5 Points to Help Your E-commerce Website Design

While statistics showing increase in online shopping trend amongst people across globe, online shopkeepers have become more sensitive and have started taking care of their e-commerce website design and solutions, which does not only confirm better involvement of the visitor but also increases its probability of converting into a customer from merely being a prospect alone.

Wherein, on one side the numbers of online shoppers are increasing YoY, there is one more figure which is quite rattling and that is, shopping cart abandonment rate. Only last week, it was above 70%, shown by FireClick- a web analytic company, and this figure is surely a not a delight.

Now to optimize their online shops, to provide customers a rich experience, decrease their cart abandonment rate, and increase their sales online, sellers actually set make their website e-commerce friendly. Researches have shown that many a times, customer is lost while searching for its choice of product to purchase and this often leads him to fly off the website.

This observation reveals a fact that while setting up an e-commerce  platform, even a seller gets confused and feels lost while setting up and designing his e-commerce shop. There are few points, mentioned below, which will let you design your website e-commerce  friendly.

1.    Set up a customer-friendly buying process:
Of course, their will not be handful of products in your e-commerce shop. To maintain your inventory and to help your customer to search and purchase the product of his/her choice, it is very important to develop a simple & clean buying process. The buying process must be easy to follow right from choosing a product till its checkout. For this, a search option and a help button can be very useful.

2. Place your call-to-action very judicially
It’s correct to stay reminded that today’s customer is a very smart buyer and he/she knows his/her need, but still why to let them wait and waste time. Place your call-to-action buttons such as ‘Buy Now’ button and make the purchase process easy for your customer.

3. Don’t stretch it, and keep it short
Try to keep the buying process short & simple. Lesser the number of clicks, the more easier it would be for a customer to purchase his product. The longer you make him wait to take the possession of his purchase, the higher will be the chances for him to change his mind. But this should not mean that you are not allowing him to recheck his purchase/product details.

4. Never hide
Let all the details, important to the purchase, be visible to the customer. The more information you are providing to your customer, the more confident he will be while placing the order.

5. Customer support
Customers like it when they find assistance form seller helping them making their buying decision. A quick help for a customer, when puzzled in the midst of his purchase, would be an ‘online-chat’ option. This would be an instant support for him and he would feel extremely satisfied and happy about it.

Also, beware of this that it can backfire if not attended properly. Suppose, there is a customer in the middle of his/her purchase and is stuck at some stage of the buying process and he pings at your online chat option but no one replies. What would be your reputation then? Or, one of your executive responds him but could not provide satisfactory answers to his/her queries, provided that his/her queries are genuine. Then, what will be your impression on him?

So, always be prepared before keeping this option on your website and appoint a dedicated and well prepared resource especially for customer support.

These are few tips which will help you in making your e-commerce website user- friendly and will make you able to score high over your competitors.

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