With so many options in the market, choosing the right CMS platform for your business website development is a challenge. But before proceeding, you need to clearly know what CMS is. Top CMS platforms

Basically, CMS is a “system” that “manages” the “content”. It enables users to create, edit, archive, collaborate, report, publish, and distribute content on the website without the need for specialized technical knowledge.

In simpler language, CMS is a tool that helps you build a website without having to write all the code from scratch.

In this blog, I will tell you about the 6 top CMS platforms to help develop your business website. I will also share the pros and cons of each CMS.

By the end of this article, you will be able to choose the right CMS platform for your website development and then you can hire the developers accordingly.

1. WordPress Top CMS platforms

WordPress is one of the most popular and trusted CMS platforms available. This platform dominates the CMS market share with more than 58% of the market. Now, you must be wondering whether or not WordPress is the best CMS for small businesses?

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of WordPress CMS.

wordpress pros and cons


WordPress has many great features for bidding, including:

  • Highly Customizable

WordPress provides you with all the tools required to create a custom site. With thousands of themes and plugins, you can create the best CMS for your small business. You can also choose the right elements for your CMS to help you create a custom management system.

  • Versatile

This means that WordPress works across all industries, whether you run a manufacturing company or own service business. You don’t need to have an e-commerce company to set up a CMS with WordPress. It’s easy to use, no matter what your industry or what you sell.

  • Regular Updates

WordPress continually updates its software. This is why it is one of the best CMS platforms. From security updates to plugin improvements, you’ll always have a better working version of WordPress.

  • Helpful Community

If you’re having trouble setting up your CMS, WordPress has a large and active support forum. You can turn to that community whenever you have questions or concerns.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a crucial part of content creation, which is why you need an SEO-friendly CMS. WordPress helps businesses quickly optimize their content for search engines. For example, with the help of a plugin, you can report the density of your keywords to ensure that you are using enough keywords (or not too many).

WordPress offers numerous benefits, making it an excellent tool for people new to the CMS platform.


WordPress offers numerous benefits, but have some cons too:

  • Plugins get Complicated and Expensive

While the ability to choose your plugins makes your site customizable, it comes at a price. You have to add numerous plugins to your site to get it to work the way you want and some of these plugins cost extra money. Not only does it add additional costs, but the process becomes difficult when you’re trying to mix and match plugins while making them work with your site.

  • Target for Hackers

Since WordPress is well known and accessible, it is a target for hackers. Plugins with security holes or unsafe or insecure sites can leave your site vulnerable and prey to hackers.

To make you use of the benefits that WordPress provides, you can hire WordPress developers in India and increase your brand value.

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2. Drupal:

Drupal is an open-source CMS for agencies and marketers which is famous for working with different industries like travel and higher education. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using Drupal as a CMS platform.

drupal pros and cons


If you use Drupal as your CMS platform system, you will experience some great features:

  • Offers Control over your Site

Drupal gives you full control over how your website works. From custom post-management to permission control, you’ll have the power you need to make your site work for you and your team.

  • Provides Multilingual Capabilities

If you want to serve more than one market for spoken languages, Drupal must be the best CMS for your small business. Why? This is because the Drupal CMS platform handles sites that use multiple languages ​​with ease.

  • Offers Numerous Extension

Drupal has more than 36,000 wings for its site. These extensions help in creating an excellent opportunity to customize and design the website you want.

  • Works like Open-source

Drupal is open-source software. Anyone can use or download it. This setup makes it a great option for people who want a free and open CMS platform.

  • Provide a Great Community

 Like WordPress, Drupal has an active community to rely on for help.


Even the best small business CMS will have drawbacks. Here are two disadvantages of using Drupal as a CMS:

  • Steep Learning Curve

One of the problems with Drupal is that you need coding experience to use it. This software is not intended for beginners creating a steep learning curve. So, if you have zero web development experience, this tool is not for you.

  • Complex Setup

Drupal has a weak backend making it difficult for users to maintain the encoding on their site every time Drupal updates. Each time you have to update your website, you have to re-encode your page.

drupal development company

3. Shopify:

Shopify is one of the top CMS platforms which help develop your eCommerce business. This high-class eCommerce platform allows website owners to configure their store and manage it in one place.

Let’s look at some reasons why Shopify might be the best CMS for website development.

shopify pros and cons


When you use Shopify, you will experience the following great features:

  • Payment Processing System

Shopify provides you with a built-in payment processing system. While you can integrate any third-party app as your payment system, Shopify’s built-in systems have no additional transaction fees.

  • Inventory

Shopify eCommerce platform solution has made it easy to keep track of your product inventory. You can keep track of the products you sell and restock or modify your ads as per the requirement.

  • Searchable

Shopify makes your eCommerce site SEO-friendly. Your store will rank in search results on different search engines, such as Google and Bing. Shopify increases your website’s structure and product listings and makes it appear in more search results.

  • Customizable Templates

When you choose Shopify for building your website, you get fully customizable templates. It allows you to create a unique site that suits your needs.


Shopify has a few pitfalls that you will notice when using this CMS platform:

  • Sell ​​Only from Certain Countries

Shopify allows you to sell to and from specific countries. If you need to sell outside of those countries, you must use a third-party payment system that costs your business an additional cost.

  • Scale Product Images

When you add product images to your site, there is no way to automatically scale them to the correct size. If you don’t pre-crop the photos yourself, you will have different sized images all over your website.

shopify development services

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4. WooCommerce: top CMS platforms

WooCommerce is the eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It works in a similar way to WordPress but adds eCommerce functionality so your site can be purchased.

