According to Mckinsey, most of the businesses are spending over 50% of their IT budget on developing new business applications. Therefore, the demand for enterprise application development companies is increasing day after day. There are many businesses which choose dedicated development teams for their software development needs in order to save their time & cost.

Executing an application quickly and at lower prices is important for the success of many businesses. Spending over half and even more of the revenue of your business on the software development project is not a good signal. This is where the concept of Dedicated Development Teams plays an important role.

A dedicated development team is similar to software outsourcing which is suited for a long-term project with a continuous workload. Dedicated development teams combine advanced skills, commitment, and affordable prices; and they work like as if they are your own employees.

  • The dedicated team is best for the following development projects:
  • Projects that could possibly require to update technical requirements over time
  • Development project involving the use of multiple technologies, third-party servers, frameworks, etc
  • Large, time consuming and complex development projects

In this blog, we will talk about when and why businesses should choose dedicated development teams for their next enterprise development project.

When to Choose Dedicated Development Teams?

Here are some of the reasons when hiring a new offshore dedicated development team is a good choice:

  • When you want to save costs in terms of overhead expenses and infrastructure as compared to the increase in the local IT staff
  • When there is a shortage of IT people and talent or lack of particular technical skill set in your area
  • When you want to put minimal efforts from your end to set up a new team
  • Seasonal or cyclical workload with strict deadlines
  • The minimization of risks with competent project management and trusted operating processes
  • You need a shorter starting cycle, in comparison to the in-house arrangement of the team
  • If your in-house team lacks in technical expertise required for software development.

Building a Software Development Team? Have a Look 3 Hot Tips for Startups

Now, we will talk some of the important things to consider when choosing any new dedicated development teams:

Checking Vendor’s Experience, Reference, and Portfolio

Before choosing any dedicated development team you should verify the experience of vendors for delivering services. You should also verify them on the basis of credentials like number and types of project, sector or industry they are experts in, technology stack and types of clients.

If you are planning to give the long-term contract to them then it is recommended to get familiar with a proposed team member, conduct required skill tests and conduct interviews before signing the contract with them.

Defining Goals and Analysing Business Requirements

You should begin with hiring a team who should be responsible for managing the selection process of these dedicated development teams. The dedicated development teams should include employees from different departments like testers, developers, team leaders or project managers. It clearly defines the benefits, scope of tasks, and the expected final results of the outsourced relations.

Trust Building

Trust building is an important component for any outsourcing relations and important focus for both parties involved. Considering the fact that this process takes a lot of time, it is important to set the wheels in motions even before signing the work contract. The success of any development project not only depends on the vendors or dedicated development team but also providing the required information on time, as well as flexibility in the work, fair estimates, streamlined payment process etc.

Start with Small Team to Mitigate Risks

It is an important tip for small businesses and startups. Such an approach will make it easier for you to manage the costs of outsourcing and offer more flexibility in terms of engagement models. If you are having an interest in a particular technology stack like MEAN stack, then it advised going for smaller providers of dedicated development teams. They will work and innovate at a much quicker rate by delivering topmost customer services.

Make Sure they have Good Communication & Best Account Management Practices

Having transparent communication or lack of communication can break or establish your outsourcing relationship. Considering working language, different time zone, communication channels and tool, the presence of common positions, and related person for concerns and feedbacks.


Why Choose Dedicated Development Team?

Here some of the reasons why you should choose to work with a dedicated development team:

No Requirement for Hardware and Software

Any new development project involves spending a lot of money on hardware and software. While most of the development projects do not require special kind of hardware. However, you still need a spare workstation for dedicated development teams. On the software side, most of the tools are open source but you still need to invest in tools like Photoshop to get outstanding results. Whenever you hire a dedicated development team, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money. Moreover, you will get lots of benefits from them.

Skills and Expertise

Skills and technical expertise of your in-house developer can be limited because of their lack of exposure. Meaning that when there is any change in your requirement then you would hire a development team who will face difficulties in getting adapted to your requirements. On the other hand, dedicated development teams work on a large number of projects with different clients having different requirements and issues.

All this allow them to grow their skills and therefore provide the best results when compared to an in-house developer.

Way More Than Development

There are various factors which involve in the success of any development project that goes way beyond the development project. All such things include search engine optimization, social media marketing, and others. When you are hiring any dedicated development team they will offer you a lot of services which will help you in increasing the presence of your development project.


Now, we have seen that the dedicated development team model is quite beneficial. Because it provides the combination of high-skilled employees and low-cost software development. It is quite beneficial for the long-term project having the continuous workload. Dedicated business model works for those clients who possess knowledge about in-and-out of project flow, possible errors, and those who have a good mind in investing in the successive and continuous development of a quality development project.

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  1. Well detailed article. A dedicated development team is great for people having good understanding of such projects, but lack the required IT manpower.

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