Field Service Management App

Automate and transform your field operations with our industry-specific software solution. Schedule tasks, collect data, visualize activities, and monitor exceptions.

Technology Used:
  • GIT
  • Hibernate
  • MySQL
  • Restful Apis
  • Spring
  • Spring MVC

Project Type

Our client approached us to develop an industry-specific software solution to automate field service operations. The project aims to transform field operations with pre-built apps or customized solutions. The workflows incorporate task scheduling, data collection, activity visualization, exception monitoring, messaging, and analytics.

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  • GIT
  • Hibernate
  • MySQL
  • Restful Apis
  • Spring
  • Spring MVC

Key Challenges

  • Inability to locate assets resulting in poor utilization.
  • Lack of service verification creating billing disputes.
  • Non-operational idling time and maintenance issues.
  • Siloed information leading to delayed response times.
  • Inability to track productivity resulting in missed targets.
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Proposition & Solution

  • Accurately measure productivity by automating data collection and reporting.
  • Optimize inefficient processes to realize cost savings.
  • Speed up response times to deliver greater customer satisfaction and win more jobs.
  • Tracking devices – purpose-built hardware that are installed on assets to gather data (GT0, GT1, GT2).
  • Transmission technology – satellite (Iridium and Globalstar) and cellular (5G, LTE, etc.) technology that transmits data from remote locations to data centers, which feeds software platforms.
  • Track and Trace platform – software that analyzes data and presents it in the form of visuals and reports.

Our Development Process

  • The Discovery Phase- This phase involves identifying and analyzing the requirements of the stakeholders and the market. Our developers have chosen an agile approach to software development.
  • The Execution Phase- Our IT professionals create a project plan, design and develop the software, and test it rigorously to ensure it meets the stakeholders' requirements.
  • Sprint Base Project Delivery-In this phase, the project is broken down into small, manageable sprints completed and delivered iteratively.
  • The Deployment Phase- Finally, we will deploy the software to the client's infrastructure. Our IT team provides support and training and monitors its performance to ensure that it meets the stakeholders' needs.

Salient Features

  • Customizable Workflows
  • Real-time Data
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Analytics & Reporting

Results & Benefits

With the features being validated early in the development, the chances of delivering a potentially failed product are significantly lower. At the end of each sprint, apotentially shippable product is delivered. With every iteration, new features are added to the product, resulting in gradual product growth.

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