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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is radically changing all types of business, and chatbots, powered by AI, are becoming a viable customer service channel. Well-developed chatbots offer a customer experience (CX) in which customers can’t tell if they are communicating with a human being or a computer. AI has come a long way to recognize the content and context of customer requests and questions.

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Chat channels usually answer customer questions based on keywords. The platforms are in fact documented authentication systems. Sometimes this is frustrating. Think of times when you might have asked Siri or Alexa a question and you’ve received an incorrect answer.

The computer recognizes the keywords but may not recognize the context in which they are used. In other words, the computer does not recognize the way people normally speak. This causes considerable frustration in the client. However, these systems (including Siri and Alexa) have come a long way and continue to improve.

At least in the foreseeable future, chatbots won’t replace humans in call center jobs. At this point, chatbots will replace some of the tasks people are currently addressing, especially requests, questions, and complaints of a lower level. Here are four ways that AI and chatbots create a great impact on customer service and the world of CX:

1. The Chatbot Never Sleeps

Customer service is about convenience, which includes customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An economical but powerful way to provide basic support is through chatbot which doesn’t sleep.

Customers receive the same level of service they receive from a support representative. Chatbot can recognize human emotions such as confusion, joy, anger and fear. As mentioned above, if chatbot detects that the customer is angry, angry or frustrated, it will transfer the interaction to the person without problems to take responsibility and terminate the client’s help.

2. The Chatbot Won’t Make You Wait

The concept of music-on-hold is a point of friction in customer service. With chatbots, you no longer have to wait for the next agent. There are many sophisticated chatbots out there which provide a five-fold increase in the capacity of the service center.

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3. Customize the Customer Experience

Chatbots are excellent in collecting customer data from support interactions. After all, it is the computer that does this work. The advantage is that direct support agents can use this information to customize their interactions with customers.

Chatbots is a virtual aid that can provide client data to the agent in real time, so the agent can provide the customer with good information and solutions based on current needs, as well as previous interactions with the company.

4. Chatbots Make Friends & Build Relationships

Most companies want their customers to have more time to establish professional and proactive contact with their customers. Chat networks are there to help you, and in a way, revolutionize how brands communicate with their customers.

Whether it’s a simple email or a birthday text for a customer, or a quick check-in to see if they’re enjoying a brand good or service, chatbots help boost brand loyalty. Some sophisticated chat chats can provide a human experience rather than a real person, they do not have bad days and do not feel frustrated by ordinary customers.

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Wrapping Up:

Studies and reports show that customers want quick & frictionless solutions to their problems and answers to their questions. Undoubtedly, there are acceptance problems for AI and chatbots.

Some customers have always used traditional telephone assistance and find it difficult to accept anything else. However, there is a growing contingent of customers who are increasingly open to new technology, especially if they can improve their CX.

As technology improves and acceptance grows, chatbots, powered by AI, will play an important role in customer service and support.

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