Top Web Developers to Hire for Your Next Project – Why & How

Technological advancements in the market are at their peak. With the contributions of tech geeks and web developers, we have stepped into a digital world where online presence has become a must for all companies. Whether they are running online or not, an online presence is essential to safeguard their business future in the market. hire web developer

Webmasters are working all around the clock to adapt to the latest trends and practices to give businesses a competing edge in the global market. But despite these advancements still, it becomes a bit critical when it comes to hiring a web developer for your project.

According to recent stats by Statista, there were around 23 million web developers worldwide in 2020, and by 2024 we’ll have 28.7 million. No wonder if it will increase too. Thus, in such an extensive list of developers, choosing the right web developer for your business is a bit tricky for any entrepreneur.

No worries, I have made a list of top web developers globally for my service seekers. All these names are chosen according to their service quality, portfolios, rates, and business listing websites like Clutch and GoodFirms. It will help you in selecting the right development partner for your project.

In this blog, you will find:

1. Benefits of hiring a web developer

2. Guide for hiring a web developer

3. List of top web developers in the world

So, without waiting for a second dive into the benefits of hiring web developers, their hiring guide, and the top web developers of the world.

Let’s get started.

Why Should You Hire a Web Developer?

why hire web developers

You people might be pondering about the benefits of hiring a web developer. So, let me tell you that it’s incredibly beneficial and even essential to run a successful online business.

According to a survey today, 80% of companies prefer hiring a web developer rather than setting their in-house team. It works best and suits their budget too.

Take a glance over the benefits of hiring a web developer and see how it helps your business:

#1. Time-Saving

Hiring a professional web developer is always great; it will save you much time. A developer is more experienced, organized, and goes straight through a project without looking back.

Web development takes, and the process is not simple; it needs an expert’s guidance. You have to do comprehensive planning, select design, consider the functionalities, choose tech stack, and more. Doing this on your own is not possible unless you are a developer.

Thus, hiring web developers will go well, as they are experienced and know the technicalities required for developing a robust website. They can do much more in less time which saves you much of the hard work.

#2. Custom Design & Visually Pleasant

Web designing is one of the core keys in web development. If you don’t have a designing background, your website would likely look unattractive, unorganized, or copied.

However, a professional web developer has good design experience and can create a custom design that would give your brand a unique look and differentiate itself from other websites. Additionally, this unique look would be adapted to modern design, connecting it with your brand name and providing a visually pleasing look.

#3. New Technology

A web developer always keeps himself updated with all the latest technologies and their updates. It means that they will develop a more advanced system that will not depreciate soon. It also means that your website would incorporate most features from any other site.

In fact, a developer can build further features that you would never have thought of. They are well-versed in many technologies and know how to use them for your website. They can include the most advanced technologies in your website, which would bring more visitors and usability.

#4.  Easy to Manage

The best part of hiring a web developer is that he sets you up with a many benefits system. With it, there is no need to go back and forth to him to ask about anything like images, specific content, etc. It’s essential to have complete control over the website after it is built without getting into the project’s back-end.

A developer would provide you with a complete admin panel to control the website from your end. You can manage everything from your back door without contacting the web developer or waiting for anything.

#5. Increase Credibility

Having a professional website will help any business to compete with larger companies. In addition, a well-developed web design helps increase credibility and, in turn, keeps users on your website.

It’s believed that an attractive design will bring more traffic and users, which adds to your credibility.

Your website won’t be considered professional until it has a strong web presence. Since you can’t develop the best website yourself, you need to hire a developer who will do this for you in no time.

#6. SEO Friendly

Search engine optimization is the essential feature of a website. Making it SEO optimized to rank in the top search engine results is vital if you want to succeed in your online business. A web developer knows the tactics of developing an SEO-friendly website and compatibility with all the latest search engine algorithms and updates.

A developer can make your website SEO-friendly with the right structure to grab the attention of search engine bots. It will also help you rank higher to stay competitive in the market and keep visitors on your site for a longer time.

#7. More Competitive

There is tough competition in the digital world; a simple website will do nothing. You need a website that’s inbuilt with all the essential functionalities and technologies prevailing in the market.

