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Developing highly automated and adaptive driving systems for connected and autonomous vehicles with our deep expertise in software engineering, platform development, systems integration, cloud services, and backend systems. Since our establishment, we have created thousands of successful automotive applications with advanced features and functionalities.

With 15+ years of domain expertise, we have successfully delivered 13800+ software solutions to clients spread across 38+ countries. Planning to outsource automotive software development?

Automotive Software Development

Services We Offer:

We develop advanced automotive software solutions that are effective in manufacturing and distribution processes.

    • Manufacturing process

    • Portfolio management

    • CAD/CAM integration

    • Resource planning

    • Quality control

    • Assembly automation

    • Supply Chain

    • Contracting automation

    • Logistics management

    • Inventory management

    • Warehouse management

    • Demand planning

    • Sales

    • Commerce

    • Campaign management

    • Customer engagement

    • Deal management

    • Content management

    • Aftermarket

    • Customer service

    • Predictive maintenance

    • Returns management

    • Re-purchase campaigns

    • Service parts availability

Whom We Serve

We develop solutions that are effective in manufacturing and distribution processes.

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers

  • eCar Component Manufacturers

  • Dealerships & Rental Agencies

  • Software Vendors

How do we Work?

Our automotive software developers use their automotive expertise and work on the customer and performance analytics in the Dealership Management, Automotive analytics and logistics and make things work out.

Automotive Software Development

Dealership Management

We feature inventory and customer management, deal structure by enabling real-time information exchange among the geographically scattered car dealers and then reporting capabilities with customization options.

  • Customer Management

    Omni-channel client experience

    Personalized content delivery

    Single view of the customer

    Interactive in-store experience

    Voice of the customer

  • Dealership operations

    Contracting operations

    Vehicle & parts inventory

    Order management

    Aftermarket services

    Omnichannel commerce

  • Backoffice


    Loyalty programmes

    Supply chain



    Voice of the customer

Automotive Analytics

We extends BI (Business Intelligence) infrastructure that collects, stores, and analyzes the transaction data coming from enterprise systems, wearable and IoT devices, cloud, PoS and mobile data, etc

  • Customer Analytics

    Behavior recognition

    Personalized content

    Channel performance

    Customer segmentation

    Performance & frontline reports

  • Operational Analytics

    Supply chain planning alignment

    Vehicle & components performance

    Vehicle health notifications

    Equipment availability

    Marketing campaigns analysis

Automotive App Development
Automotive Web Development

Logistics and Smart Warehousing

We implement the efficient logistics and smart warehousing management to control suppliers’ production and logistics so that the company can maintain its supply capabilities.

  • Real-time fleet management

    We implement tracking technologies and sensors to gather vehicle location and operational data in real time to generate alerts and maintenance reminders.
  • Advanced navigation

    Combining navigation and user data, we create contextually aware routing, dynamic location-based services, and geofencing.
  • Smart Warehousing

    IoT and wearables for smart equipment, monitoring systems and inventory control solutions, and AR/VR for warehouse capacity planning and cargo loading.


Our software developers employ 3D visualization frameworks and AR & VR techniques that help automotive companies in enhancing the manufacturing workflows and customer interactions by augmented training and immersive showrooming apps.

  • IOT solutions for RoadCars

    Android & Linux Optimization

    Stolen automobile tracking

    Geofencing & predictive maintenance

    Real-time weather and traffic reports

    CAN bus development

    Intelligent route optimization

    Real-time weather and traffic reports

    CAN bus development

    Intelligent route optimization

  • IOT Solutions for Smart Cities

    Smart parking and payment

    Emissions reduction

    Alerts about accidents

    Car sharing support

    Crowd/community services

    Traffic management

    Connected ADAS

    Road sign detection

    Dynamic map updates

Automotive Mobile App Development

Why Choose PixelCrayons?

Here’s what you get when you choose us as your preferred business partner:

  • Proactive Team and Fastest Delivery

    Our teams of developers are so proactive that they understand the concept from the client’s view and follow the transparent agile process to provide you with a prototype much quicker than the automotive sector.

  • Industry Standard Compliance

    We follow the Industry Standard Compliance such as MISRA-AUTOSAR compliance so that the solution is compatible with all applicable safety and interoperability standards.

Automotive App Development
  • Decades of Cloud Expertise

    Backed by decades of expertise in robust cloud-based solutions, our app and web developers use custom machine learning algorithms to simplify sensor-generated data and automate the process, which will further decelerate the cost.

  • Proficient Communication Skills

    Our software developers are not only skilled in the software development process but are also well accomplished in communicating with the clients. Whatever be the language, there is no such language barrier at PixelCrayons.

Our Development Process

We follow agile automotive software development process to ensure that our customers get best-in-domain services within the stipulated time frame.

Automotive Web Development

Requirement Gathering

You (the client) contact us via call, Skype, website or live chat and share your project requirement with us.

Project Discussion

Our experts will review your project and contact you within 24 hours to discuss about your business and help identify your needs.

Choose Engagement Models & Timelines

Based on the project, our experts suggest you the best engagement model, estimated timelines and cost for project development.

Project Initiation

As per the engagement model, your project is allocated to a team having in-depth knowledge of domain of your business.


After robust quality analysis, our project manager delivers project as per your delivery timeline.

