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Customer reviews are highly vital for running an online store successfully, sustaining its popularity over the period of time. Not only the feedback from the customers add to the search engine optimization of your web page, it also helps in making your store appear more trustworthy and secure for other users.
Though even after repeated urges to customers to review the products, the online store owners don’t really get the customers to review them. Provided below is a list of highly prudent tips which you may follow in order to attract the customers for reviewing your products, online.

1. Gift Givers are a good option: –

This holds more relevance in the present euphoria surrounding the arrival of new year. It is common tendency to buy gifts online nearing any festival season. And perhaps the best way to get customer reviews is by dropping them a pleasant mail with a link to products that they shopped for and asking about their experience. While the users cannot review some of the gifts, because they never used them, other gifts like jewelery, apparel etc. can be reviewed.
Gift givers, that is. For many businesses, the holiday season is the high season, which means a big opportunity to reach out post-purchase and ask for customer reviews. While gift givers may be reluctant to review items they never took out of the box, they can provide feedback on certain categories (apparel, jewelry, etc.), or review your company/service.
Tip: Always include a photo of and link to the product(s) purchased in the email.

2. Discount offers and selfless help: –

These largely the two categories of people behind writing reviews of the products online. According a recent survey, 90 percent of the people who were surveyes said they wrote customer reviews just to guide and assist fellow online shoppers to make better decisions with online stores while 70 percent of the users wanted to help the company in producing better products and services by telling them what is lacking n their products or what additions would they like.
Besides another way of soliciting customer reviews is by promoting a little “chance to win” call for action button. This will check the fancy of the online shoppers who are fascinated by freebies and gift vouchers and coupons, and if you can present them great gifts, they will in turn write great reviews for you.

3. Guide the customers in writing reviews: –

Mostly while reviewing the products, customers are only occupied about one attribute or the another. Provide them with customer feed back forms online and ask them to review the various aspects of the products. Make it multiple choice click type questions to facilitate them to review your products.

4. Don’t wait, ask for reviews on product pages itself! –

Don’t wait till the payment is done or not, ask the customers to review the products right where they are viewing them – on the product pages itself.
Why wait for a purchase? Ask shoppers to review products on product pages themselves. Some site browsers will own items they did not buy from you, or even experience them in a store (this sweater fits tight, try a size larger, etc).

5. An app to facilitate customer feedback: –

Though this is one of the out of the box ideas, but so is the present scenario all around. The smartphones like Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone etc. have been a hit with the customers. They are glued to their smartphones much more than they access their personal computers or laptops. Thus it would be a clever and smart idea on your end to develop a mobile app which will let the customers to easily haunt your online store, view all the products and eventually write reviews from the app itself. They can even be awarded equally with points for writing reviews, and the points will not be non monetary and will have a redeemable value. The points once accrued can be used for products discounts or other similar perks, depending upon whatever you decide. The highly resourceful QR codes take care of linking various forms for reviewing products and the app.

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