How PixelCrayons Created Living Organic App-Leading B2C Platform in Gulf?

PixelCrayons created Living Organic App Abazeer which is a leading B2C platform in Gulf. Building a B2C platform requires in-depth research & analysis. The task becomes a real challenge when the enterprise deals in 2000+ products. To ensure a fantastic rendering service for our client- Abazeer, we chose React Native, which is among the most preferred web frameworks in the space of cross-platform mobile app developments.

It started when the pioneer of organic foods in Saudi Arabia with multiple retail outlets in the gulf contacted us for a mobile app. The enterprise Abazeer was looking for an app that reflects their identity & brand values besides boosting their presence on the digital platform. 

Abazeer, the enterprise name, translates into delicious & healthy food and deals in organic food supply with multiple farms in the gulf. The enterprise farms are committed to international standards of organic farming.

The company has a vision of providing people with lip-smacking food full of health benefits, preserving nature, and maintaining ecological balance through civilized practices.

Working for such an altruistic brand is a matter of prestige and honor for our dedicated developers’ team at PixelCrayons. To ensure we offer the best to our clients, we took examples from our earlier projects.

Learnings From Our Past B2C eCommerce Projects

The most promising feature for any B2C eCommerce site remains an intuitive user interface besides advanced search options with multiple filters & a smooth checkout for the buyers. Coming up with numerous filters on pricing and food taste requires a comprehensive study of the enterprise.

Besides dealing in 2000+ products, the food-based enterprise is also the sole distributor of multiple distinguished internationally renowned food products in the Gulf region.

So, the idea was to create filters and list products to allow users to find what they are looking for in the app immediately. A conspicuous and straightforward ‘Add to Cart’ icon that leads to a smooth checkout process with a secured payment option is vital for any B2C eCommerce platform.

While incorporating these features on an eCommerce app is regular, few things posed are quite challenging to integrate on the Abazeer app. 

Challenges We Faced

Guest user login is crucial for impressing first-time users and those who detest creating an account over the app. Forcing users to create an account before building trust leads to a loss of potent conversions. 

Developing the guest user login feature over the Redux (a React Native library) became a challenging task for our developer’s team owing to restricted design and significantly higher memory consumption.

Our dedicated team of developers at PixelCrayons, a trusted company for B2B & B2C eCommerce development projects, invested hours of research and analysis to find a compatible solution. 

Being the top react native app development company, we decided to leverage ‘Async Storage’– a built-in React Native local storage and session storage. It led to zero impact on the app’s loading time and minimized relying on the servers.

Social sign-in was another issue owing to the latest update in the Android & React Native.

As per the project demand, we switched to the newest version of React Native to resolve the issue completely. It also benefited the project with higher functionalities.

Why React Native for the Abazeer eCommerce App?

PixelCrayons created a Living Organic App

React Native holds a share of 11.5% among the most used technology stack worldwide and tops the list of cross-platform mobile frameworks with a market share of 42%

However, the stats did not drive us to choose React Native for the B2C eCommerce platform. The open-source framework created by Facebook has specific features which facilitate modular designs and offers reusable code resonating with the requirements of the eCommerce platform.

An optimum level of code reusability effectively decreases the overall project cost. The feature is also consistent with the cross-platform functionality of the framework. Whether Android or iOS, the code gets reused on the operating system up to 90% without impacting the user experience. It helped us build native app-like features with lesser effort in lesser time. So, sacrificing the native app-like performance got minimized to nil for the project.

The hot reload feature of the framework proves its worth when experimenting with the code and offers significant aid in coming up with a stunning design layout. A noticeable fact about the React Native framework is that it caters to renowned brands like Instagram, Skype, and numerous eCommerce shops worldwide. 

Before we continue with the technical aspects of the Abazeer App development process, let’s have a quick look at what the client was looking for:

Features of B2C eCommerce App

PixelCrayons created a Living Organic App

As mentioned earlier, the client is a leading supplier of organic foods in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region and is also the sole distributor of multiple distinguished food products

After dedicated hours of discussion with the client, we realized that they are looking for the following features over the app:

User Login & Registration

Allowing the users to navigate through the app via guest login & registration. Logging in to the app through social media profiles also needs to be integrated.

Search With Filters

Allowing shoppers to filter products under brand names, price range, and integration of multiple food sections, including herbs, legumes, snacks, dried fruits, oriental foods, cereals, pickles, etc. The search functionality of the app resonates with the specific food-based keywords.

Product Listing

The product listing pages must effectively showcase the qualities of the food getting sold by the eCommerce platform.

Add to Wishlist

A simple icon that allows shoppers to mark and add food items in a separate section they plan to buy from the page.

Online Payment

Secured Payment Gateway, which accepts all major cards, e-wallets, and digital payment from the shoppers.

Apart from these features, the app needs an advanced content management system that would allow the enterprise’s management team to readily update and manage the content layout, the product listing page, etc.

The client was looking for a digital presence over both Android & iOS with native app-like performance. Overall, React Native was completely resonating with the project’s basic and advanced features and proved a beneficial framework for the eCommerce app.


Abazeer was looking for an app that would enhance their digital presence, boost ROI, and work equally well on the iOS & Android operating system. Here’s what we have achieved:

  • The solution offered native app-like performance over Android & iOS smartphones.
  • The return on investment reached a whopping 90%.
  • The app successfully boosted brand values for Abazeer. 

Summing Up Our Experience

Overall our efforts showed worth, and we delivered a splendid-looking final solution to our client- a cross-platform eCommerce solution for living organic. 

The main focus to create such a platform was to attract new audiences and make the purchase easy for existing customers, and the app came out clean on the expectation of organization and catering seamless buying experience. 

We are pleased to share our journey with you through this piece of articles and suggesting that- always hire dedicated mobile app developers from PixelCrayons to turn your idea into digital reality.


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