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40 Top App Ideas for 2024: It's High Time To Get StartedIt’s never been easier to develop apps, given developers’ wide range of platforms and frameworks today. With so many apps, you have to think of something truly innovative, and it’s hard to find app ideas that haven’t been made.

The idea must have the potential to reach millions of users and be used daily by those customers who love it. Moreover, when you lack experience in mobile or web development, it can be challenging to know where to start & what direction to go.

Before you proceed with the top app ideas to make money, is it essential to analyze the market scenario?

As per Statista, the average conversion rate of the iOS App stands at 30.3%. Have a look:

converion rate of mobile appsSimilarly, the average app conversion rate of Android stands at 33%. Have a look:

Conversion rate for mobile apps in the Google Play Store

Clearly, for both Android & iOS, travel and social media apps hold a higher conversion rate. However, even under low conversion rate categories, you can make a successful app with exciting features and the right mobile UX.

So, when looking for some inspiration on mobile and web app ideas for 2024, look no further than the following list of 40 app ideas!

40 Best New App Ideas for 2024

A useful app built with a unique idea can bring you millions of users and customers. So, without further delay, let’s look at some inspirational mobile and web app ideas for 2024.

1. Augmented Reality-Based eCommerce Apps 

One could explain the introduction of Augmented reality applications by giving an example of the Pokemon game. It was one of the first games which used Augmented Reality technology. But still, one could say that people are not making rich use of Augmented reality technology.

This field has not been explored fully yet, but if it is appropriately implemented, then Augmented Reality can help to get innovative ideas. The best option is to build an eCommerce app based on Augmented Reality as it will enable users to try on clothes and accessories. It can be one of the best great app ideas.

According to research, the mobile AR market is expected to reach $26.06 billion by 2025.

It is highly suggested to implement this technology in all mobile application development related to shopping, education, marketing, medical industries, etc.

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2. Healthcare & Telemedicine App Idea

Telemedicine is a source of offering healthcare services to people who live in remote areas or far from the usual distance, which was not possible earlier. The time has arrived when people do not like to leave the confines of their homes & visit clinics for consultation.

Both Medical & healthcare apps hold a conversion rate as high as 68.3% & 58.8%, respectively, So it has become one of the best iOS app ideas.

Features of Healthcare-based App:

  • Easy registration and login 
  • Doctor profile lookup 
  • Appointment scheduling 
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Multiple categories & filters

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3. Chatbots-Based App Ideas

Chatbots play a significant role in playing the role of humans. They can interact like humans based on customers’ queries.

They are based on Artificial intelligence technology. Chatbots are helpful for any mobile App as they can support live chat without human interaction.

Unlike humans, they never get exhausted and can interact with any number of queries according to the user’s requirements.

Research shows that over 30% of eCommerce companies have implemented chatbots on their website/apps.

Moreover, chatbot healthcare use cases have become successful in recent years as an average of 42.75% of Clinicians believe that patients will use chatbots for healthcare advice.

So, chatbot app ideas could also be implemented in 2024 in your business by contacting a good chatbot development company.

4. Maps and Navigation App Idea to Help Travelers

Everyone knows about Google Maps as one of the best Android apps for navigation.

Besides showing maps, google maps also help in suggesting various nearby places and locations such as ATMs, fuel stations, restaurants, and more, says PageTraffic, one of the top SEO agencies.

Such unique Android app ideas help travellers in a colossal way. 

Features of Navigation App: 

  • Route planning 
  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Offline maps
  • Voice assistance
  • Lane guidance

5. Shopping App Idea for Shopaholics

Shopping is an all-time favorite of people and will rule over the hearts of the people forever. Many famous eCommerce brands are making huge money and profit through their mobile shopping apps.

Let’s have a look at some of the future apps ideas that you can consider:

  • Budget Shopping App
  • Brand Shopping App
  • Pet Food App
  • Collective Shopping App

6. Calorie Tracking App

If you’re looking for an app idea that will make you money, look no further than a calorie-tracking app. This type of app is perfect for health-conscious people who want to stay on top of their calorie intake.

