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Magento iPhone Theme: A Way to Tap M-Commerce Arena

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Now a day, mobile commerce is on the rise and has popularized in a very short span. Magento, one of the premier platforms of the ecommerce is going on full throttle to tap on this fast growing market. Magneto ecommerce has come out with an Apple iPhone specific theme to cater to the interests of small online retailers who want to take on their giant counterparts. Mobile commerce has so far been a domain of large players such as Amazon but this theme is out to change the rules of the game.

It is estimated that there are close to 9 million mcommerce customers in the US alone, add to it another one billion customers around the world and it becomes a huge market. Magneto ecommerce tries to address to this huge customer base with this new app over world’s most popular smartphone platform. It uses iPhone’s inherent navigation methods and offers global site search, customer accounts, and a shopping cart with a complete checkout process. In the future, the application is expected to be extended to other popular mobile platforms such as Nokia, BlackBerry Motorola, Samsung, LG and Sony-Ericsson among others.

Traditionally mcommerce suffered due to lack of physical compatibility between the phone and the online store. Users had to zoom in and out and scroll the stores to gather information about a product but with this Magneto ecommerce app address the needs of mobile users and fits all the information that customer wants in the phone itself. Thus it wouldn’t be wrong to say that mobile commerce has finally come of age with this application.

Advantages of Magneto iPhone Theme

•    Magneto iPhone theme has been custom designed to address the need of the mobile shoppers. The small screen packs all the information that a customer needs to make a purchase over a mobile phone.

•    It uses the power of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and has an inbuilt multi-store feature. It uses iPhone’s device rotation feature to offer better look of products and can even be installed on subdomains.

•    This Magneto store allows users to access your shopping cart while on the move. Your product updates are displayed at the touch of the screen. This Magneto ecommerce app comes with large fonts and buttons on product pages and a horizontal image slider. To facilitate business products are instantly added to the cart.

•    The iPhone app comes with large UI elements allowing users to switch between the iPhone website and the desktop site for detailed information of a product. You can also add a newsletter subscription feature on your homepage.

•    It addresses the low Internet bandwidth that iPhones have compared to a broadband run PCs and laptops. This Magneto ecommerce app renders online stores in no time. The images and the graphics can be optimized to meet the needs of customers who use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections to browse the web.

•    The application offers improved breadcrumbs, easy catalog navigation and multipage support making your mcommerce website highly functional. With this app, your mcommerce website will never be a compromise of your ecommerce website.

•    With this iPhone theme you can create a customized mcommerce layout, template, and presentation files can be optimized for an iPhone’s browser. It offers fast category selection and does away with the need for page reload.

•    You will be able to use all the payment gateways such as credit card, PayPal etc. that you use on your online store. All these would be made proportional to the screen size of your iPhone. The payment gateway will have the same level of security as a normal payment gateway.

If you want to draw mileage out of this Magento Ecommerce you need to hire experienced Magento developers. The iPhone theme needs to be customized to meet the demands of your business. Make sure you hire the services of a firm which has prior experience in customizing the iPhone app. Take note of their previous work as this will help you make the right choice.

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Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works in PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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