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WordPress Plug-in 301 Redirect: Perfect to Improve Blog Link Popularity

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The recent few years have seen a massive increase in the blogging culture. Users today are stepping out of their shells and are enjoying the liberty to share with the world, whatever they have inside of them. It’s now almost in vogue to own a blog and actively up date it with new found content. The content may not necessarily means written material like prose or poems, but may also be different videos, amazing photographs and etc.

The rise in the blog culture has given rise to the wordpress development. Today blogging has transformed into a highly competitive virtual arena. A lot of corporate houses have come up with their own blogs to create awareness amongst internet users about their products and services. Thus to maintain a steady foothold in such a competitive world, one needs the support of wordpress CMS development. CMS stands for content management system, which aims at efficiently managing the content of your website. WordPress is an efficient blogging tool and publishing platform, which when smartly used, can prove to be a highly resourceful CMS.

The 301 Redirect Plug-in

WordPress development makes available to its users a plethora of plug-ins and themes to choose from. Plug-ins is specific software components, which adds specific capabilities in the larger segment. One the plug-ins which helps you improve the SEO results of your blog and improve its popularity is 301 Redirect. 301 Redirects provides WordPress users an easy way to redirect the requests to another page of your site or perhaps a different and new location altogether on the web. Its resourcefulness can be observe in a situation when you wish to shift your website to wordpress but can’t preserve your URL structure. By setting up 301 redirects from your old pages to your new pages, any incoming links will be easily passed along to the new site and even their page rank will be passed along with them.

301 Redirect and the weblog’s popularity

You can drastically improve your weblog link popularity if you make avail of 301 Redirect. 301 is primarily a HTTP status code, and indicate that the page in question has been permanently shifted to a new location. If in case you attempt to access the page through redirected URL, your web browser will directly take you to the new location of the URL. Although this may appear strange and dicey but it is a very common phenomenon and we witness is ever day, without specifically being able to point it out. Just, for instance, try the link- couchsurfing.com and then notice the URL. You’ll be surprise to see that you have been smartly redirected to couchsurfing.org instead of .com. Thus, you can easily plan to shift your website to a new location, perhaps opt for wordpress development and just by using 301 Redirect, your link popularity will not be negatively affected.

Further, a 301 redirect also has the provision to pass on the link popularity of one URL to the other. This aspect is very important for better search engine ranking of your blog. Redirecting enables you to carry forward the link popularity of both the URLs involved and in turn truly represent the popularity or the reputation of your blog. For example, if the URL 2 has fifty incoming links from the reputed sites on the web and you set up a 301 redirect from URl2 to URL 1, the URL 1 will inherit the 50 incoming link popularity of URL 2. Although some SEO specialists believe that it is impossible to carry forward the 100% popularity but 90 – 99% is often inherited.

How to set-up 301 Redirect?

Setting up 301 Redirect on your wordpress site, is extremely easy. You can refer your wordpress developers and they’ll work with server and create an .htaccess file in the directory and write the code for a 301 redirect for you. Another way will be to download and install the Redirection plug-in for WordPress. This little tool creates a basic graphical interface inside your WordPress dashboard, where you can create 301 redirects automatically, without having to write any code yourself. Thus augment your blog’s SEO ranking and avail a competitive advantage with the 301 Redirect.

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Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works in PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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