Case Studies

All our automotive software development projects are covered under Non Disclosure Agreement; however, we have taken permission from some of our clients to showcase their automotive software development projects so that you can get a better understanding of our work. Have a look at some automotive software development case studies:

Anomalies Detection System

ADS(Anomalies Detection System) system has many applications in the business, from intrusion detection i.e. identification of strange patterns in network traffic that could indicate a hack, to a system or health monitoring (detection of a malignant tumor in an MRI) and fraud detection ....

Easy payment tracking.
Hassle-free procedure for creating online bills and invoice template.
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Automotive Mobile App Developmentt

Online market research and surveying platform

It is an online survey portal which is helping thousands of businesses in making better decisions. This survey portal will revolutionize the market research initiatives by capturing accurate feedback.....

Created strategy for test runs.
Made customized test scenarios with various virtual user
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Automotive Web Development

Integrated online monitoring solutions

PixelCrayons got opportunity to serve a leading US based manufacturer of road transport monitoring devices. ....

Unique & personal finance management web app.
Extract amounts from different message types of various banks and cards.
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Automotive Mobile App Development


PixelCrayons created a versatile tool for order processing automation and embraces a set of instruments for order entry, management and monitoring ......

Developed an efficient and user-friendly bill app
Deployed some advanced features that immediately provide users with the correct bill details.
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Automotive Web Development

See What our Customers are Saying...

Our hard work is appreciated by our clients all across the globe. Here are a few testimonials sent by some of our clients:

We were very afraid that there is no agency that will deliver the quality that we were looking for. Pixelcrayons turned out to be a very good solution. Since day one, we were engaging in the product development. At the begining, I thought it's gonna be a very hard road...

Mr. Nilo Quiroz, Wyzchef

PixelCrayon’s management has been very knowledgeable & flexible with assigning right resources. The developers are skilled, focussed, and professional who have delivered their thoughts on time. Definitely would recommend PixelCrayons and would use them again...

Philip Hamichi, Eurowise

Hi, My Name is Nikhil and I run a website called www.proadviser.com.au and it is essentially an online market place where clients can get quotes from, financially advices, accountant lawyer... I don't really have any issues while working with financially advices, accountant lawyer...

Nikhil, Proadviser

Celler Angels has been using PixelCrayons for about six or seven months and as a virtual company it's extremely important to have deadline met, content delivered, promises kept. Everything that PixelCrayons has delivered so far has been top notch...

Martin Celler, Celler Angels

Hello, I am Bas Buys owner of 'Enter Baby Allant'. I worked on a project with PixelCrayons team India. I am very pleased about corporation. They did a very good job, and delivered exactly what needs to be done and communication is very effective and pleasant...

Bas Buys, Enter Baby Allant

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions often asked by our clients:

What is the IoT automotive?

Automotive IoT refers to embedding IoT technologies into automotive systems to make new applications and solutions which can make vehicles smarter and more intelligent, facilitating safe, efficient and comfortable driving.

What is ADAS?

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) is an umbrella term used for various kinds of active safety systems in vehicles that allow drivers to take timely control of the vehicle by alerting them of potential hazards on the road.

What common types of ADAS systems are used in the automotive industry?

Vision-based ADAS systems, RADAR based ADAS systems, and LIDAR based ADAS systems are common types of ADAS systems.

What are the automotive telematics systems?

Telematics is a technology supported by telecommunication and IT systems, used to monitor and track a vehicle’s location, movements and other vehicle diagnostics details.

Do you sign NDA?

Yes! When you hire web app developers from us, we sign a strict NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and all other legal documents and forms to protect your data and security.

Since how many years you are into web app development?

We are into developing web apps for the automotive industry from the previous 15+ years and have successfully delivered various projects to our global clients.

Can I see my web app while it is in progress?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. We build your web app on our development server and provide you with a password and username so that you can log in and monitor the progress of your web app.

Once my project is completed, do you provide any after-sales services? If yes, then what are these?

We provide our clients with extended software protection plans. We also fully support any website we design and are always available if you encounter any problems or require new enhancements in your web app. PixelCrayons offers complete website maintenance & support.

Are there any hidden charges that you put on your customers?

No. We discuss with you your web app requirements and then price accordingly. Moreover, once you have placed an order for your website design with us, we work hard so that the outlined price quote is strictly adhered to.

Is it necessary to have a face to face meeting in order to begin my project?

In the majority of cases, a face-to-face meeting is not necessary and most of our web apps are generally completed with contact via telephone, email, or Skype only. We place suggested website designs online via, our secure testing server for you to view the work in progress.

Do you guarantee the security and confidentiality of our project?

Yes, we guarantee it as we sign a strict NDA to protect your data. Hence, we ensure complete security and privacy of your project.

In how much time can you provide a web app?

The time to create a fully functional website is based on several factors. Customized web designing work can take around 1-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the project and the number of revisions required.
After that, the development phase requires an additional time of 1-6 weeks depending on the number of pages and functionality required. We follow an agile development process that helps us to deliver your project in a minimum possible time.

Which price model do you follow: dedicated resource or fixed time / price?

Sir, we offer both kinds of price models for our valuable clients and customers like you. Select the dedicated resource model if you want the total control of the website development process and don't want to get into hiring employees.
Also, you can select the fixed time / price model if your requirements are unlikely to change and project duration can be determined.