As per Statista, India holds a stunning 18% of the global IT spend worldwide for the fiscal year of 2020. A significant contribution of it comes from mobile application development companies in India.

With affordable and reliable services hiring app developers in India has become a trend for entrepreneurs, SMEs, big billion companies, etc. There are tons of apps development companies in India that offer credible services at an affordable budget. 

However, choosing the best among the tons is a seemingly tricky affair. Well, not so slick when you have the right tips at your hand. This blog discusses the top 17 tips for choosing companies offering the best mobile application development in India.

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Before you proceed to the list! Let’s recollect some basic things first. Here in this blog, you will find the following:

  • Outsourcing model of app development
  • Out staffing model of app development
  • Top advantages of mobile app development services in India.
  • Top 17 tips for choosing iOS & Android development company in India 

It seems there’s a lot to cover. So, without wasting time, let us begin with the first topic:

Out-Sourcing Model

The software development outsourcing model allows you to directly hand over the project to a renowned mobile app development services company at a discussed budget. 

This model is simple, and depending upon your personal needs and requirements, the company can keep you updated about the project via weekly and monthly reports. 

Choose this model when looking for an MVP in less time, lack time to monitor intricate details, and don’t have much technical experience in IT.

Out-Staffing Model

The out-staffing model allows you to hire an app developer or a team of developers that works on the project under stricter guidance from you. Depending upon the contract, you can release the developer’s team once the project is complete. Or you can also engage the hired team of app developers from India over a new project.

Hire a developer to make an app under the out-staffing model is ideal when you are a technical expert and want to hold the reins of the team. 

Having covered the standard models of hiring a mobile app developer, let us now look at why you should prefer India for your software project.

Here are the Top Advantages of App Development in India

  • Reduced development cost

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The Indian developers are renowned worldwide for charging a reduced development cost compared to developers from European nations. For example, a simple android app costs around $30,000 in India. While android development services in Europe for a simple app costs above $50,000.

As per software outsourcing stats, choosing app development services in India trims the overall budget by 20% to 30%. The main reason behind the significantly low charges is the reasonable standard of living in India. Comfortable living in the Indian peninsula requires relatively little income when compared to developed nations.

  • Large Talent Pool

As per GitHub, India ranks among the nations with the highest population of developers. According to HackerRank, India ranks 31 under the list of best quality developers with a score of 76. While the nation is yet to achieve a lot, connecting with a top mobile app development company in India is a trusted option for many.

As per GitHub reports, India is to lead the nation with maximum developers by 2024. While hiring local developers becomes a challenging task due to a shortage of talent and experienced teams, hiring app developers in India is convenient with multiple models to go for.

  • High-Quality Adherence

The deploying of the best iOS app developers & android developers facilitates smooth development of the software project. Surprisingly, India leads the race of nations with the highest number of ISO-certified firms. 

Top iOS & Android development companies in India ensure good quality checks of the software on reliability, efficiency, security, coding standards, and many more. 

  • Zero Communication Barriers

client servicing

India holds the second largest number of English speakers globally, and finding fluent English-speaking Android application developers is no big deal. In fact, English is the nation’s official language and preferred for communication in multiple states of the country.

Mobile app development companies in India offer multiple modes of communication, including emails, live chats, calls, etc., to facilitate a close watch over the project. So, wherever you are, you can trust iOS & Android app development in India with a smooth communication channel.

  • Round the Clock Services

Android app development company in India effectively manages the time zone gap by working 24/7. Companies develop and implement workplace policies that benefit both their employees and clients. Indian IT laws facilitate work policies and favor the dedicated development of the project.

  • High Cultural Values 

Android developers of India are renowned for offering creative and commendable services. Indian culture values work as worship and follow an open and creative attitude while designing and developing projects.

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Developing new and innovative features over the app becomes seemingly convenient with a dedicated Android & iOS app developer in India.

That was all about the benefits of choosing iOS & Android app development services in India. To ensure you have connected with the best iOS or android development company in India, follow the top tips listed below.

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Here are the Top 17 Tips for Choosing the Best iOS or Android App Development Company

1. Analyze the Relative Experience

While choosing an android development company for your business project, always look for the relative experience of the firm in software development. The company itself may be experienced or relatively new, but the available team of android developers for hire should preferably have five years of experience in app development projects. 

