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Be wary of the following Ecommerce Website Development Mistakes

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Owning an ecommerce portal is an absolute blessing for the business. Without requiring any sort of investments in terms of infrastructure etc, it allows the business owners to sell and market their products effectively on virtual planet.

However, attention must be paid while developing the ecommerce portal for the business. Often, there exists certain mistakes – blunders actually which ruins the performance of the ecommerce website and does not allow it to perform to the best of its potential.

Below we discuss various blunders one can possibly make with ecommerce website development and urge the business owners to be wary of the same.

Bad design of the ecommerce website

These days, there is a cut edge competition in the online world. Big corporate houses are coming up with ecommerce portals of their own and really the competition is fierce. The biggest factor which determines the success or the failure of the online store is its design.

Your ecommerce website must strictly talks about business, and should be designed as per the requirements of your business house. You must opt for professional ecommerce development to include all the lucrative features in the design of your ecommerce website.

Pay attention to the navigation menu. Since the ecommerce website tends to get a bit over flowed with information etc, thus the flow of the website from one page to another must be logically correct.

Another mistake which users do is that they do not give due credit to the drop down menus. The drop down menus are really popular and it provides the users with ease of use and information in a clear and concise way.

Not enough product descriptions

Not giving enough product descriptions is another blunder one can commit with online store. As an online store owner you need to to pay due attention to product descriptions, as they plays a key role in the same.

You must be cautious that there is no duplicity error in the description content and also that the content written out rightly determines the various whereabouts of the products and hints at the importance of owning the particular product.

Obscure processes for checking out

The very reason why shoppers are shopping online and they are not at some physical store, is because they want an easy and comfortable environment to shop. Hence, if your online store asks them various unsolicited details, then they will simply leave your store and shop somewhere else.

Ideally, the checkout process must provide the users a confirmation of their order, provide them with the billing details and shipping details etc. Any thing beyond that is perhaps useless and time consuming. And obviously a blockage in the smooth checking out process.

Insufficient options of payment gateways

Yes, we understand that PayPal is favorite, when it comes to allowing payments, but to attract more customers to your store and convert the visitors into customers, you need to provide them with different payment options.

The option of cash on delivery, supported by Flipcart etc. is a lot famous these days. Also you must include the option of paying through credit cards, debit cards etc. The more the payment options, the merrier.

Lacking and inefficient images

When users are buying online, obviously their senses are limited to only seeing. They cannot touch and feel and smell the product that they are buying. Hence it is your responsibility to provide them with enough images per products. When we say enough, we mean at least 2 or three images per product, showcasing the frontal and side ways view of it.

Even better if your online store also offers the option of zoom in viewing of the images.

Missing details of the company

This is perhaps the biggest blunder you could possibly do while developing the ecommerce portal. A lot of online stores deceive the users and do not divulge out specific company details. If you have not provided the spcific details about the company etc, you must be prepared for the doom of your online store. The users does not trust such stores and it may lead to shopping card abandonment.

To win the trust of the users, you must provide them with specific details like the physical address and contact information like email, phone number etc.

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Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works with PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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  • Wonderful post and really very informative. It is now quite important that a every business should have a website designed and marketing same on internet. SEO, social media etc. it has bright path for any business to enhance their sales online. Once again very nice post and I have subscribed your blog, hope you will post more good posts like this in near future. Thanks