“Everyone knows that any scripting language shootout that doesn’t show Python as the best language is faulty by design.” – Max M.

Python is indeed one of the favorite languages of many. Undoubtedly, several apps have been developed using this language, and the numbers are staggering. So how much does it cost to develop a Python application? What factors influence the development process? How can you make sure your budget is in line with what’s normal? 

If you also have all these questions in your mind, then I am here to answer all of them. So, without wasting a minute, let us begin with the factors influencing the cost of python web apps.

6 Factors that Affect the Cost of Python App Development

Factors affecting cost of Python development

An average Python web application development project can be of any size, depending on the needs of the business. A small project will cost less than a more complex one. However, other factors affect its overall price, including-

1. Features and Functionality- Do You Need a Flexible and Secure Application?

There is no magic formula for how much it will cost to build a new Python-powered web application. Instead, you need to consider each of its features. Also, it is crucial to determine what they require in terms of development time and resources. The more complex your app, the higher its price. 

For example, a chatbot will cost you less than an Uber-like app that requires vehicle tracking and payment integration. Also, if your Python web app is used by millions of people every day, the costs will be even higher. Here are some tips for this-

  • Keep it simple
  • Plan ahead for future expansion
  • Think of creative ways to cut costs
  • Check out other developers’ experience with similar projects (designers, devs).

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2. Development Time-UI/UX Design, Resource Availability, and Other Factors Highly Impact This

This is the amount of time it takes for your assigned developers to build and launch a new Python app. Of course, this time depends on many factors:

  • The size and complexity of the app (mentioned above)
  • The availability of resources (e.g., memory, server space). For example, if you need to build an e-store with cryptocurrency integration, it will take longer than if all you need is a small blog.
  • The experience of your developers. Someone who has developed numerous Python web apps before can usually do it faster than others.
  • The development time may vary depending on the technologies you’re using (e.g., Django, Flask, etc.)

3. Design and Development- It May Differ From Your Estimate Budget

Expect your app development cost to grow by 1.2-1.5 times than the initial cost. Did you just ask why? This is because a Python web development firm needs to buy many things to complete your app, including-

  • A domain to host the app
  • A hosting server
  • The final design of the application

Besides, you must pay an extra amount for the paid designs to customize them. Generally, the development cost starts from about USD 5000 to 35,000 (not fixed, it may differ). If you have a limited budget, you may hire python developers who charge hourly.

4. Location of the Agency- Which Country Did You Choose for the Development?

How much does Python cost - Location of the Agency

If your company is located in a developing country, you’ll get it done at a much lower cost than working with a developer from the US or Europe. This is because agency salaries are usually lower where IT professionals live and work. However, if you choose a local team, make sure to ask for references and check their portfolios before you sign any contract.

5. Product Scalability- Do You Want Your App to Reach All Over the World?

The costs of a Python web application also go up if it has to be scaled for large audiences or geographical locations. For example, if your app is to be launched in 5 countries, you need to consider the costs of creating local servers and hiring staff from each location. In this case, the development cost will increase compared to a project with a single site.

6. Python Web App Maintenance Cost-Factor that You Cannot Ignore!

This is the most significant variable, as it will change depending on many factors. For example, if your application needs an upgrade because of technological advancements, you’ll need to pay again for new versions. 

The maintenance cost may also go up if you wish to add/update some features or make changes in the future. The average Python app maintenance cost is around 5% of the initial development and design costs.

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Pointers to Keep in Mind while Calculating the Cost of Python Web App Development!


You need to consider numerous considerations for building a worthy Python app and deploying it successfully. Budget is a crucial factor. Hence, here is a checklist of all those parameters that boost or reduce the average cost of a Python application.

  • Understanding of the final product.
  • Transparency about the expense incurred at every step of development.
  • A precise knowledge of the project.
  • The number of features to be implemented in the Python web app.
  • Availability of a set time for development and testing.
  • Time required to implement each component.
  • The number of iterations needed during the design phase of the project.

How much does Python cost?

The cost of python software and web development depends upon so many factors including country, expertise, size, and other such factors. The following table shows the cost of hiring Python developers in different countries:

Location Rates
India 20 – 30 USD/hr
USA 100 – 150 USD/hr
Canada 100 – 150 USD/hr
UK 50 – 100 USD/hr
UAE 30 – 60 USD/hr


Why is Python a Good Choice for Web Application Development?

“Python is fast enough for our site and allows us to produce maintainable features in record times, with a minimum of developers,” said Cuong Do, Software Architect, YouTube.com.


