Are you a small business, ISVs, or digital agencies want to reap the benefit of Augmented reality but don’t know what this technology can do for you? Read this blog, and you will get to know different aspects of Augmented reality development for your business.

Augmented reality development has become the mainstream for businesses today. This is because AR technology can be applied towards marketing, gaming, entertainment, fashion, art, education, and other business domains. In fact, this technology is getting more improved day by day and combining our real life with a super-imposed image or animation through amazing graphics, smell to the natural world, sounds and haptic feedback.

According to Statista, the total number of active AR and VR users is forecast to reach 171 million by 2018. Moreover, the global augmented reality market is expected to grow significantly to about 90 billion U.S. dollars by 2020.

As per the same source, revenue from augmented reality app development is projected to three times as high as that of VR by 2020. In 2022, AR hardware device shipments are projected to reach an estimated 68.9 million units—in comparison to 45.6 million VR hardware devices.

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In this blog, we will discuss how augmented reality mobile app development can bring you many business opportunities.

1) Helpful in Marketing

Augmented reality development opens up various business possibilities for marketing domain, and if used creatively, can generate more loyalty and commitment for the brands and their products. Suppose you are walking around the store with a smartphone in your hands seeing the price and features of the products you want to purchase, along with special offers and discounts for them.

So, with the augmented reality mobile app development, it can be more effective and fun for the clients. Augmented reality development and marketing for kids has even more interesting options such as turning the mall into an amusement park where they can complete tasks to win something and interact with virtual characters. Ultimately, it provides more engagement to users.


2) Education with Fun

First of all, try to imagine how interesting the lessons would be if teachers used Augmented reality app to explain various historical events. How exciting any boring subject would become with the ability to see them live.

In fact, schools are already becoming digital, using computers and mobile applications in their classes. Now think of what you could do with Augmented reality app development. For instance, students can walk through a human cell or can see a 3D galaxy on the screens of their tablets or smartphones. Be it any subject including history, biology, science etc. everything can be illuminated with the help of augmented reality mobile app development.


3) Sports Apps

When it comes to one’s hobby, sports fans are probably the most passionate and dedicated people. Some like to enjoy the game in person and supporting their favorite team in the stadium, while others prefer to watch the game from the screen of their smartphone when they play and comment on the best moments.

With augmented reality mobile app development, you can get live statistics and see the trajectory of the ball and its speed in the stadium.

4) Collaboration

Augmented reality development can remove the barriers when it comes to collaborating with international business. This can help with the translation if you meet a colleague abroad and create a common space even if you are thousands of kilometers away from each other.

You can also record the whole meeting to go back later and save everything written on the virtual boards. The possibilities of augmented reality app development are almost endless. They will enter into almost all spheres of our life, starting with social networks and ending with electronic commerce.

However, it will go beyond that, and soon we will see many incredible applications with the augmented reality mobile app development.

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5) Real-time Shopping Experience

The problem faced by people while purchasing the furniture is that they have almost no idea how it will really fit inside. This is the reason why people used to hire visual designers who can show the complete image.

With an augmented reality mobile apps, you can place any furniture in your apartment without having to physically take it there. There has been a number of such augmented reality app development ideas come alive when they first launched their augmented reality application that allows you to do that.

You can even scale the furniture and change the colors, so you can choose the perfect sofa for your living room. Hence, augmented reality mobile apps make your shopping experience more real & fantastic.

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6) Data visualization

Without visualization, statistics and analytics are actually very hard to understand. That’s why we have these tables, circular charts, and infographics. All this help us to see the information and to present not only pure numbers but something more visual.

Augmented reality app development can be a great help when it comes to showing data and sharing it with people. Today all companies need it because it is about the interaction between people and the exchange of information. So it is a good way to add dimension to your data and bring life to it.

7) Medical apps

Medical applications are the trends at the moment, being the second most popular type of application after games for smartphones. Augmented reality development can provide additional possibilities for users of medical applications.

This is because the doctors will be able to see a 3D image of an MRI while talking to patients or analyzing their movements.


8) Painting apps

Measuring objects and walls are not the only thing that augmented reality is capable of when it comes to amazing interiors. With augmented reality mobile app development, you can also paint walls of a certain color and show how the room will work with a painting on the wall.

These applications should also be able to calculate the necessary materials and labor costs.

Have a look at Infographic on the future of Virtual Reality

virtual reality development company
Future of Virtual Reality in Business

9) Teleconference apps

We can say that visualization is a very important part of any project, and augmented reality app development is about making things visual and allowing users to see them from all angles. It can give its engineers the ability to place their prototype on a board table so that everyone can understand the subject.

Similarly, with augmented reality development, you can walk through a construction site and see the sections, colored to indicate when each phase will end. This would help engineers bring their vision to other people’s heads, which would make the interaction more clear and productive.

10) Maps and tourism

Augmented reality app development can give you more information about all the places you want to visit, and the maps combined with an AR guide can give you a great experience in exploring the city.

Moreover, Museums can also take advantage of this technology by telling their visitors more about the items they see and giving them life.


So far we have seen the various business opportunities with Augmented reality. This would surely boost your business revenue to multiple times than expected in 2018. So, if you are looking to hire Augmented Reality app developers then you are in the right place.

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