Not only will this app help you lose weight, but it can also help you save money by eating less. 

A calorie-counting app is a perfect way to get passive income. Once you create the app and get it out there, people will always use it to track their calories. And every time they use it, you’ll earn a commission.

Features of Calorie Tracking App:

  • Entering Food Amount
  • Food Label
  • Custom Foods
  • Exercise Entry
  • Analysis Screen

7. Blockchain-Based Apps

Blockchain is one of the well-known thrilling technologies which is concerned with highly-secured features. That is why various industries have started adopting it.

Most people believe Blockchain is only concerned with cryptocurrency and the financial industry. It is a misleading idea as Blockchain is concerned with storing data more securely.

The following infographic offers insights into the top Blockchain use cases.

Blockchain technology market share forecast worldwide in 2021 by use case

Analyzing blockchain trends helps you with market insights.

According to the dev company, ValueCoders,” Any organization or business that requires recording and sharing of digital data through their app can benefit from implementing blockchain in their mobile apps.”

Thus, blockchain apps have become great app ideas.

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8. Homemade/Natural Medicine App Idea

Do you remember that there used to be many homemade medical remedies in earlier days that our grannies usually suggested? Well, our ancestors are not with us, so it is difficult to always get those precious remedies available.

However, you can solve this issue of people looking for these kinds of traditional medical therapies. You must hire an app developer to develop a mobile healthcare app for conventional remedies.

Do not forget that a particular app should include features that recommend all home remedies based on geographical and cultural areas.

Programmers should develop your App so that one can suggest medication accordingly with proper location identification.

The App should also classify the remedies based on symptoms and illness. A button “Call the doctor” may help the visitors to communicate efficiently.

9. Voice Translation App

This app would be perfect for people who travel frequently or are trying to learn a new language. It would work by translating your voice into the desired language.

This app would also be great for businesses, as it would help to facilitate communication between employees who speak different languages. 

As with many of these ideas, several voice translation apps are available today. However, many don’t work perfectly and may not be easy to use.

It tends to focus on two specific languages, making them unsuitable for those trying to learn multiple languages simultaneously.

As new technological developments continue to progress, we should start seeing more sophisticated apps that can translate both spoken and written text into other languages by as early as 2024.

10. Food Delivery App

You all know that Food delivery apps are amazingly ruling over the hearts of foodies.

There are various food delivery apps like Seamless, GrubHub, Doordash, Uber Eats, and Postmates that have already brought a revolution in the food delivery market.

The number of people using online food delivery apps will increase with time. Again as per Statista, in the Platform-to-Consumer Delivery segment, the users are expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2028.

Remember, it could be said this idea of a food delivery app is indeed unique. But you need to take an extra step with it. You are required to hire app developers who can create an app that allows the user to order the food scheduled for later in the day.

It is beneficial for the customers to save their time and energy. In this way, your idea of food delivery app development will be unique.

Another simple mobile app idea for a food delivery app is to let the user choose all the ingredients and inform the restaurant accordingly so that the user can relish the desired taste.

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11. Emergency Notification App

We all know that dread feeling when we see an emergency alert on our phones. However, what if there was an app that could send you an emergency notification before the official alert?

This app would use your location to notify you if there was an emergency in your area.

The app would also allow you to set up a profile with your medical information and emergency contacts.

This way, if you were ever in an accident or had a medical emergency, first responders would have all the critical information they need to help you.

So, this app could even save lives!

12. Dating App

Online dating is becoming very popular as people are more comfortable with online stuff these days, whether they are dating apps or other apps that are making people’s day-to-day life entertaining.

Yes! The dating app industry is increasing, and the growth will not stop in the foreseeable future. 

Considering this fact and the popularity of online dating apps, a mobile app idea focused on dating app development is indeed excellent.

You can find the best mobile app development company in India to help you turn your dream into reality.

Features of Dating Apps

  • Gamified user profiles
  • In-app chats
  • Ice breakers
  • Voice & video calling
  • Smart push notifications

13. Karaoke App

Do you love belting out favorite tunes but hate lugging around a karaoke machine?

