A Guide to Fix Your Google Search Visibility

Is your site not showing up on Google search results? Or was it never listed there, to begin with? This page will discuss some of the most typical causes of websites not showing on Google search results and provide solutions for you to identify the issue and improve search engine rank. Continue reading to find out how to appear in Google’s search results and rank your website!

Issues with Google Indexing

Website Up

If your website is new, you might wonder, “Is something wrong?” as you nervously check to rank higher on Google every few hours.

The likelihood that your website is functioning properly is quite high.

While Google has undoubtedly accelerated its process of crawling and reviewing websites for updates and new content, newly launched websites still require some time to appear in search results.

If your new website isn’t visible after a few days, you might want to try manually adding it to Google’s index.

This approach can notify Google that your page needs to be checked over before it appears in Google ranking search results.

It is particularly crucial for newly established websites, as they might not receive much traffic if the website is not shown on Google search results!

Go to Webmaster Tools page to submit a new website to Google’s index. After completing the CAPTCHA and entering your URL in the box, click “Submit Request”.

Google will analyze the new submission and add it to its index to improve search engine rank.

The query, “How long does it take Google to index a new website?” has no definitive response. It may take many days or several weeks.

However, this Webmaster Tools Help thread suggests the following methods to expedite the indexing process:

  • Having pages with content on your website (instead of primarily blank ones)
  • Directing a few people to your website
  • Making an appropriate sitemap
  • Setting up Google Webmaster Tools to verify your website

To put it briefly, the secret is to correctly complete your website to rank higher on Google before making an index request.

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Has Your Website Received Manual Penalty?


A manual action, or penalty, being applied to your website could be the reason for a sharp decline in traffic and the disappearance of your site from Google search results.

Google uses manual penalties to exclude websites deemed dangerous or violating the terms of Google SEO services from its search results.

They may remove the entire site from search results or display a warning next to it.

The Webmaster Tools help page has additional information about why Google is not showing websites and takes manual action against it.

You will need to gain access to Google Webmaster Tools to determine whether your website is subject to a manual penalty.

Go to the dashboard and select “Manual Actions” after selecting “Search Traffic.” Your site’s failure to appear on Google results from any activities indicated on this page.

Is Your Site Ranking Poorly Due to Algorithmic Penalty?

Sometimes, even if your website appears completely hidden in the Google ranking search results, it’s actually there—it’s just on a very deep page.

An algorithmic or automatic punishment could be to blame for this.

Algorithmic penalties are implemented automatically, unlike manual penalties, which Google imposes in response to user reports or after discovering website problems during a human screening.

Google employs an intricate algorithm to calculate the ranking of webpages for every search query; these algorithms are changed frequently to guarantee the best possible results.

With this, there may occasionally be slight or significant variations in the Google rankings of individuals on the first page for particular terms.

If you visited Webmaster Tools and saw no manual actions noted, you might have been the victim of an algorithm update or penalty.

However, your traffic has drastically decreased, and your site is not showing up on Google, which does not appear to be ranking anywhere close to where it used to be.

These are usually the result of low-quality links to your website or a deficiency of original, high-quality material on your website.

The best ways to resolve an algorithmic penalty are to investigate it, figure out the problems with your website that led to it, and then invest time and resources into raising the standard of your website.

If Google disapproves of the content on your website, you cannot force it to rank your website or raise its rating!

Has Your Site Accidentally Blocked Google?

Google Seo

Lastly, although it’s rare, some webmasters may unintentionally prevent Google from indexing or crawling their websites.

When making changes to the robots.txt file, this can occur.

Some website owners utilize the robots.txt file on their server to prevent Google from indexing or appearing in search results.

It allows them to prevent Google from showing up on pages like “contact us” forms or other content they prefer to keep private but still visible to visitors.

But if this file is not changed correctly, it may cause the site to be blocked altogether or only some of the most significant pages.

Use File Manager or File Transfer Protocol to access your server and see whether you have unintentionally prevented Google from searching and ranking your website.

Search for the robots.txt file. (If your system does not have a robots.txt file, this issue is not yours; instead, you should review the options mentioned previously.)

Look for the lines like, “Don’t crawl any part of my site!”. This could be the reason why the website is not showing on Google. Once you remove them and save the file, Google should index your website shortly to improve search engine rank.

How to Make Your Website Appear on Google’s First Page?

website on Google

In certain businesses, ranking on Google’s first page can be easy and difficult. In addition to the first page is the prestigious top slot, which is only given to the “best of the best.”

In contrast to popular belief, there is no magic method for getting there; anyone with the necessary knowledge and means can achieve it.

The following elements will play a major role in determining how to rank higher on Google than other websites for a certain phrase:

  • The number of high-quality websites that have linked to yours
  • How much excellent content is available on your website
  • The way visitors engage with your website (e.g., how long they spend on each page, do they depart right away)
  • How frequently and in what context do the relevant keywords or similar phrases appear on your website?
  • How long has your website been operational?

The proper combination of these variables will allow you to rank your website in the top spot.

However, getting a website to appear on Google ranking’s first page takes time, much less than number one.

To get there, one must be patient, committed, and hardworking.

Although it might seem like too much labor, SEO—especially SEO marketing that puts you on the front page—can have a very high return on investment with SEO results for your business.

In a surprising development in March 2016, Google officially revealed the top three ranking parameters that its search algorithm considers when evaluating webpages.

According to Andrey Lipattsev, senior strategist for search quality at Google, the top three indicators are:

  • Backlinks
  • Content
  • RankBrain

Since he did not clarify whether the ranking factor—content or backlinks—was more significant, one and two are combined.

Google has validated the top three ranking variables, but it’s crucial to remember that its algorithm considers over 200 other ranking factors, measurements, and criteria to evaluate websites correctly.

Additionally, it’s critical to avoid being fixated on checking off every rating factor. It fosters an approach to content creation that is specifically counter to Google Ads services recommendations by catering to the search algorithm rather than users.

Google’s goal is for high-quality material to take precedence over all other content, regardless of technical differences in Google SEO services, even though the algorithm may not be perfect.

To sum up, it’s always preferable to aim for excellent content. You’ll be shocked at how fast genuinely excellent content may achieve a high search engine ranking.

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More on Improving Your Website’s Search Visibility

We hope this page has provided you with additional insight into why your website is not showing on Google and suggestions to improve search engine rank.

If you’re still wondering, “How do I rank my websites on Google?” or why Google is not showing websites in searches, a good place to start is the Google Webmaster Tools Help page.

We can assist if your website is not showing on Google or if you’re having trouble with it not ranking higher on Google than you believe it should.

Our SEO agency, PixelCrayons, assists companies like yours in raising their Google ranking, escaping penalties, and reappearing in search results.

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