Outsource Mobile App Development Projects

Outsourcing mobile app development projects is an efficient budget optimization strategy in 2023. Because of the low cost, as a critical strategy, businesses outsource overseas to remain competitive and strengthen their market position.

As per the research conducted by Statista, the number of mobile app downloads may increase to 258 million by 2023. If you’re still unsure about the size of the mobile app business, it may be valued at around 700 billion.

It is essential to make the appropriate choice if you intend to employ a mobile app development company to create your Android or iOS app. Whether custom web development or in-trend mobile app development solutions, you need an outsourcing company to complete your work. 

However, there are a few things you need to know before you can outsource effectively. For beginners, you must know the best country to outsource mobile app development to focus your search effectively.

In this article, I have mentioned the top app development countries to help you make an informed decision based on your preferences.

Reasons to Consider Outsourcing Mobile App Development Projects

Outsourcing App Development Projects


Here I have mentioned some of the top reasons why you should look for outsourcing mobile app development projects:

  • Outstanding exposure to well-educated and highly trained global talent
  • Better risk management because of the ability to split app development tasks
  • Low cost (companies save up to 30% for app development outsourcing)
  • According to a Deloitte study, about 59% of companies choose outsourcing to reduce workplace costs
  • You can hire developers when needed instead of having it sit on your pay list for 12 months

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Onshore, Nearshore, Or Offshore

The country or region selection of the company you are looking for can be divided into three categories: onshore, nearshore, and offshore. But what are the differences between them? Let’s find out.

onshore, nearshore, offshore outsourcing

Let’s say your company is located in the United States. If you also choose a US-based company, it will refer to onshore outsourcing.

If it is another nearby country, for example, Canada, it will be nearshore. And if it’s from another region (such as Asia), it’s offshore outsourcing.

The IT industry is now used to running small projects resulting from technological development. Once it is technically easier to run small projects, gravity shifts to how businesses are run.

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What Constitutes a Country Fit for Outsourcing?

When it comes to outsourcing mobile app development projects, there are a few key factors to consider. The primary things to consider while determining the best country to outsource app development are:

  • Ensure you’re outsourcing a strong pool of developers
  • Cost of living and business of the country
  • High-quality infrastructure
  • Ability to communicate in the preferred language

While many think developing an app is conducted exclusively on computers, this isn’t always the case. Suppose you’re building an app with data input via hand-held devices like smartphones or tablets. In that case, you must ensure that the developer’s home country has reliable and affordable internet access.

These factors create a vast pool of skilled technical staff for you to choose from. Some businesses may also want to consider other factors, such as cultural differences.

The time zone is the final factor when considering top countries to outsource mobile app projects. Most companies find ways to collaborate with employees in different time zones. But it is vital to consider how you will work with people in distinct time zones before starting your search for top app development countries.

Once you know ​​your company’s outsourcing needs, you’re ready to start looking for partners in the best countries to outsource app development.

Now, let’s understand these crucial factors on which the selection of country depends in detail:

crucial factors for choosing a country

  • Expertise and Skill Set

Another factor to consider is the level of expertise in your preferred outsourcing country. First, look at the number of IT graduates yearly to get in-depth knowledge.

In this case, it is crucial to dig deeper into the number of software developer graduates.

The higher the number of IT graduates, the more the chances of finding a reputed team with impeccable skill sets. This way, entrepreneurs can breathe easily, knowing they are more likely to find the expertise they need for a particular operation.

  • Cost

The cost of outsourcing dramatically affects a company’s outsourcing decisions. As much as it is in the culture of any organization to reduce expenses, business individuals should not always work with less skilled and cheap developers. 

Firstly, consider the quality of services before signing any contractual agreement. However, it is vital to consider the pricing to avoid overpaying for the services

Ask for quotations from various offshore app development companies to familiarize yourself with the price ranges.

This way, you can avoid paying exorbitant prices for low-quality services, allowing you to settle for a developer in that country who offers a fair price for the quality you want.

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  • Language

Despite having many outsourcing challenges, we live in an interconnected world where the language barrier should not be one of them.

Communication is essential in outsourcing mobile app development projects. As such, you want to hire app developers from a nation with high proficiency in your preferred language.

Remember that you will be working closely with the offshore team. Given that the software development process consists of many dynamic parts, proper communication ensures that the project runs with minimum glitches.

In addition, developers must concisely communicate development and project progress in real-time. They also need to sit in a virtual meeting with your in-house team.

  • Fewer Risks

Another factor for outsourcing with top countries is lower risks. For instance, a staff team’s expertise is frequently restricted to several mundane duties. Working with independent contractors is quite risky because they miss deadlines and have little expertise in the field the client is looking for.

You can automatically lower these possible risks by outsourcing IT services. The choice of qualified staff and process optimization enables the early elimination of many problems while meeting all deadlines.

