Solutions for Smarter Fleet Management

With 18+ years of rich domain expertise, we strive to provide you with advanced solutions customized as per your specific business needs and challenges:


Fleet Tracking Solutions

Businesses involved in Logistics and Transportation can maximize their productivity by tracking real-time fleet location, expected time of delivery, and average speed of delivery.

  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • Route Optimization
  • Geofencing
  • Delivery ETA tracking

System Integration

The software we develop can be integrated with other systems, such as GPS, CRM, accounting, payroll, billing platforms, etc., for better performance and hassle-free deliveries.

  • Seamless Integration
  • Automated Data Exchange
  • Customizable Integration

Asset Management Solutions

As a company owner, you may find it challenging to detect goods theft; our solution will help you manage fleet assets by sending notifications on any asset movement beyond the coverage area.

  • Real-Time Asset Tracking
  • Movement Alerts
  • Inventory Management

Fleet Optimization Solutions

Optimize most of your business performance by evaluating and organizing the new carriers according to their current locations. Our custom solution also makes it easy to manage idle resources.

  • Dynamic Route Planning
  • Load Balancing
  • Idle Time Management

Fleet Analytics Solutions

With the help of our fleet analytics solution and analytic dashboard, the business can easily analyze failures and help you make intelligent decisions to avoid future actions, reducing the possibility of accidents.

  • Performance Dashboards
  • Data-Driven Insights
  • Predictive Maintenance

Mobile Solutions

We provide web and mobile apps with built-in automated tasks like fleet maintenance, fuel transactions, and intuitive data visualization dashboards that will manage your fleet anytime, anywhere.

  • Driver Apps
  • Dispatch Apps
  • Automated Tasks

Enhance Supply Chain Visibility

Gain real-time insights into your supply chain with our innovative tracking and monitoring solutions.


Transform Logistics with Expert Services

From custom software development to innovative digital marketing strategies, we provide the tools and expertise needed to elevate your operations, ensuring efficiency and customer satisfaction in the digital age.


Custom Logistics Software Development

Tailored logistics software development for efficient cargo handling, inventory management, and advanced order tracking systems.

Mobile App Development

Innovative mobile apps with real-time tracking, delivery updates, and seamless communication channels for improved operational coordination.

AI-Driven Predictive Maintenance

Utilize AI for proactive vehicle maintenance, preventing downtime and extending lifespan for uninterrupted logistics operations.


Custom eCommerce solutions featuring robust platforms, integrated booking systems, payment solutions, and real-time tracking for optimized online experience.

Digital Marketing

Tailored digital marketing strategies, including SEO, content marketing, and social media campaigns for enhanced brand reach.

Digital Transformation

Lead your business into the future with AI, IoT, and cloud technologies for streamlined operations and data-driven decision-making.

Future-Proof Your Logistics Business

Lead the industry with our digital transformation services, embracing innovative technologies for sustainable growth.


Optimize Your Supply Chain with PixelCrayons

We’re a team of passionate logistics technology specialists dedicated to streamlining your operations and empowering your business to deliver excellence.

We understand the significance of efficiency and transparency in today’s competitive logistics landscape. Therefore, we leverage cutting-edge technology to help you overcome these challenges and achieve operational excellence.

  • Trusted by startups & Fortune 500
  • Optimize Inventory Management
  • Enhanced security and compliance
  • Timely delivery, no surprises
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Emerging Technologies We Rely On

Leveraging the latest technologies, we enable businesses to attain 360-degree business growth with reliable and scalable solutions.

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Artificial Intelligence

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Internet of Things

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Big Data

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Augmented Reality

Choose From Our Hiring Models

With us, you can choose from multiple hiring models that best suit your needs.

Hiring model

Dedicated Team

Hire an autonomous expert team that, consists of Software Engineers, Quality Analysts, Project Managers and other professionals to deliver efficient and timely technology solutions. Job roles and responsibilities of our experts are discreetly defined for each project, and management is jointly handled by a Scrum Manager and the client’s product owner.

  • Risk-free contracts
  • Hassle-free hiring process
  • No hidden charges
  • Month to month billing
  • Flexibility on team size & expertise
  • White-labelled services available
  • Best fit for Startups, MVPs, and Software Development Agencies
Hiring model

Team Augmentation

Our team augmentation model allows you to select the right set of talent and experience helping you fill the talent gap in your team. The augmented team works as part of your local or distributed team, attends daily meetings, and directly reports to your managers. This hiring model is suitable for businesses and projects of all sizes.

  • Expertise on demand
  • Quick scaling / de-scaling
  • Month-end billing
  • Overcome hiring barriers
  • Direct Reporting
  • Shorter Go-To-Market
Hiring model

Project Based

Fixed Price Model:

It is obtained when the project specifications, scope, deliverables, and acceptance criteria are clearly defined, enabling us to evaluate and frame a fixed quote for the project. It best suits the small-mid scale projects having well-documented specifications.

Time & Material Model:

It best suits projects with a dynamic scope or complicated business requirements, hindering accurate cost estimation. You pay for the services according to the time spent on the project and get an opportunity to realise the optimum benefits.

Get Detailed Information About Logistics IT Solutions

Here is our complete guide on logistics and supply chain software development that you can consider for your next big project. This will help you learn about the process, get detailed information, and choose the right team.


Client Success Stories

We are pleased to serve our clients and take great pride in delivering quality services that exceed their expectations. Here is what some of them have to say about us:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that our clients frequently ask. If you need more information or have other questions, feel free to contact us.

How many years have you been in logistics software development?

We have been in logistics software development for 18+ years and have successfully delivered various projects to our global clients.

What benefits does your digital transformation services bring to the logistics sector?

PixelCrayons’ digital transformation services offer significant benefits to the logistics sector. Our solutions enhance operational efficiency by automating processes, optimizing supply chain management, and providing real-time visibility. This leads to improved decision-making, reduced costs, streamlined workflows, and better customer satisfaction. With advanced analytics and data-driven insights, our services empower logistics businesses to adapt to market changes, stay competitive, and achieve long-term growth.

How long do you take to develop a Logistics & Transportation App?

The time to create a fully functional app is based on several factors. Customized app designing work can take around 1-4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project and the number of revisions required. After that, the development phase requires an additional 1-6 weeks, depending on the features required. We follow an agile development process that helps us deliver your project in the minimum possible time possible.

How much will it cost to develop a Logistics & Transportation App?

At our Logistics & Transportation software development company, we offer custom solutions tailored to your business needs and budget. Our experienced team delivers high-quality, scalable, and reliable apps designed to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve your bottom line. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn how we can provide you with a competitive edge in the market.

What software development process do you follow when providing logistic software development services?

We follow an agile logistics software development process in offering transportation software development services within the stipulated time frame to our customers.

Requirement Gathering

You (the client) contact us via call, Skype, website, or live chat and share your project requirement.

Project Discussion

Our experts will review your project and contact you within 24 hours to discuss your business and help identify your needs.

Choose Engagement Models & Timelines

Based on the project, our experts suggest the best engagement model, estimated timelines, and cost for project development.


After robust quality analysis, our project manager delivers the project as per your delivery timeline.

Project Initiation

As per the engagement model, your project is allocated to a team with in-depth knowledge of your business domain.