Top Mobile App Trends for 2020

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Are you looking for the best mobile app design and development trends that are going to rule in 2020? Are you looking for top trending mobile app technologies that will be the talk of the town in the year 2020? I have summarised the answers to these question here.

Mobile App Development has come a long way since the introduction of the first-ever iPhone in 2007 and the emergence of Android smartphone revolution starting from the HTC Dream.

At the time you’re reading this, Android has already celebrated its 10th Anniversary, and iOS seems to be in the need for a revamp in order for it to catch up with the extremely powerful hardware used on Apple devices.

The time between ten versions of dessert-themed android versions and thirteen versions of the iOS has led to the rise of many mobile app designs & development trends and technologies, many of which have left a significant mark and some of which terribly failed.  Let’s take JotForm as an example. Even though the product has been around for more than a decade, they did not focus much on the mobile side. But with the recent trends and customer needs, they just launched mobile forms.”

Now that we’re near 2020, the custom software development industry might churn other some similar new mobile app industry trends which may affect how we interact with our smartphones and other portable devices.

Here is the list of top mobile app development trends for 2020:

1. Progressive Web Apps

2. Android Instant Apps

3. IoT Apps

4. Moving away from the mobile app “Ecosystem”

5. Augmented Reality

6. 5G Wireless

7. Chatbots

8. Blockchain

9. Beacons Technology

10. Machine Learning & AI

Let’s talk about these top app trends in an elaborative way:

1st Mobile App Trend: Progressive Web Apps

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Progressive web apps are web apps that deliver an almost complete mobile app experience. But unlike mobile apps, these don’t need to be installed from app stores or require any significant amount of physical storage space within the device. Progressive web apps can run directly from the browser, and once installed on the home screen, it can even run without the Internet.

The USP of PWAs is that it can operate even on a low-bandwidth network and work smoothly on low-spec smartphones. Many companies including Alibaba and Flipkart have successfully integrated PWAs into their website platforms and have derived significant benefits out of it.

PWAs offer incredible new possibilities for those willing to have the experience of android apps even in low-spec smartphones. Take, for example, the Google Maps Progressive web app used in Android Go smartphones.

The highly useful app, which otherwise takes well over 200 MB of space on smartphones barely consumers 50KB of physical storage when installing as a PWA.

Even with space as low as that, it functions perfectly in low-spec smartphones and allows users to do pretty much all the basic things they could do with the full app.

Progressive Web Apps are cheaper to produce but not at the expense of less functionality. Hence, PWAs provide a better option for businesses to generate a positive ROI. Developing both an iOS and an Android app can cost $20k – $80k while a PWA can be developed for the fraction of this cost at around $6k – $10k.

Progressive web app development is expected to surge in 2020 as these apps offer a lot of value for users in developing and rural smartphone markets across the world.

Top | Best Mobile App Design & Development Trends in 2019

2nd Mobile App Trend: Android Instant Apps


Android Instant apps have created a new way for mobile app developers and companies to market apps to customers. Instant apps allow users to try a demo version of an app they wish to try through a link, all without the need to install the app itself.

Instant apps also offer an additional advantage with PWAs don’t have, i.e., playing mobile games. Though Instant apps haven’t really taken off as well as it was expected. The development of new instant apps and games on the market does give the platform some hope.

Android Instant apps help users to analyze any app/game before having it installed on their smartphones. It helps users make a better choice for installing smartphone apps. It simultaneously also acts as a business opportunity for full stack developers to attract more customers and give the best first impression that it could deliver.


Top | Best Mobile App Design & Development Trends in 2019

3rd Mobile App Trend: IoT Apps

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In 2019, we have seen brands like Amazon fire up the competition in IoT with its “Echo” line of devices. Similarly, Google too has stepped up its game with a few devices under the Google Home brand.

The need for users to control their hardware devices such as light, speaker and other appliances; is expected to increase in 2020. Google’s collaboration with Nest, a Home security camera manufacturer is a subtle sign of more interesting thing to come.

The demand for such devices in the market will consequently result in the demand for better apps to control them. Ultimately, the dream for seamless connectivity and control would inch one step closer to reality with IoT app development.

Top | Best Mobile App Design & Development Trends in 2019

4th Mobile App Trend: Moving away from the mobile app “Ecosystem”


If you don’t understand the term “Ecosystem” in the mobile app world. Here’s a simple way to put it. Say, for example, you’re an iPhone user with who loves apple’s iMessage app. It will be hard, perhaps impossible to you to use this favorite messenger app of yours in any other platform like Android.

