Address Declining Website Traffic

Let’s discuss common reasons for losing website traffic and how you can solve them.

You Made Recent Changes to Your Design or Website Structure

One of the most common causes of traffic loss is when your business alters your website.

This can be surprising because you’d expect changes to attract more traffic. After all, you updated your site, hoping it would be more appealing.

This doesn’t mean the changes you made were terrible. It could just mean you missed adding some important things during the update.

Many companies forget to improve their pages for search engines (SEO) when updating their sites.

When you change your website design completely, you might forget to make sure those pages work well for search engines.

Your new design can be fantastic and liked by your visitors, but you must also make sure search engines understand it to reach more people.

How to fix it?

Ans. Optimize your page for SEO.

If you want your website to attract more traffic, you must ensure your new site is optimized for SEO.

This will help you bring back that traffic and get more people to interact on your site.

These behaviors include integrating keywords, building links, optimizing page speed, and cleaning up your coding.

Your Page is Too Slow

This happens quite often after you update your site or create a new design.

When you add new elements to your pages, you need to make sure they are optimized. If elements like photos, videos, and other items with big files aren’t optimized, they can slow down your page.

Users hate slow-loading pages.

They don’t want to wait for a page to load to obtain information; they want it instantly and quickly.

If your pages load too slowly, you will lose traffic.

How to fix it?

Ans. Check your page speed.

To fix this problem, you should first check how fast your webpage loads. This will show you what’s slowing it down and ways to improve.

You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights for help.

Google offers tips to boost your site’s speed. If you’re not confident about doing it yourself, you can hire a digital marketing firm for page speed services.

You have Links to Outdated or Deleted Pages

If you have links on deleted or outdated pages, it’s time to make changes to the website such as updating designs or rearranging pages.

This activity is good for the website, but if you do not updated all the pages properly, there could be some issues.

For instance, when you change your site, pages can move around. Not every page will move, but some might.

This can break links if you’ve linked to a page now in a different place.

Users clicking on such links end up on an error page, even though you’ve updated the page they were looking for.

To avoid this, it’s important to update links when you update your site.
This can harm your business’s credibility and lead to lost traffic. Visitors prefer functional links and up-to-date pages for a seamless experience.

How to fix it?

Ans. Check all your links.

You can solve this issue by checking all the links on your website. Tools like Dead Link Checker or Online Broken Link Checker can find broken links.

After you find the broken links, replace them with the correct ones. In case the page is no longer there, you can delete the links. This will help in delivering a better browsing experience and improving the performance of the website.

You aren’t Earning Backlinks

Backlinks play a big role in SEO. They help your website rank better and attract quality visitors.

If your website is losing visitors, one reason could be that you don’t have a sufficient number of backlinks.
Building backlinks should be an ongoing activity. You should work on getting more backlinks.
Other websites with more backlinks than yours might increase search results and get more visitors.

How to fix it?

Ans. Continually earn backlinks.

The best way to avoid this issue is to start earning backlinks. Reach out to the authority sites regularly, asking them to link to your page.

Creating high quality content will also help you in getting authority sites to link to your page and earn backlinks.

Share the content, and if they like it, they may use it as a resource on their page. This helps you build relationships with that business and earn even more backlinks.

Your Website Dropped in Ranking

The position where your website appears in search results is super important for getting visitors. The top result on Google gets clicked about 30-34% of the time (depending on the device), but the second one only receives a few clicks.

So, if your website moves down in the search list, you might notice a big drop in visitors. Your rivals might be doing things to improve their sites, so they end up higher on the list, and your site goes down.

Being at the top really matters because even a small drop can mean less traffic for your site.

How to fix it?

Ans. Analyze your competitors.

If you aren’t sure why your ranking dropped, look at the competitors above you.
See what they are doing that you might not be doing.

Are you earning backlinks? Did you optimize your page for keywords?

Are you ranking for the right keywords? Do you see any elements that help boost your ranking, like videos?

When you look at your competition, you may find they are doing things your business isn’t doing.

It’s an opportunity for you to improve your site and outrank your competition again.

Not sure how to improve website ranking? Or looking for experts to help you out? Contact PixelCrayons.

Your Users May Change Their Behavior

Sometimes, you might notice a drop in website traffic that’s not entirely within your control.

User behavior plays a big part here, and it’s tricky to predict how users will act and how trends will shift.

For example, in retail, traffic often peaks during the winter holidays but dips in the summer. Your business might also face similar fluctuations based on the time of year.

These patterns are driven by user behavior, which can be unpredictable.

Moreover, trends in the market can influence customer preferences. It leads them to favor certain businesses over others.

Adapting to these changes poses a challenge for your business to overcome.

How to fix it?

Ans. Monitor trends and changes.

Some changes may occur yearly (seasonal changes), while others may be caused by something else.

It’s hard to predict how changes will happen and what trends will evolve. The best thing you can do is monitor these things. You can use things like Google Trends to monitor trending topics.

This will give you insight into popular topics and their impact on your business. You can note these changes and trends and adapt your marketing strategy to attract more traffic to your site.

Start Getting Your Traffic Back Today!

It can be frustrating when your website starts losing visitors despite your hard work making it appealing. Small adjustments can often cause these changes.

If you’re unsure about how to fix these issues, you can turn to a digital marketing company for assistance.

At PixelCrayons, we boast years of experience boosting website traffic. Our team of over 500 IT experts is ready to implement the necessary changes to restore your website’s traffic.

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