eCommerce Maintenance & Management Services

As a leading eCommerce management company we ensure peak performance, security, and innovation for your online store. Experience seamless operations and sustained growth.


Regular Software & Plugin Updates

We meticulously manage updates for your eCommerce platform and plugins, ensuring your website remains current, secure, and equipped with the latest features.

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Content Updates & SEO Maintenance

Stay relevant and visible with regular content updates and SEO maintenance, ensuring your eCommerce website ranks high in search results for targeted keywords.

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User-Friendly Design Enhancements

Elevate customer experiences through design enhancements, a key aspect of our eCommerce management services, focusing on intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

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Abandoned Cart Recovery Strategies

Boost conversion rates with our specialized abandoned cart recovery strategies, a feature of our eCommerce website management services that targets potential customers effectively.

Revitalize Your Online Store Today

Stay competitive in the digital landscape. Let our experts revamp and manage your eCommerce website, ensuring optimal performance and a seamless customer journey.

What More You Can Expect from Us?

We, your trusted eCommerce management company, extend beyond basics. Explore enhanced services, from maintenance to training, integration, and optimization.


Maintenance and Support

Ensure a secure and efficient online presence with our expert eCommerce maintenance and support services. Your digital store is in good hands.


eCommerce Training

Equip your team with the skills to navigate and manage your eCommerce platform effectively. Our training ensures seamless operations and empowered staff.


System Integration

Integrate various elements of your eCommerce ecosystem for seamless functionality. Our integration services create a unified and efficient online business environment.


POS & Accounting Integration

Integrate Point of Sale (POS) and accounting systems seamlessly. Experience efficient transaction management, accurate financial tracking, and improved customer experiences.


Performance & ROI

Optimize your eCommerce website for peak performance and maximum return on investment. Our optimization services ensure a user-friendly experience and increased conversions.


ERP Integration

Connect your eCommerce platform with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Achieve streamlined operations and data synchronization for enhanced efficiency.

Industries We Serve

We provide specialized eCommerce maintenance & management services tailored to various industry sectors’ unique demands and challenges.



Secure, efficient e-commerce solutions for healthcare.


Media & Entertainment

Dynamic e-commerce support for media platforms.


Logistics & Transportation

Optimized e-commerce systems for logistics efficiency.


Banking & Finance

Secure transaction management for finance e-commerce.



Robust e-commerce integration for travel services.


Education & eLearning

Streamlined e-commerce for educational resources.


Retail & ECommerce

Advanced maintenance for retail e-commerce platforms.

Why Choose PixelCrayons

At PixelCrayons, we redefine eCommerce website maintenance and management. With a proven track record spanning years, our dedicated team ensures your online success through innovative strategies, expert insights, and a client-centric approach.

We redefine eCommerce excellence with over 19+ years of delivering cutting-edge maintenance services, keeping your online store ahead.

Our commitment to robust security protocols and regular audits safeguards sensitive customer data, ensuring a secure online environment.

Let us provide tailored eCommerce management strategies that align with your business goals, enhancing your unique brand identity.

Our cost-effective eCommerce maintenance plans deliver maximum value, providing a strong return on investment and fueling business growth.

At PixelCrayons, we embrace agile methodologies in eCommerce maintenance, adapting quickly to market changes and customer expectations.

We ensure open and transparent communication throughout the project, keeping you informed and involved in the website’s management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I update my eCommerce website?

Regular updates are vital for maintaining a secure and efficient eCommerce website. At PixelCrayons, our eCommerce website maintenance services recommend frequent updates to:

Enhance Security
We prioritize security updates to safeguard your online store and customer data, keeping it resilient against potential threats.

Improve Functionality
Regular updates ensure that your eCommerce website’s features and functionalities remain optimal, providing a seamless user experience.

Address Bug Fixes
Our eCommerce management services include addressing any bugs or glitches promptly, ensuring a smooth and error-free browsing experience.

Stay Current
Keeping your website updated ensures compatibility with the latest technologies and industry trends, helping you stay competitive.

Our eCommerce maintenance company recommends a regular update schedule, typically quarterly or as needed, based on emerging security concerns and technological advancements.

Do you provide security audits for eCommerce sites?

Absolutely. PixelCrayons is committed to ensuring the security of your eCommerce platform through our comprehensive eCommerce website management services. Our security audits encompass:

Vulnerability Assessment
We conduct thorough vulnerability assessments to identify potential weaknesses in your website’s security infrastructure.

Penetration Testing
Our eCommerce management company performs penetration testing to simulate real-world cyber-attacks, ensuring robust defense mechanisms.

Security Patch Implementation
Regularly applying security patches helps fortify your site against emerging threats, forming a crucial part of our eCommerce website maintenance services.

SSL Certificate Management
We manage SSL certificates to encrypt data transmission, establishing a secure environment for online transactions and customer interactions.

Trust PixelCrayons to prioritize the security of your eCommerce site, providing peace of mind for you and your customers.

Why is it crucial to maintain the updates on your website?

If you neglect website updates, you risk falling behind in the digital race.

Without regular updates,

  • Security vulnerabilities expose your site to cyber threats.
  • Outdated content diminishes user engagement and damages your brand reputation.
    Compatibility issues arise, leading to a poor user experience.
  • SEO ranking deteriorates, making your site less discoverable on search engines.
  • Innovations and features of competitors outshine your outdated website.
  • Mobile responsiveness falters, alienating a significant portion of your audience.
  • Loading speed slows down, frustrating users and impacting search engine rankings.

How do you handle software and plugin updates?

PixelCrayons manages software and plugin updates meticulously as part of our eCommerce website maintenance services. Our approach includes:

  • Regular Monitoring
    We proactively monitor for updates to the eCommerce platform and plugins, ensuring your site remains current.
  • Compatibility Checks
    Before implementing updates, we perform compatibility checks to prevent any conflicts that might arise with existing functionalities.
  • Scheduled Updates
    Our eCommerce management company schedules updates during non-peak hours to minimize disruption to your online business operations.
  • Backup and Rollback Plans
    Before updates, we create backups and implement rollback plans to address any unforeseen issues, ensuring swift, seamless functionality.
  • Trust PixelCrayons for a meticulous and systematic approach to software and plugin updates that keep your eCommerce website at its best.

Can you help with abandoned cart recovery strategies?

Absolutely. PixelCrayons’ eCommerce website maintenance services include advanced strategies for recovering abandoned carts, maximizing your sales opportunities. Our approach involves:

  • Automated Email Campaigns:
  • Personalized Offers
  • User-Friendly Reminders
  • Dynamic Retargeting:

PixelCrayons’ eCommerce management company employs proven strategies to reduce cart abandonment and optimize your conversion rates.

What steps do you take for eCommerce website SEO maintenance?

PixelCrayons understands the importance of SEO for the visibility and success of your eCommerce website. Our SEO maintenance strategies include:

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Content Updates
  • Technical SEO Audits
  • Backlink Monitoring
  • Performance Tracking

Our comprehensive eCommerce website maintenance services prioritize SEO to keep your online store visible and competitive in search engine results.

Client Success Stories

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