  • Hire a Full Team of Specialists

Outsourcing helps in selecting a full team or individual professionals. Your business may certainly afford to engage a software development team if it has thousands of employees. Hiring numerous developers is always possible when outsourcing, especially if you are a young, small firm searching for investors or have not yet launched a marketplace product.

The founder of 500 Startups, Dave McClure, asserted that the ideal startup team consists of three different types of people:

  • Individuals who can code (hackers)
  • Those who are adept at managing a firm and are familiar with industry intricacies
  • Designers who construct a project carcass

Top 7 Countries to Outsource Mobile App Development Projects

Many businesses are outsourcing mobile app development to optimize their costs. Besides being a cost-effective solution, outsourcing is considered one of the best ways to attract a large pool of skilled professionals for your app development project.

Here, I will compare the pros and cons of outsourcing in some of these countries based on the factors:

  • Technical skills of the resources
  • Command in the English language 
  • Software developers Rating
  • Services costs
  • Location and Time zone difference 

Now, check out the list of the best countries to outsource app development:

Outsource Mobile App Development

#1 China

China tops this list of top countries to outsource mobile app projects. It leads the world of outsourcing with its fastest-growing IT companies and produces 4.7 million tech graduates yearly.

However, there are some potential drawbacks here. Firstly, only 10 million of China’s 1.3 billion residents speak English, which presents a major communication barrier for many international contractors.

Next, China is popularly known for its lax enforcement of intellectual property (IP) laws. Although, this can be overcome by hiring a renowned outsourcing company and establishing clear communication before working together.

Technical skills of experts: China launches the best software products based on Python, Shell, and projects related to Big Data. In primary & secondary education, the main focus is on mathematics and high technology.

English proficiency level (according to EF EPI): Intermediate, with a regional rating of 53.44. Although only 10 million of China’s 1.3 billion people speak English

Rating (as per HackerRank): 100%

Services costs (according to PayScale and Glassdoor): $18-40 per hour 

Time zone: GMT+8

#2 Poland 

According to data from HackerRank, Poland is home to the world’s third most skilled developers. The developers from Poland ranked first in the Java assessment. And they were also listed in the top five for other prevailing languages ​​such as Python, Shell, and Ruby.

Western employers will also be pleased to know that 30% of the Polish population speaks English as a second language, making communication easier.

Moreover, North American agencies must make accommodations for time zones if they want live meetings. But there is enough overlap to permit operational collaboration.



Tech skills of experts: PHP is the most widely acclaimed programming language. Using Python, Shell, Ruby, Java, and .NET frameworks is equally common. IT education in Poland is in great demand and attracts aspirants from all over Europe.

Proficiency in English (according to EF EPI): It’s upper-intermediate and advanced, with a regional rating of 63.76. In Poland, English is the second language for 30% of its population.

Rating (as per HackerRank): 98%

Services cost (according to PayScale and Glassdoor): $25–50/hour 

Time zone: GMT+2

 #3 Ukraine 

Ukraine’s strong focus on IT education has nurtured a thriving tech industry there. HackerRank’s statistical analysis shows that programmers from Ukraine had an average score of 88.7% across all HackerRank challenges. 

Moreover, Ukraine also has the most significant number of C++ programmers worldwide. In Ukraine, English is not a widespread language among the general population, but over 80% of their IT community speaks English. Therefore, communication barriers are a minimal issue here.

Other advantages of outsourcing to Ukraine comprise a time zone that overlaps US and UK times and a similar work culture that challenges and rewards competition.

The Ukrainian IT market enjoyed strong development patterns before Russia’s full-scale invasion. Services exports have risen since 2013, and the sector has contributed billions to the Ukrainian government’s coffers.

Additionally, revenue from IT services climbed by 13% in 2021 compared to 2020 and by 20 to 25% annually on average. The IT industry’s income over the following four years might double under the base case scenario.

But the battle also brought changes. According to Statista analysis, the Ukrainian IT market could experience a 44 percent decline in 2022. In 2014, when the Russian Federation first invaded Ukraine, a similar pattern was seen. According to figures, the market rose by 27% in 2016, indicating that the industry is recovering and doing so rather swiftly.

Tech skills of experts: Ukraine’s IT companies and outsourcing teams focus on Big Data, AI, mobile development, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency-related projects. 

The country’s people acquire their technical skills mainly through specialized courses. Some companies also provide free training with the possibility of further employment.

English proficiency level (according to EF EPI): Basic, with a regional rating of 52.13

Rating (data from HackerRank): 88.7% 

Services costs (as per PayScale & Glassdoor): $25–50/hour

Time zone: GMT+3

#4 India

The first name appears in this rundown of India’s best country to outsource app development, with good reason. India is the second-largest English-speaking country in the world, making it an ideal option for software outsourcing.