Here, web developers can do this job well. They are tech experts and keep themselves updated with all the latest technologies. As a result, you’ll get a great web design and functionality that competes directly with the top business giants of the market from them.

#8. Web Support

By partnering with a web developer, you can access the best web tools. Hosting and domain are the best examples here. They run a site speed test after launching your website to know your site performance. Many companies even hire web developers for monthly support to continue updating everything on their website and fix bugs that could occur after some time.

The developer will create a professional site that would be the best choice for your business. You can hire him easily by checking out his work on the internet. It’s better to look at websites of other developers working with companies you know and compare their skills, experience, portfolios, etc., before hiring anyone. Besides, you need someone experienced in building ecommerce websites and payment gateway integration for online transactions.

This is the right time to opt for professional web designers and developers if you want to make your business website stand out from the crowd. You can hire them hourly or monthly, which would be cheaper than hiring whenever you need anything done with your site.

So, all these are the benefits of hiring a web developer for your business. With them, you can keep many website problems at bay. 

How to Hire the Best Web Developer for Your Project?

How to Hire the Best Web Developer_

As you know, web development is not child’s play, and hiring the right web developer is tougher. A  single mistake will waste your investment, and taking such risks for your project or business, never sounds good.

To help you out in hiring the right web development partner, I have listed some tips. Let’s take a look into these once:

#1. Know your business requirement

The foremost step in hiring a web developer is to know your business requirements. You have to figure out your project type- whether you need a developer for a small project, medium-sized, or big one. It will give you the right idea of what kind of developer you should choose, an intermediate or an advanced one.

#2. Decide on web developer skills

Do you know the major web developers types? Yes, there are three types of web developers available in the market—Front-end, Back-end, and Full-stack.

  • Front-end: Developers work on the site’s front part, i.e., the website’s visible part.
  • Back-end: Developers responsible for the website structure, hidden behind the front-end, i.e., how a website works.
  • Full-stack:  Developer who possesses both front-end and back-end skills. 

So, decide on the developer’s skill in order not to waste your cost and time too.

#3. Know the technical expertise

The major point while selecting a web developer is that you should know their technical expertise. Check their technical knowledge, such as the platforms they are working on like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, programming languages like Java, Python, C++, and more. This will give you a better idea about their knowledge.

#4. Check experience

Before signing any deal, checking the experience of a second party is essential. It’s a significant factor in hiring that guarantees your project success. The same applies to hiring a web developer; you should know their experience. You can check online reviews of their previous work, and it will help you get a better idea of the web developer’s performance and capability.

#5. Ask for samples

At last, ask the developer to share the projects they have worked on earlier to know the service quality. If possible, contact the clients for whom the developer has worked, and it will give you a clear idea about the developer and their work quality.

#6.  Collaborate with developers

It’s one of the essential steps in finding the right web developer. During the collaboration process, you have to ask questions, seek clarifications about their work quality, technique, areas of expertise, etc. This will help you know your web development partner better and get an idea about them before hiring.

#7. Don’t go on the lowest quotes

Well, this is one of the common & basic mistakes most business owners make while hiring a web developer. You can not build an effective website at a low cost; you need to invest more to get the best results. Web development companies know your requirements and quote accordingly, which you should consider.

By following this guide, you can get the right web developer for your project. Apart from this, choose the best working and pricing models that suit your requirement best.

Furthermore, never underestimate the importance of the web developer’s soft skills and polite behavior since it can also impact your project’s success.

Which are the Top Web Developers in the World?

After doing a detailed study of web developers and their service reviews, I have come up with the names of the top 10 web development companies from where you can hire web developers who are the best in their domain. These companies hold significant experience in providing custom web development services and also provide web developers on a hire basis to clients.

Let’s start:

1. Iflexion

web development company

Iflexion serves companies of different industries to optimize their business processes with their optimal quality web development solutions. They work with a team of 850+ web developers who deal globally regardless of its operation domain, geographic location, or organizational specifics. As a result, they cater to the IT needs of businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises.

