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iOS 10 Vs Android N: Visual Comparison

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There is no doubt that Android and iOS are the most used mobile operating system and have the largest market share. At present, these two giants are all set to release new versions of their mobile operating system– iOS 10 and Android N. But, one big question that might be popping in everyone’s mind is: how do these two operating system look visually? In this blog post, we answer this question for our readers and compare these two new releases in a swift side by side, visual manner.

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So, here is Visual Comparison of iOS 10 Vs Android N:

iOS 10 Vs Android N: Home Page

It is easy to see where design between these operating systems has started to meet in the middle. As both have a Cards orientated layout with access to content that a user could be interested in. As for iOS 10, Apple has increased the amount of 3D Touch interactions that are possible via the lock screen and notifications tray, but personally, I think this will only make up the deficit for only having the home button on the iPhone.

However, back, home and multitasking navigation buttons on Android N offer something completely different, in that this is a tried and testing system that has been improved upon over many different generations.


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iOS 10 Vs Android N: Text Message

iOS 10 Vs Android N: Time

iOS 10 Vs Android N: Map


iOS 10 Vs Android N: Notes

iOS 10 Vs Android N: Calendar 

iOS 10 Vs Android N: Notification

iOS 10 Vs Android N: Message

iOS 10 Vs Android N: News

iOS 10 Vs Android N: Notification



iOS 10 Vs Android N: Settings

iOS 10 Vs Android N: Camera

Apple’s Photo app has seen some serious improvement and now provides on-device photo sharing and scanning. Now there’s also memories, which sort content and create short movies of your content. However, yet again Google’s Photo app is still the better ‘even on the iPhone’ it is ahead, thanks to its pinch to shift scaling and an assistant to provide help in creating movie memories.

iOS 10 Vs Android N: Email


Wrapping Up:

I hope you like this visual comparison between these two operating system. If you have any query related to these operating system or you want to develop your app that is compatible to these latest releases, you can contact PixelCrayons: leading mobile app development company in India.

Hailing from the heart of India, Prateek Tiwari is an IT enthusiast who loves to write blogs on latest IT trends and technologies.

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