Role of Content in Ecommerce Website

Content of the site has a vital role to play, especially in case of e-commerce websites. The biggest mistake a copywriter makes while writing is to focus on only description of products. An E-commerce site is not only about selling the products online. For an online retailer an ecommerce website development is everything along with serving a catalog, store, marketing tool and company information. In this highly competitive market copywriting helps to sell your products effectively.

Set Your Goal


It becomes very important to know the targeted audience for your products before writing the copy for your website. You must know for whom exactly you are writing. Knowing your target audience in advance will help you to write effective content.

Once you have identified your goal, it needs to be applied on the style of writing.

Informational copy:  You will find it in frequently asked question section and customers service blurbs. Customer will always look for to the point and relevant information.  Do not try to use cluttered information as it can irritate the visitors.

Marketing copy: Marketing copy is basically used in material and products description. This type of copy is common but really hard to write. Some of the E-commerce websites get confused over the positive adjectives with selling products.

Optimization copy: Do not forget optimization factor while writing for the website. Optimization copy is used to set the writing as per optimization factor. Search engine optimization should be the main focus while writing content. Before writing you should do some search on the internet for the keywords that are potentially searchable by the visitors. But do not forget your goals and targeted audience.

Reflect your business


Content of your website should reflect what your business is all about. Always use easiest communicating words. Do not try to include big blocks of paragraph in the copy of your site. You can annoy your visitor by writing big paragraphs. Use small chunks of paragraph to make them easily readable for the visitors.  It is always good to add benefits and the features of your services for the users.

Be clear about charges


If the visitors know about your products and services, they would also like to know the cost of your products. Be clear about your products and service charge. If you do not wish to disclose exact cost of the products, at least add in between price against the products. It will help the visitors to know the price range of the products you are selling.

Have a good looking site


A good looking website is always liked by the visitors, An impressive website always conveys right message about your working style and time you have spent on developing it. It will help your visitors to estimate how serious you are about your business.

Consider user experience


Maintain the cleanliness on the web pages. Include all the important links on the main page of the website.  Pages should be interconnected with each other, so that the visitor can navigate from one to another without any problem. Pay attention on the pages that are hanging on and also on dead ends. Before performing ecommerce web design, it is good to plan your sitemap in advance.

Care for customers


To care for your customers you have to communicate with the visitors of your website. You must list all your contact information on the website. Communicating with your costumers on phone is more effective and personal than emails.

Provide special offers


These days every customer wants special offers on buying products and services. It is good to provide offer to your customers. Offer discounts, free shipping etc. This would encourage your customers to visit you time and again.

Copywriting is an important aspect of e-commerce. It can help immensely in getting more traffic to your website. Therefore, it should be done carefully to get the best results.

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