Their projects are proof of their profound expertise in full-cycle web development. The team has crafted its intense knowledge by regularly working on web development projects of onshore and offshore clients.

Technical Expertise- Salesforce, SharePoint, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, Mobile Platforms, Dot NET, Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP Backend.

Founded: 1999

Hourly Rates: $25/hr – $49/hr

Team Size: 250 – 999

Location: United States, United Kingdom

Ratings: 4.89/5

Key Clients: Google, Yandex, eBay, Paypal, Cisco, Phillips, Pepsi, and Adidas


2. PixelCrayons

best web development company

PixelCrayons is the top web development company in India that develops custom websites. It’s an award-winning firm and offers end-to-end solutions to Enterprises, Startups, ISVs, and Digital Agencies. Being a 17-year-old company, they have delivered more than 13800 projects successfully until now. 

They have a vast customer base belonging to 38+ countries. Backed by a team of 500+ web developers, they develop top-notch websites with a 100% satisfaction rate.

PixelCrayons is listed in’s Web Design and Development Directory 

With the best-quality assistance and services, they always ensure to maintain a 97% customer retention rate. Their major services include Web Development, Web Designing, IT consulting, Web App Development, Mobile App Development, Wireframing & App Prototyping.

Founded: 2004

Hourly Rates: $20/hr

Ratings: 4.90/5

Team Size: 400- 500

Location: India, United States

Top Clients– Citi Group, Qatar Airways, Adobe, Vodafone, WB, Volkswagen, PUMA, eBay, TESCO, hp, and Ted Baker



website development company

SPEC INDIA is an ISO-certified organization and holds 30+ years of experience in web development. They concentrate on creating custom web and mobile applications powered by today’s modern technologies like AI, ML, and IoT.

They have employed a team of 300+ developers committed to delivering quality solutions to global clients. Its comprehensive development centers and innovative models onshore and abroad help support SMEs, startups, and Fortune 500 companies.

Technical Expertise– ASP. NET, Java, Angular JS, DevOps, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Power BI, Beacons, React Native, Vue.js, AWS, Machine Learning, React, Kotlin, Swift, Salesforce, Big Data, Flutter, Python, Azure, Node JS, Predictive Analysis, Tableau, Pentaho, and Mean Stack.

Founded: 1987

Hourly Rates: $25/hr – $49/hr

Ratings: 4.82/5

Team Size: 250 – 999

Location: India, United States

Key Clients: Schneider Electric, AstraZeneca, PEPSICO, Total S.A., Hitachi Limited, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Adani Limited, Exide Industries Limited, Colgate, UHN.


4. IndiaNIC

hire web developers

Unlike other IT firms providing web development services, IndiaNIC aids its clients in developing compelling stores and launching them into the marketplace with attractive and unique designs.

With their years of experience in web development, they have become the favorite choice of their clients to hire their web developers having expertise in technologies like Java, Dot Net, and others. They create front-end, back-end, and API as per the client’s needs.

Technical Expertise-.  Internet of Things, NET, Java, React JS,  PHP, Appium, Selenium, Artificial Intelligence, Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Umbraco, Drupal, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Hudson, TypeScript, WPF, Gradle, and HTML 5 Jenkins.

Founded: 1997

Hourly Rates: < $25/hr

Ratings: 4.87/5

Team Size: 250 – 999

Location: India, USA, Australia

Key Clients: Adidas, Cisco, Pepsi, Vodafone, McDonald’s, Gulfstream, Jackson & Coker, Sancho BBDO, and TATA


5. ValueCoders

top web developers

ValueCoders is one of the most reliable web development companies in the market, known for delivering advanced web development solutions. Their unstoppable quest to utilize newer technologies & innovations has emerged into a one-stop destination for the best web developers in the market.

The company owns a good reputation in the IT industry due to its quality and timely results. In addition, the clients consider it the most reliable partner due to its customer-oriented service model.

Technical Expertise- Power BI, Python, PHP, ReactJS, React Native Angular, WordPress, NodeJS, Magento, React JS, MERN, and Laravel.