Look for specific experience based on your project, whether eCommerce, B2B portal, healthcare app, etc. You can ask for the individual’s resume to analyze the skills and experience of the hired android application developer team.

2. Check Accolades & Certifications

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The firm must have won awards for best android app development company or iOS company based on its excellent performance. Check for the recognitions and accolades won by the firm over the years. Rating Agencies like Clutch, GoodFirms, etc., present such awards to companies based on clients’ ratings, reviews, etc. 

3. Consider Business Perspective

The best android development company recruits a team with ingenious business perspectives for software projects. You don’t want to hire dedicated android app developers that lack a business perspective. A smooth working app with an advanced UI requires developers with professional knowledge and experience in handling the target audience.  

The essence of the business perspective is evident when you hire android developers in India for eCommerce projects, B2B portals, B2C portals, etc. 

4. Study Previous Projects

To determine the strength, capability, and experience of the Android or iOS development company in India, you need to invest some time investigating their previously delivered projects. The best iOS application development companies exclusive show-offs it’s earlier projects to woo clients.

For example, you want to develop an eCommerce app. Simply go to the company’s website ‘Case Studies’ section to find the quality of the eCommerce projects delivered. It will give you a first-hand idea of whether the company can explicitly provide your concept in an app form or you need to look for an alternative option.

5. Look for Domain Specialization

Your idea can be related to healthcare, media & entertainment, business growth, food, or anything else. Whatever your idea is, the chosen Android or iPad app development company India must have some prior experience in it. For example, healthcare apps are best with HIPAA compliance, LMS apps are preferred with SCORM compliance, etc. 

Domain specialization ensures that the chosen firm is well aware of your industry’s basic functionalities, rules & regulations, etc. Hire iOS app developers in India with basic knowledge of your industry to ensure informed and intelligent app design and development decisions.

6. Evaluate Reviews

Evaluate Reviews

A genuine and trusted Android or iPhone app development company in India never shies away from sharing its positive and negative feedback from previous clients. Alternatively, to ensure you are with the right choice, you can talk to the company’s previous clients too. 

Talking to the earlier clients boosts your confidence about the chosen firm to make an informed decision. Many consumers read multiple reviews before finalizing the company offering Android & iOS development in India.

7. Explore Offered Communication Options

Weekly and monthly reports offer genuine updates about the project’s progress. However, don’t limit your communication to receiving reports, even for an Outsourcing model. Having multiple communication channels in the form of live chats, calls, etc., aids in the transparent flow of ideas.

You don’t want to lose an idea that struck you in mid of the project or simply uncomfortable with how the team of hired iOS app developers is leading the project. Open and seamless communication channels support convenient interaction between you and the developer’s team.

8. Check Ratings on independent Platforms

Clutch, GoodFirms, etc., are independent rating agencies that help you choose the best app development enterprise. Such agencies rate the development firms based on multiple parameters. Some of the top parameters include the following:

  • Reviews of earlier clients.
  • Quality of clients.
  • Quality of projects.
  • Reputation on social media platforms like Facebook, Linked In, etc.
  • Geolocation & marketing activities.
  • Services offered.

Apart from investigating the enterprise reputation, they also offer insights on the company’s foundation year, hourly charges of iOS & android programmer for hire, office establishments, etc.

9. NDA Policy Availability

With millions of mobile apps out there, theft of innovative app ideas has become a severe concern for entrepreneurs and enterprises. Top firms ensure that iOS & android app developers for hire sign strict NDA policy to tackle the scenario.

The non-disclosure agreement keeps your idea safe and secure from theft. So always ask the enterprise about the NDA policies. Hire App developers in India that are open to signing strict NDA policies to avoid theft of ideas.

10. Consider App Store Optimization (ASO)

If you are developing an app that caters to the masses, then App Store Optimization is your crucial partner to success. The ASO process enhances the app’s visibility over the app market or app store to enhance its conversion rates. The process is applicable on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Numerous things, including the app’s name, title, screenshot, etc., get optimized by the team to ensure an app reaches the target audience on a large scale. Simply ask the head of the android developer’s app team about the AOS strategies that he/she usually implements.

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11. Ask Client Retention Rate

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The client retention rate of the development company directly signifies the value for money offered by the enterprise. There are tons of reasons why an investor backs off from a project, and the common ones include lack of reliable customer service, compatibility issues, etc.

 An enterprise with a high client retention rate is a clear sign of high value for money offered by the firm. As per ProfitWell, 81% and above indicate an excellent client-retention rate in IT services companies.

