The number of developers worldwide stands at a whopping 28.7 million in 2024. Indeed, there’s no shortage of skilled and experienced developers worldwide. With outsourcing and out-staffing, it has become convenient to connect with top-notch Android application development companies at an affordable budget.

However, with tons of options out there, finding the best Android app development company can be a little tricky. India has emerged as the ultimate solution when it comes to finding the best Android developers at a reasonable budget. 

But how exactly has the country become a hotspot for Android development services

How can you find the best among the top Android app development companies?

To clear your queries, this blog post will help find the following

  • Advantages of Android app development in India
  • Checklist of Android app development 
  • Tips to help you choose the best Android development company in India

Mobile App Market Revenue

According to Statista, several factors will boost the mobile app market’s overall revenue to reach $673.79 billion by 2027. First, the potential user base grows due to the exponential rise in smartphone usage worldwide. Additionally, more revenue streams are available due to the diversity of app genres, which include eCommerce, gaming, and entertainment.

Mobile App Market Revenue

Technological developments like augmented reality and artificial intelligence also spur creativity and user involvement. Subscriptions, in-app purchases, and targeted advertising are examples of monetization techniques that have a big impact.

Moreover, mobile applications are employed for a wider range of routine chores and consumer behavior shifts, supporting consistent revenue growth in the expanding app market.

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Benefits of Android App Development Services in India

Android app development services in India offer various benefits to businesses looking to establish a solid online presence and communicate with their target audience. Here are some top benefits:

android development

  • Cost-effective option: An established SME or an entrepreneur saves nearly 30% to 40% of the development costs when outsourcing IT development projects. You can hire android app developers in India for as low as $25 per hour. In contrast, European developers charge approximately double, ranging from $50 to $100 per hour.
  • Flexible Engagement Models: Android development companies in India offer multiple engagement models that suit business enterprises. The standard ones include hourly models, hiring dedicated Android developers, or completely outsourcing the project at a discussed budget. 
  • Domain Specialization: Companies have first-hand experience in various industry verticals and know basic rules, regularization, functionalities, etc. It helps create an intuitive user interface pivotal to its successful strategy.
  • Uncompromised Quality Adherence: The nation is renowned for having the world’s highest number of ISO-certified firms. So, expecting a high-performing mobile app from top-notch Android app development companies in India is guaranteed on the table. 
  • Round-the-Clock Services: When you connect with an Android app development company in India, you can be sure of getting work done in your time zone. The nation’s policies promote and allow companies to work 24/7, and IT companies leverage them to offer all-time availability to clients.

That was a quick go-through of the benefits of Android application development in India. Before we proceed to the top tips for choosing them, let us explore the technical know-how of Android application development services.

Android App Development Checklist: Technical & Non-Technical Aspects

A successful Android app development process requires careful consideration of technical and non-technical factors. Here’s a comprehensive checklist of both technical and non-technical aspects of Android apps:

android apps development

#1: Visualize the android app 

With 5+ million apps worldwide, developing a completely new and innovative mobile app idea is rare. Due to high competition, you will likely try to create a mobile app with multiple available variants. 

The first step is to analyze what kind of issues your app will resolve. You must download and investigate your competitor’s apps to visualize the app layout. An app is nothing but a solution to a man’s issue. It is essential to ask yourself what topics will be resolved by the app.

#2: Find & research the target audience of the app

android app

Whether you are building a mobile app meant for a worldwide population, such as a messenger, social media platform, etc., or for a smaller group of people, the app requires intricate details and a friendly user interface based exclusively on the targeted audience. While building for the whole population, the approach is to develop a UI that facilitates people of all ages. 

Analyzing the target audience plays a pivotal role in color schemes, design layout, additional features integration, etc. Perform in-depth research and analysis on the following aspects:

  • Age group & gender of the target audience.
  • Hobbies of the target audience.
  • Pain areas the app would cater to the audience.

#3: Create the list of core & additional features

Take a notepad and add all the features you want in your app. You may not have them in perfect order, but it is vital to have them all jotted down before connecting with app coders for hire. Besides the basic features, also create a list of additional attributes for the app.

#4: Focus on the optimum level of Speed & Security

android apps

Fast, faster, and faster is essential to creating an impressive user experience. A sluggish app will surely get uninstalled even before its first pragmatic use. Resizing images, using cache memory, and cutting down on unnecessary features enhance an app’s speed performance.

