how to leverage iot big data for digital transformation

Ever since the explosion of the Internet rocked the world, companies across the world have been looking forward to integrating their business into online platforms to cater to the ever-increasing audience. Over the years, this transition to a new IT-oriented way formed the term “Digital Transformation”, and that subsequently led to the growth of digital transformation agencies helping such firms make the change.

In its essence, Digital Transformation, or simply IT transformation is a reform wherein companies shift towards new methods to solve problems and manage operations. Today, in the midst of new and evolving technologies such as AI, Chatbots, AR and Blockchain, digital transformation has grown to become a sum-total of all these parts.

However, these technologies won’t suffice to reform an organization without a glue holding them together and maintaining harmony among them. This is where the Internet of Things comes in. Internet of things or IoT refers to the interconnection of devices and hardware on a single network, which synchronize with each other and provide seamless delivery of operations.

Before diving into the reasons why your business needs IoT development, here’s an overview of what it really does.

Digital Transformation at the consumer level with Philips Hue Bulbs

For a device to be connected on an IoT network, all that’s needed is a remote access to it through a controller device. Let’s take the example of a simple set of devices such as Philips Hue Bulbs. Philips Hue Bulbs set up inside a home are connected through a single network residing within a Hue Bridge, which in turn is connected with the Internet network at home. Now, all that’s needed to work the magic is to use an app on a smartphone, connect to the hue-bridge through wi-fi and now all controls for the hue bulbs come at your fingertips!

Now think of an application of simple systems such as these in your business operations. That is what IoT is all about! Inter-linking every operation, every hardware together with sensors and being able to track and handle everything with ease.

IoT development

How IoT and Big Data create harmony in business operations

The application of iot development in businesses involves the use of IoT sensors on heavy devices and machinery. Doing this is relatively simple. Just fit in devices with sensors, connect them to a bridge and access all of them through remote access on a controller device. However, efficiency in control doesn’t always result in better decision-making.

The utility of Big Data comes into play here. IoT devices can generate a ton of data which can have meaningful interpretations if it’s done well. It is this data which helps IoT to actually change how organizations function.

The 21st century is all about Big Data and analytics. There’s a lot of data at human hands which are incomprehensible to our minds. Emerging technologies of today such as AI and Machine Learning has made it possible to accumulate, understand and recognize patterns in the collected data.

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IoT devices are a huge accumulator of data. To understand how data analysis can help solve industrial problems with this data, let’s take a hypothetical example of a product manufacturing company leveraging IoT for a factory. The machinery in the factory, the assembly devices, elevators and all other things included can generate a ton of data through sensors fixed on them.

By using Machine learning and Big Data analytics, a production manager can run the entire manufacturing facility at the highest levels of productivity and efficiency. However, along the way, there’s also a ton of data at their disposal. Big data analytics can provide the best interpretations for it, and make the work of the production manager even easier through prediction of patterns and automation of operations. 

A real-world example of the same has been set in the real world at the Empire State Building in New York City. The iconic landmark uses AI and IoT to manage the lighting systems throughout the entire building, and it aims to achieve reduced power consumption by up to 38% and savings of over $4.4. Billion in operations.

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Using Big Data & IoT development for Digital Transformation

iot development

Initially, IT transformation was only considered as a term used for companies shifting to online mediums for operations and giving consumers a new platform for interaction. A digital transformation agency in the early days was only concerned with using the Internet and associated mediums to make companies more functional and modern. Today, as it stands; Digital Transformation refers to the amalgamation of many technologies to implement huge reforms in a company to make operations more profitable, and at times, change entire business models of a firm.

However, leveraging multiple technologies in a company is one thing. Doing it in a way that links every technology with each other is another. The Internet of Things acts as a glue holding all these technologies together. It brings data through IoT sensors and uses other technologies within its umbrella to manage and interpret it in the best ways possible.

IoT development is to Digital Transformation today what the Internet is to Digital Marketing. Both the terms are useless without the presence of IoT and the world wide web. Companies and consumers might even forget a term such as digital transformation within the next few years. It may get so embedded in our daily lives that we recognize it just like any other facility like electricity or even the Internet.

As of today though, Digital Transformation is evolving, and with each new technology, the umbrella of the term is expanding more than ever. But IoT and Big Data are expected to drive digital transformation in businesses for a long time to come. IoT is the glue which holds all technologies within this umbrella together, and big data is the fuel which makes it work.

Is your business ready for a Digital Transformation?

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