. In the former one, one deals with the situations in the real time rather than just listening to the lectures or mugging up the key notes, as this is the case in the latter one.

I was just thinking that how many articles/ blogs or tutorials we all have written about making a good web design but still there are people who are still overlooking the basic things. If a person of some other trade also reads a dozen of these articles/blogs will get the basic knowledge about, ‘How to make a web design usable and good to look at’. A learning web designer can also write about the basic needs that should be included in making a web design user friendly.

In spite of all these things people still do not understand the importance of making user friendly designs, including a good navigational structure, increased usability of the web design and appearance of the web design.

We always search for better web designs over Internet for inspiration and other purpose. Whenever we have to look some nice designs we type ‘Best Web Designs’, ‘Beautiful Web Designs’ etc., in the Google and then start searching for them. We try to learn from those designs and incorporate if we find something beneficial to our interest. These designs tell us what are the things that should be included while designing. Similarly we must also follow the practice of learning from some of the worst web deigns. The procedure for searching would be entirely the same. The worst designs can tell us about the mistakes which we are likely to make and designers commonly commit those mistakes too.

For a change we can say that bad designs help us to correct our designs. So, next time whenever you see a bad design work, try to learn something from it rather criticizing it alone.

In the end, without any offense, I would like to give my heartiest thanks to all those web designers who burn their mid-night lamp oil and create a lesson of mistakes so that others can learn.

3 thoughts on “Worst Designs Are Big Help”

  1. I agree with the author of this post that many of us while looking up for some inspirational designs search for good designs only.

    But the thought brought by the author is very much substantial that even bad designing can also be used for making a good web design.

  2. Good thinking ….but i would like to say there is nothng like a good or bad design ,….its all about fullfilling the needs .

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