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National distribution company

National distribution company

Key Challenges

- The client’s site had been maintained internally by single web developer who was asked to address the needs of a varied internal audience on short time frames.

- As a result, the structure of the site began to erode over time, as functionality overrode strategic architecture and planned builds/rollouts.

- What client found when they moved into a functional updating and visual rebranding of the site was that the framework underneath began to crumble as old code sections were brought into play.

- The client needed a team that was capable of upgrading a large legacy IT infrastructure while keeping the business running.

  • AJAX CT,
  • Entity Framework

Proposition & Solution

  • We reviewed the site code to determine what parts could be salvaged and what parts had to be rewritten or rebuilt from the ground up.
  • The changes approved by the client initially included the integration of new site imagery and visual layout, but soon took on far more complex requirements.
  • The site’s architecture was completely overhauled. Code for specific functionality previously lived locally on each page, making the code for that page up to several thousand lines long and impossible to efficiently update.
  • Then, that code became centralized, built in modules that allowed a single piece of functionality to be served to multiple pages.
  • A more organized methodology for creating new items in the ecommerce cart was implemented, along with a new method for the company to create and publish specific promotional programs, even ones that pulled inventory from multiple vendors or unrelated lines of inventory.

Results & Benefits

  • We were able to take a site that was visually outdated and functionally fragmented, and create a streamlined tool that looked modern, was architected for a better client experience, and central management of the site and its contents infinitely easier.
  • The site was brought up to current code standards, making the addition of new functionality significantly easier and without the fear of new code breaking existing work.
  • The client was continually happy with the progress made on the site.

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