Well, your days of toting around a heavy device are over! The karaoke app will let you sing your heart out without extra weight. Moreover, it’s a great way to make some extra cash.

You can simply charge people to use your app. Or, if you want to make more of a passive income, you can add ads to the app and earn money that way. Either way, this app is sure to be a hit in 2024!

14. Internet Speed Testing App

In today’s world, we trust the internet for just about everything. A fast & reliable internet connection is critical whether we’re working, streaming a movie, or just checking our email. That’s why an app that can match your internet speed would be so valuable!

Not only would it help you ensure that you’re getting the most out of your internet service, but it could also help you troubleshoot any issues you may be having.

Plus, this app would be a lifesaver if you have multiple devices connected to the internet. And with millions of people working from home, an app like this would indeed find an audience.

15. eCommerce App 

In 2024, eCommerce revenue is projected to surpass US$ 8.1 trillion worldwide.

The following infographic provides insights into the eCommerce revenue market by industry vertical.

eCommerce App New App ideas

Remember, your idea to start with an eCommerce business is also thrilling. You can also benefit from the eCommerce business as they are destined to rock in the coming future and are counted among the great app ideas.

You are suggested to hire a Magento developer for eCommerce app development with all functionalities such as AR & VR, Chatbots, Low Prices, Fast Shipping, and Api-Based Commerce.

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16. Share a Book App

Another one of the new app ideas is to develop a social media app for book lovers or bibliophiles. It usually becomes difficult for book lovers to find libraries, especially for those living in the countryside or villages.

But the idea of developing this kind of App can create a healthy relationship among the book lovers community.

This App is a sharing platform where readers can happily collect and share books. With the help of this App, readers from different locations can chat, arrange meetings, conduct literary meets, etc.

Get this kind of App as it will help readers to make an online repository of e-books and facilitate the exchange of printed books. You must hire an iOS developer as Apple supports such utility-specific apps.

17. Restaurant Reservation App

Well, this app idea will undoubtedly work and will never go out of date as this is the age of romantic dates and outings.

Considering these trends, everyone wants it to be well-managed and pre-planned if they are going on some tour. But usually, it becomes difficult to get a good and private space on weekends.

So, one should develop the App with functionalities that can help users reserve the table well. Reading some case studies of restaurant booking apps for more insights is suggested.

While developing this App, try to provide users with special privileges like discounts and cashback, which will benefit the user and add more value to the App.

18. Rental Booking App

These days, you might have noticed that people are switching from one place to another due to a job transfer, a better environment, or wanting a long vacation from a site.

To live in a particular place, they would need a rental property. With this app idea, It will become easier for space seekers. Hire an excellent mobile app development company in India to develop a rental Booking app on a budget.

19. Parking Space App

Finding a parking space in a high-density populated area is difficult for everyone. Due to this issue, many people avoid going outside.

But like other things, if it becomes easy for them to search for a nearby parking space online, then it can solve their problem to a great extent.

So, the idea of developing a parking space app is also one of the best options you can go for. Your App should be designed with features like setting up parking spaces, identifying the peak hours, congestion areas, etc.

App Ideas

You can hire Python developers for this purpose as they would be able to build an AI-based app that can leverage GPS and traffic analysis data from Google and associated services to pinpoint and suggest the most appropriate parking lots.

AI-based parking apps will help to suggest parking early on the days of festivals, unusual events, accidents, or special events.

Well, this idea is going to win the hearts of the users. All these benefits make this one of the best app ideas.

Features of a Parking Space App:

  • GPS tracking
  • Real-time search
  • Advance booking option
  • Price comparison
  • Support for multiple cities

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20. Student Assistance App

The student assistant app is also one of the fantastic app ideas which you can go for. One should develop this App with features like writing projects or essays that will greatly help the students.

Let’s here find some examples of top app ideas for students:

  • School project mobile app: With the help of this kind of App, students can look out for group members to complete team projects and other academic projects which require students to collaborate.
  • Book stationery app: This App can help students find the nearest stationery shop and even compare the prices of books before heading out. It will save both time and money.

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21. Quiz App

Quiz app ideas can help those students who are looking to crack any entrance exam. Well, one should have notes and books for that preparation.

