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Exploiting the 7 Perpetual Sins to generate more Leads through your Website

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One thing that has remained constant ever since life was made possible on the face of the earth is the constant tug of war between the good and evil forces. The seven deadly sins have always haunted the lives of living beings. However, in the present day we lay stress on working smart and progressing with a unique strategy in mind. The proverb – if you cannot beat them, friend them, seems to be the mantra for the present day success. Thus in this write up, we shall discuss each of the deadly sin and how you can utilize each one of them for the success of your own website.

By carefully understanding and utilizing these 7 deadly sins, you shall be able to place the right kind of stimulus to the users visiting your website and hence you will be better equipped to convert them into the customers.

Curious? Read on to know how you can capitalize upon the vicious and devilish power of the 7 perpetual sins for the success of your own website.

Sin 1 – Pride

Pride is defined as having an excessively high opinion about one’s own self. Of course these people suffer from superiority complex and feel that they are superior to the rest of the people.

Exploiting Pride – If you happen to serve the high brands, no matter how feeble or large scale the work was, display the same in your website. If any of the fortune 500 companies have been a client of yours, the people driven by pride are definitely going to respond to your portal.

Sin 2 – Envy

Envy is discontentment and and jealousy in the purest form. An envious person simply wishes to possess something that does not belong to him and is flaunted or owned by someone else.

Exploiting Envy – Give them a feature to be envious about. Provide a feature of monopoly or autonomy in your website, depending upon the nature of your website.

Sin 3 – Gluttony

Conventionally gluttony has been perceived to be associated with starving for more and more food and having hunger and thirst which cannot be satisfied and quenched. However, the idea behind the same is nothing but “over consumption.”

Exploiting Gluttony – Users are certainly drowned in after seeing the words like “unlimited” or “absolutely free” etc. Thus exploit the gluttony residing inside the psyche of the users, by offering heavy doses of consumption and convert them into your customers.

Sin 4 – Lust

Lust, as we all are aware of, is the excessive libido desire. The sexual cravings are so intense, that they take over the normal functioning and nothing but the bodily pleasures matter.

Exploiting Lust – On the web front, you can transform the highly intense desire for sex, into desire for sexy and pleasing products. Design your website in a way that it appears tantalizing. Use erotic and ravishing colors and display highly confident and sexy images.

Sin 5 – Greed

Greed is the unjustified and undefined desire for more. Where gluttony is the greed for food or consumption, Greed is just an excessive need to obtain everything.

Exploiting Greed – Well, social networking sites like Twitter and Digg etc. have already exploited greed very well. The race for more twitter followers, and more the number of Diggs that your post gets has made the website in question really popular, all owning to forces executed by Greed.

Sin 6 – Sloth

Sloth stands for nothing but sheer laziness and indifference. The person compelled by the evil forces of Sloth loves to do nothing but remain inert and inactive and pay no heed to the work needs surrounding them.

Exploiting Sloth – Bloggers make commenting on their blog really easy. Various websites provides a complete range of services which can be availed with a click of the mouse. The point lie sin developing website which are amazingly easy to navigate and operate. The trick lies in spoiling the users with choices, giving them effortless service packages and offers that will make the entire functioning as easy as mere clicking.

Sin 7 – Wrath

Lastly it is wrath – Anger and rage is the most purest and severe form. The person haunted by the sinful forces of wrath are perpetually hot headed and has a desire to prove their own point.

Exploiting Wrath – Give rise to antagonistic and conflicting reviews or opinions and so how wrath helps you make your website really popular and flourishing with the comments from the users. Various bloggers and ecommerce websites, especially the ones publishing reviews make use of this option and the users, drawn with rage floods the website with numerous comments, in order to prove themselves right.

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Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works with PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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