TIDYcars did it unTIDY way

No… No… No… or should I grin a bit and say HaaH?

Tidycars were not supposed to do this again. They have again uploaded the same copied website design which they had stolen from our website Xhtml.Pixelcrayons.com. We had discussed it in our previous blog. Earlier we were assuming that some web designer has crooked them. As for the past few months their website was also down which made us think that they might be coming up with some new design. But their recent action has proved all our assumptions wrong.

We don’t want to say much about this act but this has put their authenticity in question.

God bless their customers and I hope they do not work so untidy(ly) with their customers.

One thought on “TIDYcars did it unTIDY way

  1. Audacious behavior by tidycars
    but you guys keep up the good work and you must be pumped up by watching your imitations.

    Seems like you have started setting the trends 🙂

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