Remember the days when every Google Ads campaign was manually tweaked?

Those days are gone. The world of digital advertising is moving at lightning speed, and keeping up is getting harder every day. Between managing multiple platforms, constantly changing algorithms, and staying ahead of the competition, finding time for strategy is a challenge.

But here’s the good news: Google’s got your back.

They’ve been busy building a suite of AI-powered tools changing the game. From AI Shopping Ads to Brand Profile Ads, these new tools are designed to do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business. This blog is your guide to exploring these exciting new tools. 

Let’s talk about them……..

AI Overviews – Ads That See Around Corners

Did you catch the recent Google Marketing Live summit?

It was buzzing with talk about generative AI, a fancy term for AI that can create new things, like writing or images. Google is making a big deal about this, and they’re racing ahead of other tech companies like OpenAI and Microsoft to use it for marketing.

AI Overviews

Here’s the exciting Google’s breaking news: Google in 2024 is building new marketing tools with automation in mind. But that’s not all! They’re also planning to put ads directly into those little summaries you see at the top of search results called Google AI Overviews.

These summaries use AI to quickly answer your questions by pulling info from different websites. They’re still pretty new, and some folks have noticed they can sometimes be a little inaccurate.

But overall, it’s a big shift for search engines, putting AI summaries front and center. This means big changes for businesses that rely on Google to reach customers, and guess what? Google is ready to make money from it fast!

Remember those tests where Google showed ads above and below AI Overviews?

Well, they’re taking it a step further. Now, they’ll try putting sponsored search and shopping ads right inside the summaries themselves. So, thinking about searching for wrinkle removal and seeing tips from AI alongside ads for wrinkle-release products.

It’s a whole new world of advertising, and it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on!

A Boon for Users, Not a Pain

Now, you might be thinking: “Won’t this overwhelm users with ads?” Actually, Google AI overviews can be a win-win for both advertisers and searchers.

Here’s why:

  • More Informed Decisions: Users get a comprehensive Google AI overview of their search topic, helping them make smarter choices.
  • No More Info Overload: The AI tailors the info and ads to the specific search, avoiding information overload.
  • Relevant Ads, Happy Shoppers: Visualize seeing ads for exactly what you’re looking for – that’s the power of AI-powered targeting.

Please note that Google’s advertising costs greatly depend on your target audience, keywords, and bidding strategy. Therefore, setting a budget that works for your business and tracking your results is important to ensure a positive ROI.

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How is AI Transforming eCommerce?

While AI Overviews are still under testing by Google, similar AI features in Google Ads are already making waves:

  • Warby Parker

This popular eyewear brand used AI-powered Shopping Ads to showcase different glasses based on a user’s search query.

For example, if someone searched for “round sunglasses for women,” Warby Parker’s ads might display specific round styles that fit that search. This resulted in a significant increase in clicks and conversions for the brand.

  • Sephora

The beauty giant used AI to personalize product recommendations within their Shopping Ads. A user searching for “foundation” might see ads showcasing foundations specifically suited to their skin tone based on previous browsing history.

This led to a boost in Sephora’s customer satisfaction and sales.


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AI Shopping Ads – Your Smartest Partner for eCommerce

Shopping online can be convenient, but sometimes, you miss out on getting a feel for a product. Well, Google Ads is revamping Shopping Ads with the help of AI, making the online shopping experience more interactive and informative than ever!

Think about scrolling through search results for a new jacket. With AI Shopping Ads, you might see:

1. Short Video Highlights

Pop-up video snippets alongside the product listing. Think of them like mini commercials that showcase the jacket in action, maybe someone wearing it outdoors or zipping it up to show a cool feature. 

These quick visuals can grab your attention and give you a better sense of the product without clicking anywhere.

This is a big win for companies like Patagonia or The North Face, whose products are designed to be functional and stylish in different environments.

2. 360° Shoe Spins (For Shoe Retailers)

Struggling to show off all the details of your latest kicks in a single photo? No problem! AI can now automatically generate 360-degree spins within your Shopping Ads. This lets potential customers virtually examine the shoes from every angle, just like in a physical store.

This is a game-changer for footwear companies like Nike or Allbirds, where intricate details and design features are a big selling point.

360° Shoe Spins (For Shoe Retailers)

3. Virtual Try-On (For Apparel)

Picture trying on clothes without leaving your couch! This isn’t entirely new technology, but Google is expanding it to reach a wider audience.

With AI Shopping Ads, you might see the option to try on clothes virtually through your smartphone camera. This can help you know how an outfit looks on you before you buy it, creating a more interactive and personalized shopping experience.

This is a huge benefit for companies like Warby Parker or Kivisense, where fit and style are a major concern for online shoppers.

Virtual Try On (For Apparel)

Own the Search Spotlight with Brand Profile Ads

Let’s say a potential customer searching for “running shoes” on Google. Instead of just seeing a bunch of text ads, they see a dedicated space showcasing your brand, the latest running shoes you offer, and even glowing reviews from happy customers.

This is what Brand Profile Ads can do!

Think of it like your own mini-billboard directly on the search results page. It’s a fantastic way to build brand awareness, grab attention, and stand out.

Here’s what you can include in your Brand Profile Ad:

  • Compelling Visuals

Show off your brand personality with eye-catching images and videos. Think Nike showcases their latest running shoe collection with sleek product shots and action videos of athletes using them.