Wonder why Apple doesn’t introduce iMessage on Android or other platforms? Well, this is because the company wants you to stick to their own devices even if it’s just for the sake of one damn app!

This range of devices, the Mac, the iPad, the iPhone, and others, which users inevitably end up surrounding themselves with (due to an addiction to the software, or some exclusive apps like iMessage or Final Cut Pro) is what consists of an ecosystem.

In the mobile app world, an ecosystem simply refers to the set of apps from one specific developer that you may always want to use. Google’s apps are a good example of this.

Google also locks its users into an ecosystem by having a few of its Android OS features exclusive to the flagship Pixel smartphones. Microsoft has been infamously been desperate for years in a bid to make users try the Edge browser, but unfortunately, has always failed to the global “default” browser, Google Chrome.

But modern consumers indeed have a shorter attention span. So it’s seemingly impossible to stop them from trying out new sets of apps. Consumers today are often on the lookout for a new set of favorite apps, which they always find one way or the other.

It seems that mobile app development companies have understood this well enough. As a result, more and more apps today are going cross-platform. The prime reason for this shift is the users’ inconsistent patterns of app usage, and their desire to switch apps every now and then.

Top | Best Mobile App Design & Development Trends in 2019

5th Mobile App TrendAugmented Reality

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AR app development has seen stable growth in 2018. The dawn of AR was set-up with the success of Pokemon Go. Since then, many AR apps have emerged. However, the most significant development in AR is its newfound applications in diverse fields and industries. Unlike its twin cousin, the Virtual Reality (VR), the former is considered much more valuable today.

Google displayed the applicability of AR in its popular Maps app at its annual developers’ conference this year. Using interactive objects displayed on the camera interface, the app is capable of delivering a much more intuitive experience.

AR has seen some incredible use cases; from lame filters on apps like SnapChat, selfies with Marvel characters on the Pixel devices to useful implementations in the Ikea Place app.

In addition to this, Blockchain development is also in great demand; therefore, the demand to hire hyperledger developers and hire ethereum developers is rising day after day.


6th Mobile App TrendWELCOME OF 5G WIRELESS

How can we forget the celebration of 4g wireless, when it was first launched in India. But almost at the end of 2019, we have started preparation of welcoming 5G wireless as a Top Mobile

App Trend to add more entertainment to our smartphones.
Don’t forget that this coming of 5G wireless will hit not only to the entertainment but will improve the Mobile App Marketing too. The applications that take a long time to download, will be downloaded in seconds.

Apart from saving time and improving performance, 5G internet will help various new technologies to come. Like it will familiarize you with the ambient computing through a wireless connection.


7th Mobile App Trend: CHATBOTS

Chatbots will be another thing that will entertain us as Top Mobile App Trends in 2020. Chatbots basically serve as little assistants inside the applications.

Chatbots in 2019, is going to make a new path for connecting users. And you will be happy to know that this technology can be used without the help of any coding.

Chatbots are also getting connected with AR and VR, with the help of which, it will be possible for the businessmen to rule over the world.

With the passage of time, the market for chatbots has increased and will be up to 1250 million in 2050 as it was 190.8 million dollars in 2016. Therefore, the demand for chatbot development companies is also increasing day after day.


8th Mobile App Trend: BLOCKCHAIN

It is true that Blockchain technology is a little difficult to understand for a layman. But it is indeed the best technology that is going to help the Mobile Applications in order to run them smoothly.

The best way to be friendly with the Blockchain technology is to make plug and play form. So that everyone can utilize it easily. This will help to understand this technology in a more refined way.

With the help of our skilled blockchain developers, it would become easy that everyone would be able to make use of this technology easily.

9th Mobile App Trend: BEACONS TECHNOLOGY


You are already aware of this technology, but now in 2020, you will see it in an improved manner with some different features.

This technology will act only to attract customers to come to the store and moreover in order to send notifications. The areas, which this technology will cover are only the airports, mobile payment beacons, and the personalized beacons.
Beacons technology, so, is indeed more user-friendly technology, which can be used by the normal user.


Machine learning services and artificial intelligence will be going to rule over the mobile app development as well over human beings too. This is seriously an amazing innovation of the mobile that cant is ignored as it is serving the area of mobile apps with full dedication.

While AI is serving to make us understand that how to utilize services properly. On the hand when it gets merged with Machine learning, it really becomes the cause of the success of the big enterprises.

Wrapping Up:

So which trend will dominate 2020? Only time shall tell that. However, what’s clear is that smartphone users are well set to have a good time. As of mobile app developers and development; well, that battleground will remain as competitive as it has always been.

What do you think about mobile app design & development trends that are going to rule 2020? Let’s discuss this in the comment box.  

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