Have you noticed how some websites seem to pop up in Google Search in an interactive way? 

Well, Google has just released a brand new feature that could make your website stand out – it’s called the “Structured Data Carousel.” It’s like a mini-slideshow that appears in search results, showing many items from your website all at once!

This new carousel is still being tested, but it’s designed to work for things like:

Hotels, restaurants, vacation rentals: Think of scrolling through the top places to stay or eat in a city!

Products: Websites that sell products can now show off their items in a fun, visual way.

Events: Are you hosting concerts, conferences, or festivals? The carousel can highlight them.

So, what’s the deal with this “Google structured data” everyone’s talking about? Let’s dive in!

What’s a Carousel?

Think about scrolling through a list of items on your phone, like restaurants or products. That’s a carousel! Google’s new carousel feature takes a list of items from your website (like events, hotels, or products) and puts them in a fancy, scrollable format. 

This way, people can easily see several items simultaneously, like a mini-slideshow. Here’s what it looks like: 

Whats a Carousel

Why Carousels Matter

Think about it – people are used to seeing carousels on their phones. It’s a familiar way to browse. 

So, when Google shows your website in a carousel format, people are more likely to click and see what you have to offer. That means more traffic for your website! And more traffic can mean more customers and more business.

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Google Schema – The Secret Ingredient

To make Google’s magic happen, you need to add “structured data” to your website. 

Think of Google structured data as a special code that helps Google understand the information on your website. It’s like giving Google a map that tells it exactly what your website is about so it can display it in the best way possible.

The structured data that makes the carousel work uses something called “Google Schema” or “Schema.org.” Google Schema is a set of vocabulary that helps Google understand the different types of information on your website, like if it’s about a restaurant, a product, or an event.

Google search statistics show that people are more likely to click on results with rich snippets and carousels, making this new schema structure update a game-changer for websites looking to stand out in search.

Who Can Use Carousels?

The new carousel rich result displays lists in a carousel format. According to the announcement, this feature is currently limited to the following types:

  • Local Businesses: Restaurants, hotels, vacation rentals, and more. Imagine scrolling through a list of the best restaurants in a city!
  • Products: Any website that sells products can use this feature.
  • Events: For websites that list events, like concerts, conferences, or festivals.

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How to Get Your Website Ready for Carousels

Here’s the deal – you need to add the right structured data to your website so that Google can create a carousel for you. It’s a bit technical, but Google has some good guides and resources to help you. 

Here’s a breakdown of the steps:

The “ItemList” is Important

When you use structured data for carousels, Google needs to see the “ItemList” type. It’s like telling Google, “Hey, this is a list of things!”

Here’s how carousels can appear in Google Search when you use ItemList markup with a supported content type:

The ItemList is Important

Here’s the deal with the “ItemList”:

  • It’s the Head: The “ItemList” needs to be the main part of your structured data. You can’t combine it with other types of structured data.
  • Unique Addresses for Each Item: Every item in your list needs to have its unique web address (URL).
  • Order Matters: The order of the items in your “ItemList” is the order they’ll show up in the carousel.

What Kind of Information Can Be In the Carousel?

Google’s carousel feature is designed to show information like:

  • Prices: Show the prices of your products, services, or events.
  • Ratings: Display star ratings or reviews to help people make decisions.
  • Images: Use high-quality pictures to grab attention and make your website look great.

Mixing & Matching Your Content

The amazing thing about structured data carousels (beta) is that you can combine different types of content in a single list. 

For example –

“Things to Do in Paris” – You could include hotels, restaurants, and events in a single list!

Be Specific with Your Information

Google recommends using the most specific type of structured data possible for your website’s content. For example, if you’re showing hotels, use the “Hotel” schema type instead of the generic “LocalBusiness” type.

How to Get Started

Google has some great resources to help you get started with structured data. They have guides and even a “Rich Results Test” that can help you check if you’ve done everything correctly.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Pick What You Want to Show: Decide if you’ll show products, events, or local businesses.
  2. Add the Structured Data: Use the code that tells Google about your list.
  3. Test It Out: Use Google’s tools to make sure you’ve added the code correctly.
  4. Submit a Sitemap: This helps Google find all the pages on your website.

Remember: Using structured data for carousels doesn’t guarantee that your schema website will appear in a carousel. But it makes your website eligible for this awesome new feature!

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How Carousels Can Help Your Website

So you’ve heard about Google’s new carousel feature, and you’re thinking, “What’s in it for me?” Well, it’s pretty awesome for your website!

How Carousels Can Help Your Website

Here’s how carousels can make a difference:

1. More Visibility 

Carousels can make your website stand out in search results. Think about it: when you’re browsing through Google, you’re more likely to click on something that looks interesting, right? Structured data carousels (beta) are eye-catching!

2. Increased Traffic 

More visibility means more people will click on your website, which means you’ll get more traffic!

3. Potential for More Customers 

More traffic is usually good, right? It means more people are seeing what you offer, which can lead to more sales and more customers!

Why Should You Care About More Customers

  • More Sales: More customers usually means more products sold, more services booked, or more people using your business.
  • Bigger Profits: More sales generally lead to more money!
  • Growing Your Business: A successful business means expanding, reaching new customers, and hiring more people.

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To Conclude

Ready to give your website a boost in Google Search? Google’s new carousel feature is a game-changer for making your website stand out. But, figuring out all that structured data can feel a little tricky. 

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