Despite the relatively low literacy level, the government pays attention to mathematical research and the development of technologies. The number of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) graduates is 2.6 million, which is quite vast.

According to research by the Gild, Indian developers outperformed their US counterparts by a complete 11% on math and reasoning assessments.

Its low cost for developers makes India a prime location for software outsourcing. An average mobile app developer in India charges between $10 to $15 per hour, making them less expensive than software development agencies in the US that charge an average of $60 per hour.

Hence, you can outsource mobile app development in India to attain developers at a very reasonable cost.

outsource-mobile-app-development india


Technical skills of experts: India is amongst the top countries for mobile app development initiatives, both native and hybrid. The companies are also involved in Microsoft, related technologies, and open-source projects. 

It is relatively new to technologies like Machine Learning, AI, GIS, and Blockchain but actively incorporating them.

English proficiency level (as per EF EPI): Intermediate, with a regional rating of 5549

Rating (as per HackerRank): 76%

Services costs (according to PayScale and Glassdoor): $15–40/hour

Time zone: GMT+5:30

 #5 Argentina

There are leading countries such as China, Ukraine, India, Poland, and all the other big names in IT outsourcing, and then there is Argentina which is just starting to make a name for itself. Its current successes reflect its potential growth.

To enhance the user experience and establish themselves globally, app development companies in Argentina incorporate gen-next technologies into mobile and web apps.

Skilled developers from leading Argentina tech centers such as Cordoba, Buenos Aires, and Mendoza help businesses keep up with the fast-paced digital world. They do so by developing updated mobile and web apps that help keep business processes running smoothly.

tech emplyment in argentina


From 2002 to 2022, Argentina’s employment rate averaged 41.52 percent, with record highs of 43.60 percent in the fourth quarter of 2021 and 33.40 percent in the second quarter of 2020. 

According to Trading Economics’ global macro models, Argentina’s employment rate will be 41.80 percent by the end of this quarter. Argentina’s Employment Rate is predicted to have a long-term trend of 42.00 percent in 2023.

Tech skills of experts: The outsourcing agencies in Argentina have a vast background in app development, data migration to the cloud, and DevOps expertise.

Free education is available in the country in the field of computer technology. Besides, 70% of students already combine study with work during their studies at universities. 

English proficiency level (according to EF EPI): upper-intermediate, with a regional rating of 58.38

Rating (according to HackerRank): 72.1%

Services costs (data from PayScale & Glassdoor): $30–50/hour

Time zone: GMT-3

#6 Romania

Romania gives its citizens access to tuition-free education, which has inspired one of the most diverse tech scenes in Europe. There are 40+ technical universities in Romania, producing approximately 5,000 computer specialists and engineers yearly.

Romanian programmers are ranked 20th in the world in all HackerRank programming tests. The country has invested heavily in IT infrastructure over the past several years, allowing it to reach 18th place on the A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index. 

And with most programmers earning at least three times more than the average Romanian, the sector has attracted a steady stream of new and talented individuals.

Besides, Romania also provides other significant benefits for employers in Western Europe and North America. The time zone overlaps significantly with Western Europe and American time zones. 

Romania is located at the crossroads of the time zones of Western Europe and the United States, which makes it easier for developers to interact.

Moreover, about 90% of the developer community in Romania speaks English, which is a good indicator for employers worldwide. 

Technical skills of experts: The IT outsourcing market in Romania is much smaller than in Ukraine and Poland. However, there are 116,000 IT professionals in the country. 

Command in English (according to EF EPI): Upper-intermediate and advanced, with a regional rating of 61.36.  

Rating (as per to HackerRank): 81.9%

Services costs (according to PayScale and Glassdoor): $25–50/hour 

Time zone: GMT+3

 #7 Philippines

More than 92% of people in the Philippines speak English, making it one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world. The country also has a specialized STEM high school system and has executed severe educational reform over the years.

These factors, combined with the low global value of the Philippine peso, have made the Philippines one of the best countries to outsource software development.

However, these reforms still haven’t closed the gap between developers in the Philippines and developers from other countries on this list. This means it is one of the best countries to outsource mobile app development if you have a simple project. You may want to consider China or Ukraine for more complex tasks.

Technical skills of experts: Employers from the Philippines are known to work faster than specialists from other Asian countries. According to PISA (Philippine Software Industry Association), over 190,000 technical specialists work in the country. And this number is expected to touch the mark of 210,000 by 2022.

Proficiency in English (as per EF EPI): Advanced, with a regional rating of 60,14

Rating (according to HackerRank): 63.8%

Services costs (as per PayScale and Glassdoor): $18–40/hour 

Time zone: GMT+8

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Where to Find the Best Developers?



Currently, most software development outsourcing (nearly 80%) goes to Asia – India, and China in particular. But Central and Eastern Europe are becoming increasingly popular destinations, as these countries have 200+ universities that graduate 60 thousand IT professionals yearly.