Founded: 2002

Hourly Rates: $20/hr – $25/hr

Ratings: 4.78/5

Team Size: 400- 500

Location: India, United States

Key Clients: Dubai Police, Risk Logic, Requa, Affle, Track Opinion, ZenQ, Novea, FlexiLoans, Capgemini, Selectspecs, and Estel.


6. Classic Informatic

web developers on hire

Classic Informatics is providing the best web development solutions in the global market. It’s based in India and has operational offices in London and Sydney.

The company’s expert web developers infuse technical expertise with creative designs, empowering businesses to improve their operations.  They help startups, Enterprises & SMEs in developing and delivering user-centric products and solutions. Their strategy is based on agile-centric processes and excellent engineering minds who shine in their areas. 

They apply their knowledge and expertise in creating important web & apps for different industries. It includes Retail & Ecommerce,  e-Governance, Logistics, Healthcare,  SaaS, FinTech, etc.

Technical Expertise- React JS, Angular, NodeJS, Serverless, Microsoft Azure, .NET & C#, Python, PHP, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Laravel.

Founded: 2002

Hourly Rates: $25/hr – $49/hr

Ratings: 4.94/5

Team Size: 50-249

Location: India, United Kingdom

Key Clients: Veracode (CA Technologies), Siemens, InterDent, Fidelity National Financial (FNF), Queens Park Rangers F.C., Crane Co, Franklin Covey, 360 Knee systems (360 Med Care), Chimu Adventures, and Hubbed.


7. Apriorit Inc.

hire website developers

Apriorit is a top web development company that offers managed dedicated development teams for SaaS solution providers, startups, and cybersecurity merchants since its inception.

The company holds significant years of experience in handling cybersecurity and data management projects.  By delivering expert driver development, system programming, and reverse engineering skills, they are helping clients in their most innovative and complex projects.

Technical Expertise- Sound Sniffer for Windows, File Encryption (Non-driver),  Custom Boot Loader, Virtual File System (Virtual Files / Folders, Virtual Disks), and Stealth Technologies.

Founded: 2002

Hourly Rates: $80/hr -$100/Hour

Ratings: 5/5

Team Size: 250 – 999

Location: United States, Hungary

Key Clients: Fortune 500 security solution vendors, Fortune 500 virtualization technology vendors, SaaS solution providers, data management, and cloud computing startups.


8. KrishaWeb

best web development company

KrishaWeb is a leading IT company providing web developers to its clients in the U.S., Netherlands, Germany, Canada, UK, UAE, Spain, and many others. Until now, they have served 350+ small and medium-sized companies in digital marketing, open-source development, web designing, logo designing & brand identity, custom framework solutions, video production, and eCommerce development.

It’s a renowned customer-centric full-service web development agency working with a team of 70+ experienced web developers. They believe in maintaining long-term client relationships by providing the finest and customized web development services.

Technical Expertise- eCommerce Website Development, Custom Web Application, Web Design & Development, and Open Source Web Development.

Founded: 2008

Hourly Rates: $50/hr – $99/hr

Ratings: 5/5

Team Size: 50 – 249

Location: United States, India

Key Clients: Copicious, A Y & J Solicitors, WT Cafe, Tucana Lights, Order Justine’s, Get Push Monkey, NHL Pharmacy, American Dental, Pixel Perfect HTML, Cutis Hospital, Florida Lumber, and BIG LAW TITANS.


9. Fortunesoft IT Innovations

top web developer

Fortunesoft is a renowned web development company that delivers full-cycle web development services. They design, enhance, and scale web products across platforms utilizing disruptive technologies in mobile, web, cloud, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and analytics.

It’s also a decade-year-old company and has served around 150+ happy clients worldwide and delivered more than 500+ projects to date.

Technical Expertise-Laravel, PHP, React,  Angular, Node.js, Express JS, Vue.js, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, MEVN, MEAN, MERN, WINS, and LAMP.

Founded: 2009

Hourly Rates: $25 – $49/hr

Ratings: 5/5

Team Size: 50 – 249

Location: India

Key Clients: Yokogawa, Pearson, BMW, Cadillac, QRIDA- Queensland Government, National University of Singapore, United Nations Human Rights, DBS, Video Tag, and Optionsaway.


