Parvesh Aggarwal

Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur at heart with love for technology, Parvesh uniquely blends business analysis, strategy, targeted objectives, and ROI with IT solutions.

Parvesh Aggarwal Founder & CEO

Mohit Malik

VP - Operations

Mohit oversees PixelCrayons’ vast engineering organization, which drives the company’s core programming.

Mohit Malik VP - Operations

Rahul Srivastava

VP - Human Resources

Rahul leads the HR team at PixelCrayons, where he is responsible for the company’s talent and culture.

Rahul Srivastava VP - Human Resources

Vikas Kaushik

VP - Technology

With nearly two decades of experience in IT, Vikas manages the deliveries of tech-driven solutions for PixelCrayons.

Vikas Kaushik VP - Technology

Vivek Avasthi

Head of Digital Marketing

Vivek heads the digital marketing dept. of PixelCrayons, where he manages the entire online presence of the company.

Vivek Avasthi Head of Digital Marketing

Neha Raina

Head Of Resourcing And Partnerships

Neha is a strategist and digital thought leader who bridges technology and client satisfaction for PixelCrayons.

Neha Raina Head Of Resourcing And Partnerships

Saundaraya Gupta

Technical Manager

With a solid technical background, Saundaraya manages client communication, project management, and deliveries for PixelCrayons.

Saundaraya Gupta Technical Manager

Akhil Mendiratta

Business Consultant

With extensive experience in the software industry, Akhil manages business consulting, analysis, and project onboarding for PixelCrayons.

Akhil Mendiratta Business Consultant