What Affects the Pricing of PSD to HTML Conversion Service?

With the boom in the e-commerce business, web designing industry is also growing at a fast pace. With the growth in website designing field, PSD to HTML conversion services are also hugely in demand these days. The number of service providers has been considerably increased today in the market. Since PSD to HTML conversion is a time-consuming task and requires technical coding skills on the part of programmers, designers often outsource this service in order to restrain themselves from being stressed.

But it is quite interesting to note that in spite of the fact that PSD to HTML conversion service is taking the shape of an industry, the market players charge considerably different. The prices are, however, not competitive in nature. The sellers have got birthright to charge anything for their products/service / offerings, but it is the responsibility of the customers that they need to be aware of the pricing trend and should not be cheated upon by the service providers. So just to make customers aware of the pricing trends in mark up service industry. Below, we have mentioned few factors on the basis of which you can set the price for PSD to HTML Conversion service:

1) Experience and Status:

Since expertise matters a lot in any profession, so as in this case. You need to see the experience and the kind of expert professionals the particular service provider is having. The more the experience, the more expensive would be the service provider.

Secondly, you need to see if the service provider is a freelancer or a company. If you are dealing with is a freelancer, obviously, charges will be less. On the other hand, if you are dealing with the company, implies that your projects would be handled by a team of skilled professionals. You can expect quality, on-time delivery, deployment of latest technology, so more is the price accordingly. Also if you have dealt with branded clients then, my friend, service provider’s price can be doubled or tripled but you ensure that they need to be able to justify that pricing with their quality and some other value-added features as a part of customer service (if any).

2) Delivery time for Projects:

The turnaround time plays an important role in determining the pricing of a service provider. Faster the turnaround time is, more will be the pricing. But in the fast delivery of the projects, the quality of the project should not be compromised. Freelancer generally negotiates on time. Some of them are part-time workers also. Not just for pricing concern, you need to be quite sure about the exact time of delivery of projects, so as to avoid any kind of stress in work and hotch-potch situation to arise.

3) Nature of Projects:

The pricing usually depends on the kind and complexity of the projects. Since PSD to XHTML conversion requires knowledge of nice coding which is quite a skillful task. So, the more complex is the coding of the design, higher will be the pricing. Lesser is the design complexities, comparatively less price would be charged.

4) Number of Pages:

This is quite obvious that if you are asking for more pages, then more price would be charged. But at the same, every company provides some discount on additional pages worked for. So, you can always look for price discounts if you are giving more number of pages.

5) There is no ‘free’ lunch:

If you are opting for any special software implementations like CMSs, shopping carts etc. then, you need to pay extra for no reason required to support this fact. Also, if you want features like browser compatibility, OS compatibility, slideshow, w3c standard compliance, scripting and widgets and so on, then you must be paying extra to avail this kind of features.

Apart from all these parameters that affect the pricing of PSD to HTML conversions, if you are satisfied with the end- product, then it means that you have done a profitable deal. For service providers, it is always advisable to price reasonably so as to retain their customers and attract the new ones. It is quite obvious that if you are giving quality at reasonable price, then, everybody will opt you for the particular service. So ”Don’t be evil, Price Reasonably.”

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  1. Use basekit and you dont need to use these services. You can do it all in that GUI.

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