Reset style sheet: An Opine

Preferences of using CSS reset style sheets differ with different people. Many individuals find the approach ineffective while others are convinced with the features and applications. A CSS reset stylesheet is planned in a manner that it sets a number of element styles to a definite baseline that produces consistency across various browsers. Resetting your styles helps you to avoid malfunctioning to the browser’s in-built default style sheet. CSS helps to improve workflow which is the reason behind people still sticking to the CSS reset.

  • Avoid browser inconsistency

Setting a baseline value to your elements helps in avoiding the inconsistencies caused due to the cross browser differences. This helps to manage the elements irrespective of the ultra-browsers. Thus, the CSS reset helps in removing inconsistent margins, paddings, line-heights, and few other characteristics which make the webpages look different across different browsers.

  • Decreases CSS size

The CSS size decreases as the codes are entered once only. This doesn’t make the style sheet look cumbersome. Thus, less coding also leads to increasing efficiency by saving time.

  • Less scope of errors

As the codes are not fed repeatedly and the coding is less bulky, the scope of errors is significantly reduced. Therefore, people tend to use the CSS style sheets for their projects.
Still there are people who don’t find CSS resetting comfortable. As CSS stylesheets set specific baseline for margins and padding, it also creates confusion where the padding and margins are not required.
There are some tips and advices which must be kept in mind while resetting stylesheets:

  • Deciding the manner of setting the stylesheet.
  • Resetting the CSS in a way that the browser spots it instantly.
  • Separating the CSS reset from your CSS documents.
  • Avoiding the use of universal selector reset.
  • Circumventing the redundancy with your style declaration and CSS reset.

This would help you generate a rather greater efficiency with CSS reset.

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