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Want to Outshine Competitors?

Owning a website in the present day world is not just an option but a necessity. A website ascertains easy and quick means to reach out to the customers and promises growth and development of the business, at highly reduced and controlled prices.

In this section, we are discussing criteria and ideas to be kept in mind, in order to develop a mind blowing and amazing web application. Read on to know more.

Determine the purpose of the website –

In case you ever wondered the reason behind the sluggish performance of different websites, it is nothing but the unplanned or perhaps loosely planned processes for developing the website. Having a clarity of thought prior to developing the website, alone can provide you with remarkable success in your online endeavors.

The internet users are looking for instant gratification and you really cannot take chances with their attention span. Do not test the patience of the users by beating around the bush, instead develop a clearly defined and well structured website, with the help of proper planning.

The decision regarding the purpose of your website will has its implications on all of the design and development phases. Depending upon the need, you may opt for selecting website development technologies and services. For instance:

# If you wish to create information – If the purpose behind creating the website is sharing information and creating awareness, then an HTML based static website will solve the purpose.

# If you wish to own a dynamic and interactive website – If you wish to have a dynamic website – perhaps a social networking site or a community based website for that matter, you can either opt for PHP development from the scratch or integrate a particular CMS in your static website.

# If you wish to carry out online business – Ecommerce website development is the way for you, if you wish to keep the cash counters rolling in with money through your website.

Know your audience –

After all your website will not be of any use if your audiences do not respond to the same. You need to develop web applications which correspond to the tastes and preferences of your audience. Understand the demographics and personality of your target audience and design and develop the website, and its content as well.

Thus conduct a survey, or try and understand the preferences of the users, prior to getting ahead with website development.

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Provide your users a User Experience that they would remember –

When you are developing your website – do it flamboyantly! Express yourself all through the website and provide your users an experience that they would remember. Most of the websites look like a clone of each other, even if they have been produced from the scratch. Thus, register a unique presence of your website, and starting from the navigation menu, to the design and functionality and also the content, each one of it allows you to offer a unique user experience to your users.

Never ever copy –

Are you just on the verge of giving your website designer a website and asking him to “clone it!” Well hold back and think again. You as an enterprise or an entrepreneur is distinguished and unique. Thus your website needs to be unique as well. Just in the above point we stressed upon the need to provide a unique user experience and thus, if you require the same, never ever copy the web design from some alien website, or from your own previous websites. Treat each and every website uniquely.

Build safe and secure websites and communicate the same –

The safety of your web application matters a lot. By carrying out SSL encryption etc, you can ensure the safety of your website. This becomes even more necessary when your website may demand the users to share intimate information.

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Check for W3C compliance and cross browser compatibility –

Finally, before making your website live, conduct a cross browser compatibility and W3C validation check, or you may have the developer do it for you. Internet Explorer usually crops up problems for the cross browser compatibility of the website and thus you must be wary of the same.

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