But if students want to have a mock entrance test to check their trial, they can get involved with this kind of App which has lots of specified questions according to the student’s needs.

Features of Quiz App:

  • Leaderboard
  • Show quiz score 
  • View correct answer 
  • Question pool
  • Randomize questions

22. Driver Tracking App

Suppose you are planning to start a delivery service like food delivery, goods delivery, courier, or parcel service. In that case, you must hire a third party for this delivery service.

As an owner of the business, you must check and be in touch with all the benefits and people working under you.

To solve this problem, you can launch an app that can track the drivers.

Through this, you can follow the activities of the drivers as well as keep an eye if they are delivering the service on time or not.

Do not forget that it would be better if this App were based on machine learning. So it is suggested to contact the best ML development service to develop this kind of app.

23. Skills App

The idea of building a skills app is indeed the best for dynamic and vibrant individuals.

Some skilled people are looking for a trainer or specialist, and some may be looking to share their skills. It acts as a platform for these people to connect with their required people and communicate efficiently. 

Such apps play a crucial role in enhancing employment and skills simultaneously and have become one of the top app ideas.

We at PixelCrayons have created similar apps in the past. Here’s the link to the case study of the Improve web app that allows users to upgrade and enhance their skills.

24. Voice Assistants-based App

It is the age where AI assistants like Siri and Google are ruling over people’s hearts with their Voice-command services. People like these services as they help to save time and energy.

The following infographic provides insights into the number of voice assistant users in the U.S. from 2021 to the expected number of users in 2025.

Vocie assistants apps

Source: Statista – Number of Voice Assistant Users

Such kinds of voice-command apps are beneficial for driving or multi-tasking users. Contact a Python development company to get this kind of App developed & turn your app ideas into reality.

25. Mobile Banking App

Building a mobile banking app is one of the best ideas as this is the time of digital payment. Yes, it is a fact that online transactions and fees have replaced hard cash.

The mobile banking app has many benefits, including unlimited access, accessibility, account tracking, and more.

People are already using these apps, such as phone pay, Google Pay, etc. These apps help users to do their transactions with complete security.

So it could be said that the idea of investing in this kind of App is excellent.

26. Power Insights App

Building a power app is also one of the tops added ideas, as this App will help sync your green energy grid and your conventional power supply to generate usage data.

With the help of this App, users can get insights into the amount of power available at their solar cell pool or wind energy, etc.

Such apps can also integrate power electronic switching tools to allow switching between green and conventional power.

27. Travel App

Before travelling, everyone wants to experience that place. So to do this, they see images and videos, visit websites, and read reviews. Somehow, this practice of exploring destinations works.

So the idea of building a travelling app is indeed the best one. But do not forget to contact an AR development company to develop these apps with AR and VR technology. 

Features of a Travel App:

  • Travel Planner 
  • Booking services
  • Travel Journal
  • Navigation services
  • Trip reviews

28. Event Management App 

It is the age when many events are held, and it is not an easy task to manage them because everything should be pre-planned if you are organizing an event.

You can help these audiences by developing a fantastic Event Management app. This App should include all the necessary features people are looking for.

29. News App

Launching a news app is also excellent as people have been fond of news for years. In earlier days, the medium of getting information was different. But now, you can bring an app that can entertain people with additional features according to their taste.

Features of a News-based App

  • News categories
  • Search and filters
  • Push notifications
  • Social media profiles integration
  • Personal feed

30. Mall/Store Navigation App

You can develop a mall or store navigation app which will help people who are new to a particular location. You can add multiple features in the App, like an extra section for searching for a product location in the store.

This app idea will entice people.

31. The Try On AR-Based App

Suppose you build an online eCommerce application by taking the help of AR development services. In that case, this App will include all features through which people can try on their dresses and other accessories while sitting at home.

You can build this App featuring multiple products like gadgets, ornaments, make-up, clothes, watches, and anything a customer needs to try before purchasing.

32. Language Learning App

There are various language learning apps available in the market. But, you can develop an app to communicate with a user to learn a language he wants.

