Development cost and Working of an On-Demand Service App like Helpbit

In this digital era, on-demand service apps have gained huge popularity worldwide due to their convenience. As per Harvard Business Reports, the on-demand service delivery apps are attracting around 22.5 Billion consumers annually. 

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All of these services include food delivery apps, salon services, home services, transportation, etc. These apps provide a one-stop solution to the consumers and local vendors to deal with the household services in one place. To name a few, applications like Helpbit, Rabbit, helpr, handy, etc are providing the local services like house cleaning, beauty salon, plumber, wedding event and more. 

In these kinds of applications, the users can search the various services based on budget, location and service providers and local providers can list out the budget, services, and locations so that customers can easily find the solutions in nearby locations. It is the best way that a startup or a small business can reach with the seekers through popular applications and connect with the locals by showing their services online.

Here, we will try to explain to you more about an app- Helpbit:

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Helpbit is an on-demand Service website and application, wherein a client can log in to the Helpbit Application or Website and book for any sort of service, be it repairing your phone, cleaning your house Helpbit has just got it all!

With these kinds of applications, small/large scale organizations can gain maximum benefits for their business. 

What is the business model for such applications?

An application like Helpbit offers quite a simple business model. It provides daily routine professionals such as electricians, fitness, Yoga instructor, house cleaning, interior & architecture designers, wedding event photographers, etc. This all is done by the team which heavenly invests the time to make the perfect matching algorithm.

The following video shows us the points to keep in mind to develop an On-Demand service app like Helpbit

What are the benefits that you can get with the apps like Helpbit? 

Applications like Helpbit can help users in many ways:

  • They help to target local audience market:  Local service provider apps like Helpbit target the local audience and provide beneficial & quick services to the audience. These types of applications fulfill the users’ demand on time and provide fruitful benefits to the local vendors and also provide benefits for rural areas.
  • No promotions required: With apps like Helpbit, the service providers don’t have to market their agency/firm anymore as 100,000+ people use Helpbit and it’s quite obvious, service providers get good business through it. They just need to ensure that the particular service needs to be done perfectly and at the right time so they get a good review and rating which will make the rankings above the rest. Service providers can track the particular services, received orders, etc with the help of their own service provider application.

How does Helpbit work?

The workflow of Helpbit is quite simple and on-point. Generally, traditional booking service takes quite a long time but with an app like Helpbit, it is as easy as posting a picture on your social media profile. It hardly takes 3 steps provided you have already signed in the application.

  • Tell them the requirements: When a customer signs in the application like Helpbit, they are asked to select the kind of service they need from the specific list provided. They can also search or create a custom service that they need. There is a wide range of services like house cleaning, electronic repairs, grocery shopping, car repairs, etc for the customers to choose from. 
  • Schedule and book a professional from the list provided in the app: After a particular service is selected, Helpbit shows the list of all the applicable professionals available and also shows the reviews and ratings provided by the previous customers. This way the customer gets an option to check about the service provider more and then select the best professional and schedule them for the particular service. When you are scheduling for the service, you can select the number of professionals you need for the particular service. You can also choose the number of hours you need them to work for you. 
  • Once you schedule the service, you can pay for it: Once the scheduling is done, Helpbit shows the summary of the particular service and the total amount is displayed. The customers get an option to either pay for the service instantly or they can also pay for the particular service once the task gets completed. 

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How does Helpbit benefit the service providers? 

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Helpbit is the application that helps the customers to book the service and run their errands. So, with the help of this kind of platform, the service providers get an opportunity to market themselves in order to rise in the market. They just need to pay a very little commission to Helpbit, depending on the kind of services that they provide. Helpbit promises the following things to the service providers: 

  • Reach more audience: Helpbit has a huge customer base of about 100,000+ and around thousands of customers book various services on Helpbit on a daily basis. 
  • Helps to increase the income: The services provided by the various service providers are listed on the Helpbit application. This way the service providers are able to get more customer reach and hence, they can provide offers & discounts to boost their business in the market. 
  • Easy to use interface: The service providers can easily accept, refuse and manage the service requests through the Helpbit platform and they also have their own CRM and web apps. The service providers get the option to start the particular service on the app at their arrival and then stop the service once the task gets completed. 

Some other features that make this application stand out from other applications in the market: 

  • Quality: This is the first and foremost priority on which they curate the service providers. They have long processing of filtering & accepting a particular service provider. All the applications are screened thoroughly with their capability and labor clearance. The complete process can take around 2-3 weeks. 
  • Flexibility and Network: The network and reach of Helpbit are wide & they reach every place around KSA and UAE. They even have flexible timings & flexibility in services as there are many ways of booking a service. They can book or order for a custom booking. That is exactly what every customer needs from any application. 


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How much does it cost to develop an application like Helpbit? 

Now, the answer to this question depends on the kind of platform that you need to be developed. If you need to design and develop it from the scratch, it will cost you more than a solution built of all the ready-made modules, where each set will have its own set price. However, this not only saves your time but also money, where the development team need not spend more time in writing the specs, developing basic modules and testing them. Hence, after the unique alterations of the app, it will still have a truly custom look and functionality. 

Every specific feature needs certain hours of work of the developers and the total cost of an app like Helpbit is calculated on the basis of the number of modules that will build your app. However, the starting price of these applications can be about $10K and will require around 500 working hours for the application to be developed. You must also remember that developing the app neatly and with more additional features will take some more working hours. Now, if you wish to develop an application from scratch, you will have to shell out approx $80k in the process and it can take around 1500-2000 working hours to complete the task. 

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So, if you are someone looking to develop an app like Helpbit, make sure to search well and hire a popular mobile app development company that understands your concerns. Hire app developers as per your budget and requirements and create the best app that will rule the online world in the near future.

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