Types Of Dedicated Development Team Setup

PixelCrayons is a hub of skilled and experienced web & mobile app development teams. Our dedicated development team of experts has proficiency in providing full-cycle software solutions for startups and enterprises.


On-Demand Dedicated Team

Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team in India from PixelCrayons who hold in-depth expertise in multiple industry verticals. We empower firms with our experienced in-house dedicated development team and well-established processes, methodologies & tools.


Full-Service Development Teams

In this team setup, we provide full-time dedicated software development teams based on ready-to-use IT infrastructure to handle the end-to-end delivery of your IT project. Here, you are given the flexibility to shift priorities, and you can also initiate change requests.


Maintenance Teams

We provide multi-level end-user support and evolutionary functionality enhancement with this team setup. We deploy dedicated teams adept at supervising your proprietary software product through several releases.

Dedicated Team Vs. Time & Material Vs. Fixed Price

What is the best model to use for your project? Depending on your project, each model has its advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before deciding. Here is a tabular comparison between the dedicated development team, time material, and fixed price:

Dedicated Development Team

  • The company manages the project and your dedicated development team but offers multiple feedback options for the client
  • As a project manager leads the project, the client’s involvement is minimal
  • Client & team coordinate the project’s workflow, including deliverables and development schedules
  • It is a more affordable option than hiring your in-house team
  • The team works dedicatedly to your software development project
  • It ensures continuous development and delivery for improved scalability
  • It ensures faster workflow when compared to more strictly planned models

Time & Materials

  • The client has to provide a precise scope and oversee the project to ensure relevant work
  • Cooperation between the client and the development team is closer than with the dedicated team model, as the client needs to be more involved in the decisions
  • Flexible approach to development that gives room for changing requirements
  • Highly scalable and rapidly adaptable to new needs
  • Tight time management ensures faster development
  • Increased cost control and budget flexibility
  • Closer monitoring of the development by the client


  • The client and the development company agree on a fixed cost for the entire project
  • You’ll pay only that predefined sum regardless of the amount of time or resources that the company needs to complete the project
  • It’s mainly used for short-term projects, especially if they are small or medium-size or have a limited scope
  • No surprise costs, as the final price is agreed upon before development starts
  • The workflow is predefined and agreed upon by both parties, meaning there shouldn’t be any issues in delivering the project on time
  • Client’s involvement is minimal, as a project manager leads the project

Benefits of Choosing a Dedicated Development Team For Your Project

Take advantage of our vast experience in a variety of industries and domains. The dedicated development team you choose will offer several benefits to you, and some of them are:

Being a competitive company, we are naturally cost-effective, but not at the cost of quality or speed.

  • Your present staff is not equipped with the skills to work on the new project
  • You feel the company budget is going overboard
  • You feel that it would be good for the company to downsize
  • You realize there is an emergency situation to counter
  • You want additional resources with special skills

How PixelCrayons Helps In Getting the Best Dedicated Development Team?

  • 18+ years in business have enriched us with the expertise to understand your project’s needs. We also train our developers in the latest tools and technology.
  • Being a competitive company, we are naturally cost-effective, but not at the sacrifice of quality or speed.
  • Don’t let the downsizing affect your business profitability! Get unparalleled project scalability and resource flexibility with PixelCrayons’ dedicated development team.
  • PixelCrayon’s dedicated development team always strives to deliver the projects within the deadline and never compromises the quality. Save your money & time in running the recruitment process and from bearing many associate costs like promotions & training. Work directly with our developers to achieve the highest level of productivity.
  • Get the assurance of timely delivery with a completely agile project development environment. You can keep a check on the progress in real-time.

Whom Can You Hire?

You can get some of the best resources from us to help you take your project to the next level. We have a team of dedicated developers skilled and experienced in their respective domains.

Ready To Get Started?

Our dedicated software development team gives the perfect balance between cost, time & quality. We give you sufficient control over your project without the responsibility of team management. Request a consultation today to speed up your development process.