10. Yarddiant

hire web developer

Yarddiant is a reputed web development company that works on types of web projects. The company’s main focus lies in eCommerce website development and WordPress development. Also, they are competent in handling the plugin development requirements and theme customization.

The company’s dedicated team is behind all its success. They are committed to meeting the highest ethical standards in work and implementing web solutions without compromising the quality and functionality.

They deploy the latest technology standards for the tailor-made offshore web application development process. Their prime focus is on succeeding businesses using highly creative and innovative web development solutions to make an effective online presence.

Technical Expertise- Shopify, Prestashop, Magento, and WordPress.


Hourly Rates- < $25/hr

Ratings: 4.87/5

Team Size- 10 – 49

Location- India

Key Clients: BuildaHome, Laila Swann, Amazing Arabella, Green Tantra, Edakkal Village, Shop Q rate, Champions, Zaya Solutions, IPWC Scrubs, Pioneer Kerala, and Amazing Arabella.


11. Miquido


Miquido is a full-cycle web development service provider with skilled web developers around the world. They have offered outstanding services for mobile and web apps and IT consulting solutions to all kinds of organizations since 2011. Miquido also provides technical support ranging from design, development to testing services for a wide range of software products.

The team of Miquido is highly qualified and capable with skills in various programming languages, frameworks, and tools. They can craft high-quality web development solutions for all types of businesses.

Technical Expertise- Web & Mobile Development, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, NLP; Product Design & Strategy, Prototyping & usability testing, UX/UI Design.

Founded– 2011

Hourly Rates– $50 – $99 / hr

Ratings: 4.8/5

Team Size– 50 – 249

Location– Kraków, Poland

Key Clients: Abbey Road Studios, Skyscanner, BNP Paribas, Herbalife, Play, Santander Bank, TUI, Empik, HelloFresh, Onkyo Music, etc. 


12. Yalantis


Yalantis, the Ukraine-based web development company with its other branch in Estonia, is a leading global provider of world-class products and services. They have a team of over 600+ passionate web developers who work on cutting-edge technologies to serve clients from different countries. Their services include native and cross-platform mobile apps, eCommerce stores, IoT products, chatbots, and more.

Their team of developers has in-depth expertise in web, Android, and iOS development. They can solve complex problems with innovative solutions and deliver high-quality products that perfectly meet your business requirements.

Technical Expertise– Cloud & DevOps, BI, Analytics, Big data, IoT, Cybersecurity, Performance engineering, UI and UX design.


Hourly Rates– $25 – $49 / hr

Ratings: 4.8/5

Team Size– 250 – 999

Location– Dnipropetrovs’k, Ukraine

Key Clients: Zillow (The leading real estate marketplace in the US), KPMG (Global professional service company), Healthfully (US Healthcare Web Platform)


13. BairesDev 


BairesDev is a well-renowned web development firm in San Francisco, CA, and worldwide for providing full-cycle web solutions for organizations of all sizes. Their team is proficient in delivering high-end, scalable web development services using the latest framework & tools. They can handle any kind of project related to your business requirements precisely.

Their professionals regularly participate in various conferences and seminars, which help them stay updated with the latest technologies and methodologies.

Technical Expertise- Custom Software Development Software Testing & QA, Cloud Computing, Mobile & Web Development, Maintenance & Support, Blockchain Consulting, Internet of Things, MVP Development, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Digital Acceleration, and more. 

Founded- 2009

Hourly Rates- $50 – $99 / hr

Ratings: 4.9/5

Team Size- 1,000 – 9,999

Location- San Francisco, CA

Key clients:  Rolls-Royce, Google, Pinterest, Urban Outfitters, SiriusXM, EY, Motorola, Chime, ViacomCBS, Groupon, Univision, Netgear, etc.


14. S-PRO


S-PRO came into existence in the year 2014 with its headquarters in Ukraine. It is a full-service web development company with expertise in various technologies, including React Native, AngularJS, NodeJS, .Net, Drupal, etc. They aim to deliver high-quality solutions for industries by implementing cutting-edge technologies and methodologies that help them build up a unique identity.