Similarly, security is another crucial factor in an app’s success. Careful selection of API, encrypting local data, hashing passwords, etc., are the standard strategies for securing mobile apps from threats.

So, when you hire Android programmers, make sure to have a detailed conversation about the mobile app’s speed and security.                                                                           

#5: Apps’ size & Battery drainage

android app

A native Android mobile app that consumes too much space or drains the battery quickly and instantly ends up being deleted. Most Android Smartphone users have limited space and battery capacity on their phones, so don’t forget to consult with the team of Android developers about the apps’ size and power consumption. 

#6: Decide on the monetization strategy

Android programmers can monetize your app in many ways, including in-app advertisement, paid app, selling the app’s premium features, eCommerce features integration, etc. 

Based on the competitors & target audience, you need to choose pragmatic monetization strategies that do not impact or limit the app downloads from the Google Play Store.

#7: Choose a compatible technology stack

android apps development

Performance, scalability, and many other factors depend strictly upon the mobile app’s chosen technology stack. The technology stack refers to the collection of all the tools, programming languages, etc., required by the Android app developer team to create an app. 

The main components of the tech stack for Android app development services include the following: 

Programming Languages: You broadly have two options here; Kotlin- the official language used by the Android app’s developer team or Java, the worldwide popular language used by nearly 40.2% of developers (as per Statista).

Kotlin and Java Difference table (check blog)

Frameworks: Android has built-in UI software, and you can also rely upon Jetpack Compose to ensure rapid UI development for the project.

 Toolkit: The standard tools for creating Android apps include AS (Android Studio) and ADT (Android Development Tools). AS mainly consists of a code editor and debugger and also offers an intuitive UI to the app. On the other hand, the ADT comes with test automation support, graphical UI, coding and debugging tools, etc.

#8: Marketing strategy

digital marketing

Marketing strategy is a crucial aspect of the success of any mobile app. More than 1000 mobile apps are submitted daily, and most fail to reach the audience due to poor marketing strategy. You can ensure the success of your mobile app with a mix of the following marketing strategies:

  • Search Engine Optimization is a cost-effective option for attracting new users via the app landing page. Include all the vital aspects on the landing page like CTA (link to downloading your app), primary functionalities of your app, etc.
  • App Store Optimization requires optimizing the app’s name, title, description, etc., with keywords to enhance the app’s visibility over the Google Play Store.
  • Social Media Marketing is a relatively successful option for maximizing the app’s user reach, as people spend more than 80 minutes on such platforms daily. The strategy requires creating user-centric, highly engaging content to enhance the app’s popularity
  • Influencer Marketing involves connecting with the influencers to reach new users and promote brands. Unlike other forms of marketing strategy, Influencer marketing is new and proving quite effective.

However, connecting with suitable influencers with a significant chunk of your target audience is essential to make the most of an influencer marketing strategy. 

Retention campaigns, email marketing, and other methods are also effective ways of creating a large user base for the Android app.

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Tips to Choose the Right Android Mobile App Development Company

It is important to consider various to ensure you connect with the right team for your project. Here are some key considerations:

1. Check Experience

An experienced business can understand your needs better. These service providers have the know-how to deal with any difficulties that may arise throughout the app development project. So, it is best to inquire about a company’s track record before hiring them for your job.

Additionally, app development companies usually have a large portfolio that shows flexibility for various sizes and industries.

It demonstrates their adaptability and capacity to create various solutions for various industries. A company exhibits its dependability and commitment to customer success when it has a history of completing projects over a prolonged time. This makes it even more qualified to work on your app development tasks.

2. Go Through the Company’s Portfolio

Examining the company’s portfolio will give you a general indication of the kinds of projects they have worked on, allowing you to determine whether or not they have experience creating apps for your industry.

On the company’s website, case studies and customer reviews can offer insightful information about the success stories and client satisfaction rates related to their mobile app development projects. This information is useful in evaluating the company’s ability to meet the client needs and deliver top-notch solutions.

Additionally, consider speaking with the business directly to discuss the specifics of your project, such as requirements, budget, and deadlines.

3. Check Previous Clients’ Feedbacks

android development

As per App Development Stats, 91% of users trust reviews and feedback from previous clients as personal suggestions. On the downside, only 10% of the reviews are genuine, and the rest are usually fake. Overall, you can trust a short review that is to the point. 

Genuine reviews usually lack details and are focused on the user’s overall experience with the enterprise. You can connect with the enterprise’s earlier clients over Gmail, LinkedIn, etc., to gain first-hand knowledge about the Android development company’s quality of services.

