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Stop wasting money and time on random keywords. Get more from your PPC campaigns with our expert guidance. We analyze your past campaigns to identify areas for improvement, optimize your spending, and make every click count. We craft strategies that drive real results, backed by a proven track record.

  • Hire Within 24 Hours
  • Easy Team Scale Up & Down
  • Google and Bing Certified Professionals
  • 1200+ PPC Projects Handled Successfully
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Transform Clicks into Conversions

Unlock the potential of your digital campaigns with our PPC specialists, ensuring every click counts by driving conversions.

4,200+ Projects Launched projects executed successfully
19+ Years Experience Years Of Experience in this feild
2500+ Satisfied
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The Additional Benefits of Hiring PPC Experts from PixelCrayons

Tired of inconsistent results and wasted ad spend? PixelCrayons offers a unique solution that empowers you to take control of your online advertising and achieve unparalleled growth.


Experience Our Expertise Risk-Free

PixelCrayons offers a free trial, allowing you to see the power of our PPC experts in action before committing. There’s no obligation; we’re confident in our results and want you to be too.

Dedicated Experts, Not Freelancers

With PixelCrayons, you get to hire PPC experts in India who work exclusively for you. Our team members are dedicated to your success, providing consistent expertise and personalized attention.

T-Shaped Mastery

Our PPC marketing experts have in-depth knowledge of PPC ads, social media, email marketing, and more. This “T-shaped” expertise allows them to optimize your entire marketing funnel, ensuring a holistic approach to growth.

Tailored Talent

Looking for a middle-level Pay Per Click expert in India? Or a senior one? PixelCrayons has them all. Handpick the one you need, ensuring you have the right expertise for your specific marketing requirements.

Expertise of Our PPC Specialists

Hire PixelCrayons PPC experts who have expertise in different internet advertising platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook, Bing, and Linkedin. The primary tactics used by our best PPC experts are:


PPC Evaluation

Hire PPC management experts to measure the success of your current PPC campaigns and provide you with suggestions on how to improve them.


Social Media Advertising

Maximize your return on ad spend and ditch the DIY struggle. Our PPC experts craft targeted campaigns for social media platforms driving qualified leads and boosting conversions.


Previous Campaign Analysis

To gain a deeper understanding of your PPC campaigns, our PPC expert analyze previous campaigns, based on which we can optimize the campaigns for more valuable results.


Target Campaign

Hire dedicated PPC experts to develop and run effective campaigns. PPC is the most flexible and scalable form of internet advertising, allowing you to reach your target audience and achieve your goals.


Targeted Keyword Research

Our experts are skilled in using top tools to quickly identify keywords with high potential. They analyze search volume, competition, potential LSI, and user intent to find profitable keywords that deliver results.


Video Ad Management

Regardless of how small or large your company is, hire PPC experts in India from us and benefit from increasing global visibility and sales through YouTube and other Video Ad platforms.


A/B Testing

Our PPC experts conduct A/B testing to measure performance, ensure your traffic is more qualified, and find out which terms show the most promising results for use in PPC campaigns.


Ad Management

PixelCrayons’ expertise is perfect for businesses that want to maximize the effectiveness of their advertising through carefully-chosen channels.


Audience Behavior Research

Want to send the right ad message to potential buyers in your sales funnel? Let our PPC experts conduct audience behavior research based on demographics, purchase history, repeat purchases, and loyalty to help you out.

Level Up with PPC

Maximize visibility and drive targeted traffic with our PPC experts.


How Does 7-day Trial Work

Benefit from 7-day trial period to evaluate the performance of our recommended professionals and ensure they are aligned with your specific project requirements.


Initial Consultation

  • Discuss your project requirements, scope, and objectives with our team.
  • Determine the necessary skills and expertise for your project.

Paperwork and Standard Agreement

  • Review and execute the required documentation to initiate the trial period.

Selection & Onboarding

  • Based on the initial consultation, we will recommend suitable professionals.
  • Commence the 7-day trial to assess their performance.

Transparent Tracking with Workstatus™

  • Monitor progress, hours, and tasks in real-time post-onboarding.
  • Ensure productive use of time in line with your project goals.

Feedback & Iteration

  • Conduct regular meetings to review progress, address challenges.
  • Continuous improvement based on your feedback and project evolution.

Seamless Transition

  • Proceed to a full-time engagement if satisfied post-trial.
  • There is no obligation to continue if the trial does not meet your expectations.

Dominate Digital Advertising

Dominate the digital advertising landscape with our PPC expertise, providing your business with a competitive edge and driving sustained success.


Industry Insights

Gain industry insights and learn from our proven track record with our latest blogs and case studies.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the common questions our clients often ask while hiring PPC experts. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Why should I hire dedicated PPC experts from PixelCrayons?

You can hire PPC professionals from us for comprehensive paid promotion services. Our PPC experts our Certified Google Partners and keep abreast with the latest industry trends and practices and develop highly effective strategies that help our clients stay ahead of the competition.


Is PPC expensive? How can I ensure ROI?

While PPC advertising requires investment, it offers targeted reach and immediate results. Our experts optimize your campaigns to maximize ROI and ensure you get the most out of your ad budget. We provide transparent reporting to track campaign performance and demonstrate the value you receive. To know the cost of hiring our PPC experts, we recommend scheduling a quick call with our consultants.

Do your PPC specialist perform an audit of my current PPC campaigns?

Yes. We perform a thorough audit of your existing PPC campaigns to identify areas for improvement and maximize your ROI. Our PPC specialists will analyze your current campaigns, including keywords, targeting, ad copy, and landing pages, to identify areas for optimization and develop a strategy to improve your performance and drive better results.

Do your PPC experts have experience in my industry and with my target audience? How will you manage my campaigns?

We have a team of PPC specialists with experience across various industries. We’ll assign you a dedicated expert who will thoroughly research your niche and target audience to craft highly relevant campaigns. We offer ongoing management and optimization, ensuring your campaigns stay competitive and deliver consistent results.

I'm new to PPC advertising. Can you help me develop a long-term strategy or just manage short-term campaigns?

We cater to businesses at all stages. We can help you build a comprehensive PPC strategy or manage short-term campaigns with specific goals. Our goal is to tailor our services to your unique needs and ensure sustainable growth.

Will the PPC expert I hire work as per my schedule?

Yes, we will align the resource based on your time zone and schedule. You can interact with them the way you do with a local or in-house resource.

How long does it take to see results from a PPC campaign?

After you hire PPC management experts from us, the time it takes to see results from a campaign can vary depending on several factors, such as the size and complexity of your campaign, your industry, and the bidding strategy you choose.

However, you can expect to see some results within a few days of starting your campaign.

How will I know if your PPC campaigns are successful?

We track key performance indicators (KPIs) aligned with your specific goals. Our reports provide clear data and insights on clicks, conversions, and return on ad spend (ROAS) so you can measure campaign effectiveness.

What is the process of scaling up or down with PixelCrayons?

When you partner with PixelCrayons, rest assured there won’t be any complexity in scaling up or down. You can add new resources to your team in less than 24 hours. If you want to replace an existing resource, we can do it for you in no time.