The IT reputation of countries such as Ukraine, Poland, and Romania is proliferating, judging by the quality of services provided and the cost of hiring software developers.

Ranking of Countries by Domain

Although China had the highest overall score, it fell short in some areas. Different nations outperformed one another in various categories.

Chinese programmers outperformed other nations’ mathematics, functional programming, and data structures. The most common test type, algorithms, was dominated by Russia. China and Poland took second and third place in this field, respectively.

It is noted that the difference in performance levels between the various countries could be attributed to the developers’ interest levels in participating in tests from different domains as the Russian developers have practised more in the algorithms domain, and the Chinese developers might have been more interested in the data structures area.

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Wrapping Up

Now you know about the best countries for software development outsourcing. On average, Asian countries have the highest level of app development expertise and offer a strong investment return through low costs.

But overall, the best place to outsource app development projects is to an agency that understands your brand and can be tailored to your specific business needs – no matter where they are!

Descriptions and ratings are subjective and may not give you a comprehensive picture. Therefore, you must choose the right software outsourcing companies to execute your jobs efficiently.  

They will help you shortlist the top countries to outsource mobile app projects to so that you can choose the most suitable match for your needs.

Good Luck!

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Q 1: How much does it cost to outsource an app?

Many factors contribute to the cost of outsourcing an app, and these depend on expertise, platform, project size and type, team size, skill set required for particular modules/features, and much more. However, the prices usually range from about $6,000-$50,000 for mobile applications.

Q 2: What are the benefits of outsourcing mobile app development Projects?

There are several benefits of outsourcing mobile app development projects, and some of the significant ones are below.

  • Cost-effective approach

Outsourcing your app development can help you make significant savings. Not only will it reduce the overhead and infrastructure costs, but a successful outsourced project could even generate some revenue for you/

  • Increased efficiency:

One of the significant advantages of outsourcing mobile app development projects is that outsourced developers can work on a project without wasting time on issues common to the industry. 

Outsourcing mobile app development projects can also help with boosting efficiency as it allows you to do more than one project at a time with the same allotted resources and space.

  • Seamless team management:

One of the benefits of mobile app outsourcing is that it can help with team management. In-house teams need to be managed, which requires a lot of time and attention from the company. However, since external companies outsource mobile apps, there is no longer a need for daily management.

  • Impeccable security:

 Companies usually spend a lot of money trying to create security for their data, but with outsourcing, you are paying only for the work that needs to be done. The company will do everything to ensure your information remains hidden and safe.

  • Consistent support and service:

Outsourcing your app’s development can also offer consistent support and service. Although each company may have its strengths and weaknesses, they should provide a range of services for you. 

Hence, if you want to find the perfect vendor for your project, you should contact a few before committing to one. The right partner will help ensure that your project is successful from start to finish.

Q 3: Is it better to outsource app development?

Outsourcing app development allows the company to focus more on its strengths. Outsourcing to a third-party developer can ensure that decisions and direction are delicate without stressing the internal team.

Outsourcing app development relieves some stress for startup companies and small business owners whose resources or budget may not allow them to hire or train personnel internally instead of working internally. But you must get professional help from people who know what they’re doing.

Otherwise, outsourced developers might provide low-quality code, which will bottleneck your business and could cost you even bigger headaches down the line because of higher maintenance costs.

Q 4: How to outsource mobile app development?

You can quickly outsource your mobile app development project by following the below steps. Have a look:

Step 1: Know your requirements.

First, you need to know your requirements. What are you looking for? What type of app do you want to develop? How much time is available for the project? Is there a budget for this project? What platforms do you want to support? 

For example, if you want to create an iOS app, you will need at least $10K-$12K. If you’re going to develop an Android app, the cost ranges from $5K- to $7K. 

Step 2: Find An App Development Team:

After that, you should find the most experienced and professional app development firms to outsource your project. The team can help you with any of the following: creating a minimum viable product or building or testing your prototype.

Step 3: Check portfolio and communicate with previous clients

You need to check the company portfolio and get in touch with previous clients to see satisfaction.

Step 4: Choose the service model. 

It would help if you chose models, i.e., project-based, dedicated teams, or out-staff working models, to hire outsourcing app developers.

Step 5: Choose a payment model.

The final step is to choose a payment model. You can select among fixed price or time and material paying models. 

The team or project-based working model is a flexible and innovative way to work. With a fixed price, you can choose from the many benefits, including lower cost per hour and increased profits.

Q 5: Where to find suitable outsourcing agencies for mobile app development?

With many companies offering similar services, finding the right outsourcing mobile app development agency is not always easy. 

You can find suitable outsourcing agencies for app development by using websites like Elance or Upwork. These outsourcing platforms are ideal when looking for single or multiple developers who can work on your project.

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