Their team is skilled in crafting top-notch eCommerce websites, custom web applications, and CRM systems that will perfectly meet your business requirements.

Technical Expertise- Web Development, Mobile Development, UI/UX Design and Branding, Cloud Engineering, Blockchain, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence.


Hourly Rates- $25 – $49 / hr

Ratings: 4.9/5

Team Size- 50 – 249

Location- Ukraine

Key Clients: MeterQubes; Hubspring; TSO Chinese Delivery; Climate Drops; PolarPro.


15. Powercode


With a team of top web developers around the world, Powercode offers a wide range of services. These include mobile and Web Application Development, Digital Marketing Services, Ecommerce Solutions, and more. The company is based in Ukraine, with its presence and services across various countries.

Powercode uses modern frameworks and technologies to craft high-quality web development solutions for businesses of all scales, from startups to enterprise-level clients. They are known for providing cost-effective web development services that are built with the latest technologies.

Technical Expertise- ecommerce, SaaS, CRM systems, E-learning platforms, Messaging apps, Web and mobile apps, social media platforms, Cybersecurity, ERP, corporate networks, and more. 


Hourly Rates- $25 – $49 / hr

Ratings: 4.8/5

Team Size- 50 – 249

Location- Kyiv, Ukraine

Key Clients: Big Data, eCommerce, E-Government, E-Health, Enterprise/Medium Size Businesses, Media & Entertainment, Fintech, Social Networks, Management tools, CMS, ERP/CRM.


16. Net Solutions 


Net Solutions have been a great partner in the web designing & development process. They offer responsive service and high-quality work that really complements their client’s brand image.

Their dynamic team always provides custom web development services that are in tune with your business requirements. They can transform your business into an interactive digital platform with their cutting-edge web designing and development expertise. Besides, they are one of India’s best web development companies to offer customized web solutions for all types and sizes of businesses.

Technical Expertise- Mobile App Development, Web Development, Custom Software Development, Digital Commerce.


Hourly Rates- $25 – $49 / hr

Ratings: 4.8/5

Team Size- 250 – 999

Location- Chandigarh, India

Key Clients: Xerox, Microsoft, IMG, Harvard Business Review, Yahoo, Unilever, Bausch and Lomb, Ingram Micro, Lafarge, Euro Car Parts, Dupont, Mothercare, Velti, and Flipkart.


17. Konstant Infosolutions


At Konstant, they strive to offer the most innovative technologies on a global level. They create web applications & mobile apps for businesses of all sizes and web development solutions to help them grow. Moreover, they are ISO 9001:2015 Certified App Development Company. 

Their collaborative approach focuses on creating value for their clients by providing an end-to-end development service that boosts business productivity and visibility across the web. Konstant is one of India’s best web development companies, with an impressive client list that includes some celebrated brands in various industries worldwide.

Technical Expertise- Swift, Ionic, Flutter, Kotlin, React.js, Angular, React Native, Node.js, Laravel, and more. 


Hourly Rates- < $25 / hr

Ratings: 4.8/5

Team Size- 50 – 249

Location- Jaipur, India

Key Clients: Del Monte, United Nations, Volkswagen, RawBank, Project Action Star, Scholastic, Citrix, Stanley, NASSCOM, Wonder Cement,  Nestle, and more


18. Icreon


Icreon is a New York-based web development agency that has built a reputation for providing custom web development solutions to startups, mid-market, and enterprise-level businesses.

Their team of talented developers can create any kind of web application for your business within the time frame you set. Their professional web designers and developers work closely with their clients to understand their business goals and create solutions accordingly. They have completed 500+ successful projects in the past.

Technical Expertise- Software Development, Web Development, Cloud Engineering, Data Engineering, Native + Cross-Platform, Cloud Migration, Digital Product Maintenance, AI + ML, Internet of Things, and more. 