Compelling Visuals

  • Customer Testimonials

Social proof is an amazing marketing tool. Feature positive reviews from satisfied customers to build trust and credibility. Let’s say a Brand Profile Ad for “Allbirds” featuring quotes like “These shoes are the comfiest I’ve ever owned!”

  • Promotional Offers

Entice potential customers with irresistible deals and discounts. For example, an ad for “Adidas” could highlight a special offer like “20% off your first order of running shoes!”

Beyond Keywords: Reaching the Right Audience

Traditionally, targeting with Google Ads relied heavily on keywords. You choose keywords people might search for, and your ads appear when those keywords are used. But Brand Profile Ads go beyond that. 

Here’s how Google AI expands your reach:

  • Understanding User Intent

Suppose someone searching for “tips for getting started with running.” They might not be actively looking to buy shoes yet, but they’re interested in running.

With Google AI, your Brand Profile Ad for a running shoe store could still appear, even though they didn’t use the keyword “shoes.” This lets you connect with potential customers earlier in their buying journey.

  • Considering Search Context

Google AI analyzes the entire search query and understands the context. For instance, someone searching for “best running trails near me” is likely looking for shoes they can wear on those trails.

So, your Brand Profile Ad for a store specializing in trail running shoes could be displayed even though the user didn’t directly search for “trail shoes.”

By considering search intent and user behavior, Brand Profile Ads can connect you with a wider audience who might be interested in what you offer, even if they haven’t used the exact keywords you might expect.

In short, brand profile ads are a powerful tool that stands out from the crowd on Google Search.

YouTube Transparency in Performance Max

Running Performance Max campaigns? Here’s some good news! Soon, you’ll be able to see exactly how your YouTube video ads are performing.

Right now, you can only block YouTube placements but not see how individual videos are doing. This update lets you see which videos drive results and adjust your budget accordingly.

  • You’ll be able to see conversion data by YouTube placement. This means you can see which videos are leading to sales or sign-ups.
  • You can then adjust your budget to put more money behind the videos that are working best.

Lower Lookalike Threshold

Do you run Google Ads campaigns to reach new potential customers? This update might be a game-changer for you!

  • Google Ads has a feature called “lookalike audiences.” This lets you target people with similar characteristics to your existing customers.
  • The problem? You used to need a whopping 1,000 customer email addresses to create a lookalike audience. That’s a lot, especially for smaller businesses.
  • The good news? Google just lowered the requirement to only 100 contacts! This means even smaller businesses can leverage the power of lookalike audiences.

In short – It’s easier than ever to reach new customers who are more likely to be interested in your business!

AI Essentials

Ever see recommendations in Google Ads that seem a little…off? You’re not alone!

  • Optimizing Google Ads sometimes suggests ways to boost your campaigns, but these might not always align with your goals.
  • For example, Google might recommend driving more traffic to your website, but maybe your main goal is getting more sales, not just clicks.
  • Here’s the cool part: Google added a new section called “AI Essentials.” This section highlights where and how to use Google’s AI tools effectively in your campaigns.

But remember: Don’t blindly follow every recommendation. Think about your specific goals and weigh each suggestion carefully before making changes.

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Top AI Tools to Level Up Your Advertising Campaigns

Top AI Tools to Boost Your Advertising Campaigns

The advertising world is changing fast. AI is taking over, helping us create better ads, reach the right people, and get smarter results. Let’s dive into some of the best AI tools for advertising:


This AI content generator is like having a super-smart copywriter on your team. It can churn out different versions of your ad copy in seconds, so you can test what works best. It’s also great for copying landing pages, product descriptions, and more.

Price: Starts at $49/month with a free forever plan (2,000 words per month)

2. Rytr


Another copywriting tool, Rytr is perfect for short-form copy-like ads. It’s good for writing and testing multiple ad versions.

Price: Starts at $9/month with a free trial and forever-free plan.

3. Writesonic


This tool helps write both short and long-form content. It’s great for writing and testing ads in bulk. One thing that stands out is its pricing model – it charges based on the text quality you need.

Price: Starts at $19/month with a free trial.

4. Jasper


Jasper is a big name in AI content generation. It’s powerful but also the most expensive on this list. 

Price: Starts at $29/month with a free trial.

5. AdCreative


AdCreative focuses on creating eye-catching images for your ads. It’s super fast, and you can test a bunch of different ad visuals to see what works best.

Price: Starts at $29/month with a free trial.

6. Adobe Advertising Cloud

Adobe Advertising Cloud

This powerful AI-driven platform helps you buy, place, and manage ads across all channels. It’s great for larger companies.

Price: Custom quote

7. StackAdapt


This tool assists with ad planning, launching, and analyzing campaigns. It helps you reach the right people with your ads and get the best results.

Price: Custom quote

8. GumGum


GumGum helps you find the perfect places to buy ads. It analyzes data using AI and tells you which websites, apps, or social media platforms will get the most engagement from your ads.

Price: Custom quote

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Final Call

The future of Google Ads is intelligent, and it’s here! These new AI-powered ad tools can potentially revolutionize how we reach customers. From ultra-targeted ad placement in Google AI overviews to dynamic shopping experiences, it’s an exciting time to be in digital marketing.

While AI is powerful, remember that it’s still under development. Testing and a strategic human touch are still essential for success. If you’re overwhelmed by the possibilities, don’t worry—that’s where we come in.

At PixelCrayons, we are Certified Google Partners.

Our Google Ads services can help you navigate the ever-changing world of Google Ads and seamlessly integrate these new AI tools into your strategy. So, if you have questions or want to get a head start with AI advertising, contact us today!

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