There are many programming languages out there, and each one has its own pros and cons. However, several businesses consider Python the best choice for web app development as it offers incredible features. Let’s take a look at the 5 reasons why:

1. Python is Easy to Learn:


One of the most significant benefits of using Python is that almost anyone can learn it. It’s effortless and straightforward, with no complex coding logic involved. It also supports several programming styles, making coders even more popular. If you are new in this field, you can easily find information about all the required units on the internet.

2. Powerful for Scripting:

Python is also well-known as a powerful language that can be used for web development and scripting, meaning you can build practical applications in no time with its help. It’s designed to provide high-level programming features and does not require you to thoroughly understand how it actually works.

3. Python has a Vast Developer Community:


As many big brands use Python as their primary development platform, you will find more people who can help with any issues or problems related to your project. The most important advantage being you don’t have to hire an expert from scratch; you can find one on the internet who will customize your code according to your requirements.

4. Python is More Secure:

Since it’s an interpreted language, errors are more evident in Python than in other less-used languages, reducing the chances of security issues. Also, since it does not include pointer arithmetic, there is no way to manipulate the memory management, which guarantees that you will have no problems related to memory leakage or corruption.

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5. Python Makes Testing Easier:

If you plan to launch a prototype early, Python can save you from large expenditures because it works perfectly with other languages like C, C++, etc. It can also be used to construct an API for web services which is why you can test your application very quickly with it.

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Outsourcing or Local Python Web Development: What to Choose?

Both outsourcing and local Python web development have their pros and cons. The latter will provide higher costs, but you can easily communicate with your developer and control the work. 

Outsourcing is less expensive, but the communication barrier might cause problems – you’ll have to wait for a remote developer to reply and explain what exactly they need from you.

Local Python Development:


  • The communication barrier is non-existent – you can contact your developer at any time and receive a reply quickly.
  • You’ll have complete control over the app during the development as you won’t need to wait for a remote team to finish their part before checking how it all comes together.
  • Sometimes, developers from the same country better understand the required technology.


  • You’ll need to pay higher overall costs as the developer will have to be paid for their time even when they’re not working on your project.
  • The developer may decide to quit at any time, and you’ll have a problem finishing the app on your own.

Outsourcing Python Development



  • You can hire a remote team for much less money than a local developer while still enjoying quick turnaround times and reliable developers.
  • If you need some extra work done, it’s easy to add another member to the team and get more work completed in a shorter time.


  • You’ll need to wait for a developer from another country to reply to your request. This may slow things down sometimes, although most outsourcing companies have processes that help with communication.
  • The cultural barrier might cause you some problems regarding communication between you and your team.
  • You’ll need to pay the communication cost to your remote developers. This may range from $15 per hour in some countries to $100 or more, depending on the time difference.

No matter which way you go, make sure to discuss the options with your Python web development team and come up with a suitable solution at will help meet your project’s objectives.

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What is the Final Estimation of a Python Application? 

Finally, the standard cost of Python app development by an experienced agency can be approximately $1000-$5000. However, as mentioned above, this figure is subject to deviation. This is because of the modifications required by the client or required as per the situation.


You can use many languages to create web applications, but Python is one of the most popular options these days. It has an unmatched combination of security and functionality, making it one of the best choices for building ambitious web projects. 

So, if you are looking to develop your business’s website, you could check out Python and get a solid web solution that can help your business grow in the long run. Besides, to get a perfect solution within your budget, you can hire a python development company in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Ques 1. Is Python a good choice for creating web applications?

Ans. Yes, Python is one of the best programming languages for creating web apps. It provides a wide range of advantages to enhance user experience and productivity. Today, programmers also widely use it due to its simplicity and many other benefits.

Ques 2. How much does it cost to create a Python web application?

Ans. It isn’t easy to estimate the total cost of creating a Python web application. It involves many aspects, including setup costs, testing costs, etc., and the development phase, where programming language plays a vital role in determining the final price.

Ques 3. Which is the best Python web development company in India?

Ans. There are many good companies offering quality services. Still, big names like Codematics Technologies stand out in this regard due to their vast experience and expertise in web development using Python language. 

Their dedicated team always strives to deliver remarkable results. If you want to get a web development service to meet your business requirements, this company is the best.

Ques 4. What can be expected from using Python?

Ans: A wide range of benefits like better performance and faster software development ensures that businesses have their sites up and running fast, which leads to improved user engagement and higher conversions.

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