Helping Businesses Since 2004

The dedicated software development team of PixelCrayons is popular among clients because of several reasons:

India's Top 1% Developers

When working with PixelCrayons, you can work with India’s best developers who are hired through a rigorous recruitment process.

Regular Training & Skill Enhancement

We spend a lot on providing regular training to our developers & designers and keep them abreast with the latest technological advancements & trends.

Agility & DevOps Enabled

Timely project delivery is our utmost priority; therefore, we utilize the DevOps & Agile software development process to save your time & cost.

Quick Deployment & Easy Scaling

We ensure quick onsite deployment for the selected resource and quickly scale up and down your resources as per your company’s specific requirements.

Dedicated Resources

Our skilled, dedicated team will be working only on your project. Also, you will have 100% ownership of your source code.

Easy Communication

We use advanced communication techniques so that smooth communication can be established. Also, you’ll get minutes of activity with cloud-based project management.

Extended Software Protection

With our extended software protection plan, we provide efficient after-delivery support. We make sure your software runs smoothly throughout.

No Startup/ Maintenance Cost

Forget about the cost of starting and maintaining an in-house development team as we do it for you.

Dedicated Account Manager for Project

We assign a dedicated account manager to every project who works closely with you and the development team to ensure timely delivery and your complete satisfaction.

Offshore Dedicated Team Setup & Operation

We are known for providing robust, secure, and scalable software solutions. Our professionals ensure that your project is delivered on time and within budget by setting up and operating an efficient working model according to your requirements.



  • In-depth analysis of project requirements
  • Defining the scope of the project
  • Candidates screened according to the project
  • Team selection suitable for the project


  • Team setup as per domain expertise
  • Starting of project
  • Environment, tools, infrastructure setup
  • Process & methodology definition
  • Communication processes establishment


  • Maximum productivity achieved & maintained.
  • Operation review & adjustment
  • Team size adjustment (scale up/down)
  • Knowledge accumulation & sharing

Case Studies

Our dedicated development team deploys a tailored approach to building a product; thus, we have a long list of successful case studies. We are displaying them after the permission from our clients.



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Get Detailed Information On Dedicated Development Team

Here is our complete guide on dedicated development teams that you can consider for your next big project. This will help you learn about the process, get detailed information, and choose the right team for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that our clients frequently ask. If you need more information or have any other queries, feel free to contact us.

Why shall we hire the dedicated development team from PixelCrayons?

Hire a dedicated development team from PixelCrayons and scale up your software development lifecycle as our company hires India’s top talent as the offshore development team.

The team provides robust, secure, and scalable software product development solutions as per your business requirement. And aside from all this, we train our team on the latest technologies, tools, and frameworks.

What is the overall experience of the dedicated development team at PixelCrayons?

We offer a dedicated team model for senior coders with more than five years of relevant experience. The team is full of zest and delivers quality deliverables within the deadline.

Can you share the list of your clients with whom you have worked earlier?

Yes, of course, this will help you analyze our work and make the right decision accordingly. In our 18+ years of experience, we have served clients like Volkswagen, Adobe, HPE, Puma, John Deers, and many more.

What are the benefits of hiring a dedicated software development team?

Outsourcing a dedicated development team has multiple benefits, and three of them are
1) The top talent in the game industry comes from software development teams.
2) Dedicated team members know their value and thus have a heightened sense of accountability for the product they are working on.
3) It is easier to incentivize/motivate a software development team than generalists like artists or graphic designers.

How to choose a dedicated software development team in India?

You have spent so much time finding the right partner to work with and finally choosing the right software development team in India. It’s time to start, but before you do, you should ask yourself these questions, which will help you evaluate your dedicated software development team in India better and decide if it’s worth working with them.

1) Start Small
You can’t just pick any old developer and call it a day. If you’re working with an outsourced team, you’ll need to take time to make sure that your project is in capable hands before starting on more complex features. Start with smaller projects (like bug fixes or small additions) until you’re comfortable with your team, especially if you want to develop more of a long-term relationship. It ensures quality control; you don’t want your first big project having major bugs or functionality issues.