Hourly Rates- $50 – $99 / hr

Ratings: 5.0/5

Team Size- 250 – 999

Location- New York, NY

Key Clients: National Geographic Channel, IMG Models, FOX Movies, XPO Logistics, New York Road Runners, TOTO USA, Skyworks, AXA XL, SmileTrain


19. Light IT


Light IT provides creative, reliable & scalable web and mobile software solutions for startups, enterprises. They go deep into requirements to suggest improvements while staying on budget with our workflow that never misses deadlines.

Founded in 2006, Light IT delivers quality results on all projects undertaken, a startup or enterprise-level web application development. They have managed to establish long-lasting relations with their clients because of their dedication to creating high-quality solutions for a diverse set of businesses.

Technical Expertise- Mobile Development, SaaS Solutions, Data Mining & BI, AI & Chatbots, Cloud Solutions, DevOps, Quality Testing.


Hourly Rates- $25 – $49 / hr

Ratings: 4.8/5

Team Size- 50 – 249

Location- Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine

Key Clients: APROPLAN, Unomy


20. eLuminous Technologies Pvt Ltd


Established in 2002, eLuminous Technologies is one of the top web development companies across the globe. They have built 2000+ websites and apps over the last 18 years, focusing on eCommerce stores. 

They offer end-to-end web development services to their clients, including UI/UX design, Research & Development, Mobile Application Development, Ecommerce Solutions, Web Application Development, and more. They aim to assist businesses in achieving their business objectives and growing faster.

Technical Expertise- · Web Development, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, UI/UX, POC, Conversion Rate Optimization, Custom Software Development.


Hourly Rates- < $25 / hr

Ratings: 4.8/5

Team Size- 50 – 249

Location- Nashik, India

Key Clients: Princeton University, Continental Group, MTV, Razer Inc,


The Bottom Lines

That’s all it is! All these are the names of top web developers, their hiring benefits, and guide. By keeping the above-discussed points, you will never make a mistake in choosing the right web development partner.

The web development companies’ names mentioned above are based on the top business listing websites and their ratings. They can develop a full web development project or you can hire web developers from them.

Good Luck!


Q1: How much does it cost to hire a web developer?

A1: This is a question for which there is no straight answer. It depends on the skillset required, the location of your business, and many other factors that need to be taken into account.

Hiring a web developer can cost anywhere between $25 and $150/hr. Moreover, it is essential to note that while some developers charge a fixed rate per project, others charge an hourly rate.

Q2: How do I hire a web developer online?

A2:  There are two ways of hiring a web developer.

Firstly, you can post your requirements on websites such as Upwork and Developers will then contact you with their portfolio along with an hourly rate for the project at hand. You can ask them questions to help determine if they fit your needs before you award the contract and release the funds.

Secondly, you can contact a developer directly and ask for their rates. Besides,  if you hire a web developer, they will work on your requirements, based on which you can then pay an agreed amount via PayPal or any other online method.

Q3: Which technology is best for web development?

A3: There is no universal ‘best’ technology. Instead, your business and project requirements will determine the best fit for you.

Web development encompasses various technologies such as JavaScript, Python, PHP, Angular, Ruby on Rails, and more. So, as per your specific business requirement, you can either hire a web developer who specializes in the technology of your choice or choose a web developer that offers multiple skillsets.

Q4: How does web development help a business?

A4: Developing a website is part of what is referred to as web development.

Web development helps your business in the following ways:

  • Improves search engine rankings (when you add new articles and pages on your business site) by optimizing them correctly
  • Enhances accessibility, helping more viewers find your business online
  • It enables you to connect to your audience in a deeper and more impactful way
  • Allows for social media integration, which further helps you engage with your audience

Q5: What should I look for when hiring a website developer?

A5: Websites such as Capterra and Clutch can be used to learn about the best website developers for your business.

When hiring a web developer, you should look for: 

  • Reputation of the company
  • Reviews of previous work
  • Sufficient experience
  • Relevant skillset
  • On-time delivery

Once you have chosen a web developer, ensure that:    

  • They provide a clear and transparent contract and agreement with you
  • They provide effective communication and updates throughout the project
  • They maintain a clean, ‘coding standard’ with proper commenting of all code
  • They test and debug their work thoroughly before release.

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