4. Inspect Industry Specialization

A mobile app without an intuitive User Interface and audience-centric features fails to woo clients. Enterprise domain specialization leads to systematic app development with target audience-centric features. 

Android app developers who know the basic rules and regularization of Industries can create an intuitive user interface for the mobile app. For example, a healthcare app must be created in compliance with HIPAA to meet national standards.

5. Analyze their App Costing Structure

If you want to get the most for your money, thoroughly examine the pricing structure of any mobile app development company you’re considering. Connect with the top mobile app developers so they can give you detailed pricing breakdowns and emphasize full transparency of all payment conditions and additional costs. 

During the development phase, make sure there are no hidden charges. Once the pricing structure has been explained, decide if it meets your expectations for the app’s intended usage and financial constraints.

It’s crucial to remember that when making any investment, going with the least expensive option might not always be the best, especially when it comes to technological ventures. Finding the right balance between cost and quality is necessary. 

In the long run, investing more upfront in a mobile app development business with dependable and knowledgeable staff can pay off by producing better results and a higher rate of return on investment. 

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6. Strict Non-disclosure Agreement

A strict non-disclosure agreement is vital to keeping your ideas safe and secure from theft. A trusted company ensures that the entire team of dedicated Android application developers signs the NDA policy. 

While NDA policy may seem insignificant when developing a mobile app with simple and already explored features, it plays a pivotal role in protecting the integration of new and innovative features over the app.

7. Validate their Client-Centric Approach

The best mobile app development businesses use a client-centric strategy that encourages open communication and cooperation. A client-centric business is driven by a genuine desire to comprehend and cater to the individual demands of every customer.

You may learn a lot about a mobile app development company’s work ethic and dedication to achieving deadlines without sacrificing quality by carefully evaluating whether or not they are truly client-centric. It comprises assessing their communication strategies, promptness in answering client inquiries and adaptability in responding to project requirements that change.

8. Excellent soft skills are a must

People tend to neglect excellent soft skills and do not consider them a factor when they are entirely outsourcing the project. However, whether you are outsourcing or outstaffing the project, soft skills are a must for the hired Android developers’ team.

Conveying inspirational ideas becomes much more convenient with a team with outstanding soft skills. Moreover, you must connect with the team’s head to gain insights into the project’s weekly or monthly reports. So, hire app developers with good soft skills.

9. On-Time delivery of the app

Top app developers in India are renowned for offering exemplary services, and on-time project delivery is one of them. Once your app is launched, it has to be supported with planned marketing strategies. With 3.3 million apps already out there, marketing strategies can only be neglected when you build the app for personal enterprise use.

Delayed delivery of the app leads to undesirable & unplanned consequences. While consulting with the enterprise, ask them whether they follow the first-time-right approach and conduct in-depth research of the target audience to ensure on-time project delivery.

10. Client Retention Rate of the Firm

android development

In some cases, IT services enterprises in an industry vertical with client retention rates are soaring as high as 97% because the services are fulfilled directly upon the client’s demand. Any enterprise with a client retention rate above 80% is a good pick and trustworthy of your choice.

The client-retention rate is a proven indication of the value for money offered by the Indian app developers team hired for the job.

11. Ratings on Independent Agencies

Renowned independent agencies like Clutch, Good Firms, etc., offer clear insights about a company’s performance and the quality of projects delivered. They weigh an enterprise on multiple factors, such as overall marketing efforts, the quality of clients, reviews from earlier clients, and many more.

An enterprise offering exemplary services will surely witness a decent rating on such platforms. Moreover, they also offer awards and accolades to enterprises based on their top projects, client handling skills, etc. Look out whether the firm has won any awards based on the Android app development services.

12. Post-development Services

customer help

Whether you have chosen the prototype model or an MVP of the mobile app, post-development services play a pivotal role in the project. Apart from eliminating minor glitches and bugs from the app, post-development services can cater to vital areas like simple modifications to the app’s design layout.

Post-development services that last 60 to 90 days are preferred. Services covered under post-development also include content marketing strategies, but their nature depends mainly on the contract.

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Wrapping Up

Developing mobile applications isn’t always easy. The proper agency must be your partner. Look for proof that the agencies you are considering fit your project well.

  • Have they worked with companies similar to yours? 
  • Have they used mobile app technologies similar to what you need? 
  • How good are their app products? 
  • How happy are their clients with the working relationship?

It will be worthwhile to select the best agency when you have a top-notch finished project!


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