2) Don’t Be Baffled by Technical Jargons
Hiring a dedicated software development team can be an intimidating process. If you know exactly what kind of company and project you want to launch, it should be easy to figure out what development team will work best for your business. But, you shouldn’t be intimidated by technical jargon and acronyms—especially if you’re just starting.

3) Don’t Hire on Past Reputation Alone
Choosing a dedicated software development team in India is a serious decision, and it’s one that you’ll want to make based on more than just past reputation. If possible, talk to at least three different companies before you commit to hiring. Make sure they have an office where you can meet them face-to-face; though it’s common for companies to do business over email or Skype, their programmers must be able to speak with you in person about your project.

4) Do They Guarantee Results?
When you’re ready to work with a dedicated development team, you’ll want to find one that guarantees results. You won’t get anywhere without giving your dedicated software development team every chance possible to succeed. If they don’t guarantee results, move on and try another team. Your company depends on it! While it might be difficult to believe initially, you will eventually start to see results from your hard work and dedication. Remember that there is no limit to how much or how fast you can grow your business if you let yourself do it!

5) Investigate their Work Culture
Culture is a funny thing. It’s important, but defining what makes a good culture for your team is tricky and often subjective. When figuring out if a company has a good culture for your needs, ask lots of questions and try to gain as much insight into their workflow as possible. For example, how do they prioritize projects? Are employees allowed to explore new ideas, or do they follow set procedures? Are employees expected to work long hours without overtime pay? These questions might be difficult for companies to answer due to confidentiality agreements with clients (or issues like NDAs), but you’ll want some kind of idea of how things run before signing on.

6) Are They Flexible?
One of your biggest considerations is going to be how flexible they are. Does their schedule have regular hours, or will you have to work with them across multiple time zones? Are they available at different times depending on which part of the world you’re in? Don’t assume a late-night discussion will go well – unless you want to stay up late and pay for it! Finding a development team that can adapt to your schedule – at least mostly – is one of those things that should definitely be considered. If they can meet you more than halfway, the chances are good that collaboration won’t be as much of an issue as it could potentially be otherwise.

7) What’s their approach to communication?
Communication is essential whether working with a full-time development team or independent contractors. Companies that offer dedicated software development services must have a highly-structured approach to communicating throughout their workday and during off-hours. You’ll want to know how your company will share with you. How often do they update you on progress? What are their methods of communication? Is there an open-door policy? Can you call any time for clarification on something? Before hiring a software development team in India, these are all questions worth asking before hiring a software development team. Communication plays a prominent role in how smoothly things run, so don’t overlook it!

8) Will you ever go dark if things don’t work out?
The alternative to going dark is doing a do-over. For example, you can always take your project back if you hire programmers for six months and they do not work out. While it’s good to plan with your dedicated software development team, there are no guarantees in life, so having a backup plan may save you a lot of heartaches. Do whatever you need to feel confident that you can move forward if things don’t work out as planned. Ensure your business agreement protects your interests by outlining what will happen if things don’t work out.

9) Do They Follow Agile Methodology?
Agile methodologies are popular in software development. Many choose it because of its flexible nature that encourages creativity, fast decision-making, and frequent feedback. Agile is built around small squads, which work on specific products or features together. Smaller team sizes mean face-to-face meetings, so people have less overhead and more time to be productive.

Focusing on smaller project pieces can also help prevent scope creep from happening too early, so products remain manageable—and getting started doesn’t take forever. Hiring a dedicated team using agile methodologies can help your company control its projects and keep you from being taken advantage of by scam agencies that promise results but deliver poor product quality at high costs.

Do you offer flexibility in choosing the resources based on the requirements?

Yes, definitely. There is nothing impossible when you hire an off-site dedicated software development team from us. We allow you to hire resources, onboard them, and scale up and down based on the requirements.

How do you quote for smaller assignments?

You don’t have to worry about anything when hiring a dedicated development team from PixelCrayons. We usually prefer to take projects of a minimum of one month. If the project is small, you can hire our team for a minimum of 15 days. The price may be relatively higher for a smaller and short-term project.

Client Success Stories

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