Let us see why WooCommerce is coming up as the best CMS for small businesses.

woocommerce pros and cons


WooCommerce offers numerous benefits to your business, including:

  • Control over your Site

Like WordPress, you have full control over the way you build your website. You choose the layouts, widgets, and plugins you want to use as it makes it easier for you to create the website you want.

  • Sell ​​what you Want

WooCommerce gives you the flexibility to sell what you want. Whether it’s physical products or digital downloads, you can sell just about anything. Also, it is easy for you to create the website you want.

  • Works like Open-source

The open-source CMS platform means you can modify and customize based on your needs. Take as many orders as you can handle and list all the products you want as after all it’s your website.

  • Contains Integrated Blogs

Publish content and build your store in a single place. WooCommerce is the best CMS for small businesses as it helps them keep everything together, making it easy for you to manage your online presence.

  • Integrated Payment System

WooCommerce makes selling and buying of products easy for you. Accept payments through PayPal and Stripe. In addition, users can pay by credit card, direct bank transfer, check, or cash on delivery.

You can hire WooCommerce developers to get the most out of this CMS platform.


I agree WooCommerce may seem to be the best CMS yet there are some drawbacks:

  • Learning Curve

WooCommerce can be difficult to learn. If you haven’t used WordPress before, you will be at an even more significant disadvantage. I know it is wise to always invest in a CMS platform that gives you the ability to customize how your website, but that always comes with a bucket of challenges.

  • Maintenance Work Required

If you use WooCommerce as your CMS platform, it will take work to maintain it. You need to take care of web hosting, extension implementation, and site security. Again, full customization is great and can make WooCommerce the best CMS platform, but it takes some extra work.

woocommerce development companies

5. Magento:

Magento is an e-commerce platform that allows people to build their stores online. They serve all types of businesses, from small businesses to enterprise-level businesses. So is Magento the best CMS for your business? Let’s find out.

magento pros and cons


Magento exclusively offers many amazing features for your business which includes the following:

  • Works like an Open-source

Open source makes Magento one of the best CMS platform options. While using an open-source CMS, you can customize the templates and functionality of your website.

  • Gives You Mobile Optimized Content

The core component of a successful site is Mobile device compatibility. Magento makes sure that your website is completely mobile-friendly so that your audience has the best viewing experience of your website.

  • Scalable

Magento easily scales your website no matter how much your business expands. You can continue to grow your website with your business. This superior CMS platform can easily handle an increase in visitors and orders. All you need is to get in touch with the best Magento development company in India.

  • Contains a large community

If you have trouble with your site, you can take help from the community. With so many people using the platform, you can turn to the community to ask questions. It has numerous resources to help you with any problem.


Like any top CMS platform, Magento has a few drawbacks, including:

  • The Paid Version is Expensive

While access to the community version is free, the paid option is quite costly. You need to spend a little extra to get a little extra.

  • Complicated to Use

Customization in Magento is not as easy as in other CMS platforms. If you want to publish products or content, it might take a long time to set up your own website because the CMS platform is quite complex and difficult to understand. Personalization is a bonus, but it’s not easy to manage in Magento.

hire magento developers

6. BigCommerce:

BigCommerce is one of the top CMS platform options for eCommerce businesses. This platform gives you full control over the sale of physical and digital products, as well as their shipping rates.

Let’s see some advantages of this CMS.

bigcommerce pros and cons


When using BigCommerce, you will find that it has several great features:

  • Native Blogs

BigCommerce allows you to write about your business directly from your website. This platform will allow you to find relevant customers and increase brand awareness through content about your products. You can easily publish posts to drive more traffic to your e-commerce store.

  • Built-in SEO

When you want people to find your content, you need to optimize it accordingly for search engines. BigCommerce is the best CMS platform because it contains built-in SEO that allows you to optimize your site to appear in more relevant search results.

  • Email Integration

If you want to send promotions and content about your products, BigCommerce makes it easy for you. With email integration, website owners can send relevant emails about their products to interested potential customers.

  • Shipping Support

With built-in shipping support, you’ll keep customers happy and bring them back to your business and content. BigCommerce makes it easy to calculate shipping rates, print labels, and more.

  • Sell ​​where you Want

BigCommerce is the best CMS for companies that want to sell from more than just their website. With this CMS platform, you can sell on eBay, Amazon, and more. Square’s integration feature automatically syncs inventory, so it’s never overloaded. You can consult a web development company to choose the one that suits you better.

Cons: top cms platforms

Like any other CMS platform, BigCommerce has a few drawbacks:

  • Annual Sales Limit

One of the drawbacks of using BigCommerce is the annual sales limits. If you exceed the allotted amount of sales, you must pay an additional amount of fees and upgrade your plan to a more expensive monthly option.

  • Limited Template Options

When you create your site, you don’t have many options for free templates. You have access to less than ten free templates. If you don’t like any of those templates, you will have to fork out some money for a premium theme, which means more expenses for your business.

Get the Right CMS Platform for your Business

As you can see, you have several excellent options for the best CMS platform. You have to make the right decision based on your company’s requirements. While great software can help you get on the right foot, having the right equipment and resources to set it up will help you see success.

Always choose the service provider who offers best in class services, making it easy to set up and manage your CMS. Get in touch with a top CMS development company in India and give your business the gift of success.

Feel free to comment below for any further queries and suggestions. Till then that’s all folks!

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