In this way, a user will have more confidence to speak publicly. This App will help the users to enhance their personalities, and hence it has become one of the best app ideas.

33. Daily Planner App to Relieve Stress

Today everyone has a very active life. So, it becomes difficult to manage and recall all tasks that are being done in a whole day. Sometimes it becomes more critical when we forget to take our medicines.

So, you can develop a daily planner app to help users relieve their Stress. An app should include features like alarms, reminders at regular intervals, etc.

Key Features:

  • Tasks and Subtasks
  • Daily, weekly, & monthly task planner
  • Recurring tasks
  • Calendars
  • Time management
  • Notifications

34. Bus Booking App

In peak season, people plan a trip of 2-3 days with a group of 20-30 people through a bus. But many other people are also preparing for a mini-vacation because it’s a holiday.

Imagine people reaching the last moment for tickets and finding the bus full. It ruins the mood of vacation.

For these trippy lovers, you can build a bus booking app to help them book their tickets online without wasting their time and energy.

You are suggested to hire an ionic developer for bus booking app development as you can build hybrid apps.

35. Grocery Delivery App

Cooking food is a daily task that is to be performed daily because, without food, there is no life. And daily ordering food from outside is also not good for health.

The essential requirement is vegetables and for health, fruits. And nowadays, as we know, people find it uninteresting to visit the market to buy groceries. A grocery booking app idea will solve this problem.

mobile app development company

36. Hotel Booking App

People plan trips to visit different places and to stay at a particular location; one needs a hotel. Finding hotels during the vacation season is challenging because various people plan trips during this season.

So, the idea of building a hotel booking app is excellent. This App will help them to book hotels and pay in advance.

37. Food Wastage Prevention App

You might have seen that many foods could be untouched or unused after parties.

People throw it in the dustbin, leading to food waste. You could resolve this issue by building an app that can inform the orphanage about the wastage of food so that they can come to get it for the betterment.

It’s assured that this app idea will work.

38. Packers & Movers App

It is hectic and challenging to shift from one place to another, as packaging things is tedious and annoying. People pack their items and then book a vehicle to move from one place to another.

If you build the Packers and Movers App, you could resolve this whole process. Such apps should include all the features you need to log in, and the service boy will manage everything.

You just need to pay them.

The App will keep the data of things like which product is delivered and which is not, making it a fantastic app idea.

39. Customized Gifting App

The tradition of exchanging gifts has existed for years and will never go out of date or fashion. So let’s turn our dream of building a personalized gifts app into Reality to help people to select gifts for their loved ones.

Hire an excellent mobile app development company to build a fantastic personalized gifts app. They should be developed so users can select an option for a relationship like a mother, father, sister, brother, or girlfriend.

After choosing a relationship, there should be an option of selecting an occasion. Then an app should open all the possibilities of the gifts a user can choose.

By building this kind of App, you can help people to build good relationships. It is such a unique and innovative app idea that it will rock.

40. Railway Tracking App

It is a hectic task to track the train’s arrival timing and find the platform for your train.

You can build an app that may help users to follow all these details properly with the help of all features included there.

Final Words

These mobile app ideas will rock in 2024, just like other top app ideas that brought success in the previous year. So, it’s your turn to pick one of these ideas and prepare to make your 2024 more fruitful than ever.

Well, I have tried to open your mind by throwing light on some ideas. You can explore more views if your search is still hunting for something better.

Or one could also suggest that you can make something different or new from these ideas. And for that, you need to hire mobile app developers who are skilled enough to create something new from these top app ideas.

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Question: What are Some Good Ideas for Apps?

Answer: Some decent app ideas include the following:

  • Share a Book App
  • Restaurant Reservation App
  • Rental Booking App
  • Parking Space App
  • Quiz App
  • Driver Tracking App
  • Voice Activated App

Question: What Kinds of Apps are in Demand?

Answer: Some of the trending apps includes the following:

  • Food delivery
  • Grocery delivery
  • Beautician Uber platform 
  • Healthcare
  • Tax

Question: Why Do Most Apps Fail?

Answer: A poor user experience & zero overall value are the most prominent reasons why apps fail.

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