Top development firms effectively achieve a 90% above retention rate as the focus is always on the success of the consumers.

12. Monetization Strategies

Top app-creating companies offer diverse money-making strategies for the app. The standard ones include the following:

  • In-app advertisement: When your app reaches a high consumer base, in-app advertising becomes an effective way to make money out of it.
  • In-app purchase: Certain features of the app can be made available by paying a subscription fee.
  • Paid-app model: The paid app model requires experienced marketing strategies for the success of the app.

The development firm must ensure integration of the potent monetization strategy after carefully analyzing the market competitors. You can also go for a mix of multiple monetization strategies to enhance the ROI of App. 

13. Price Matching Offered

Price matching allows you to connect with the firm, offering standard development rates for the app development project. With price matching availability, you can always address any unjust hefty charges levied on the project development. 

14. Project Warranty

Top development companies offer a 100% project warranty on app development projects. The project warranty ranges from a period of 90 days to a year, depending upon the nature of the contract. 

Under the software warranty, the development team is responsible for resolving any differences between the product delivered and that specified. For any discrepancies in the promised features, the developer’s team makes necessary amendments in the app’s code.  

15. On-time Project Delivery

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Does the firm follow a first-time-right approach and invest ample time in the high UI & UX of the app? An FTR approach facilitates software development and delivery within the proposed schedule. 

An experienced team of developers integrates APIs, uses frameworks, etc., to complete the project on time. The on-time delivery of the app facilitates the planned marketing strategy of the project. 

You can also consider going for an MVP (minimum viable product) for the app, which also reduces the development cost and time of the app.

16. App Submission Services

Although it’s a usual task for the hired iOS app developers in India, it is best to discuss whether the team charges extra for the app submission process. App submission charges differ on the chosen platform and comparatively much lesser for Android. App submission charges are usually covered under the proposed offer. 


Google Play

iOS App Store

Charges for submission

$25 one-time fee

$99 annually

Transaction fee

30% on each transaction

15% on each purchase

Time of approval

2 to 3 days

2 to 3 days

While with the Google Play store, you only need to pay a one-time fee, Apple requires annual charges of $99. However, if you are releasing an app as an enterprise on iOS the charges shoot further up.

You also need to discuss what third-party platforms are being considered for the high reach of the apps towards the consumers. 

The standard third-party app store for Android includes Amazon Appstore, APKMirror, APKPure, Samsung Galaxy Apps, Humble Bundle, etc.    

While for iOS, the kingpins of the third-party app stores include AppValley, TutuApp, Tweakbox, GetJar, etc.

17. Discuss Post-development Services

Before you hire android app developers in India or the iOS ones, there’s one last thing to clarify, the post-development support offered by the firm. Once the app gets released into the app market or store, it gets open to positive and negative feedback from the users.

Detection of minor bugs, glitches, etc., is common after an app’s release on the store. App maintenance, security, bug fixes are standard elements of post-development services offered by development firms. 

However, post-development services depend entirely upon the development contract signed between you and the firm. Facing additional charges for integrating and modifications of minor features leads to unplanned financial bearings upon you.

So, it is best to discuss minute details of service availability once the app is delivered and released to the target audience. 

Over to You

That was all about the top benefits and tips for hiring a mobile app development company in India. I hope the article proves helpful to you in choosing an ideal app development firm for your project.

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Q1: What are the top iPhone and Android app development companies in India?

There are several iPhone and Android app development companies in India, but you can not pick any of them just like that. You need to discover the best project price, hourly rates, awards & accolades, experience, successful projects, client reviews, etc.

I have made the task more effortless for you as I have compiled the below list of the top 10 iOS and Android app development companies in India on these factors. Have a look:

  1. PixelCrayons
  2. Algoworks
  3. Space-O Technologies
  4. ValueCoders
  5. Net Solutions
  6. Konstant Infosolutions 
  7. CognitiveClouds
  8. Appventurez
  9. Dev Technosys
  10. Emizen Tech 


Q 2: How much does it take to develop an iOS app in India?

The cost to develop an iOS app in India can vary considerably. It will depend on the features and complexity of the app, its audience size, and a few other considerations. For a simple app with a limited audience in mind, it might be possible to complete the project for less than $5k.

If your goal is to add functionality or customization, it might take more resources and, therefore, cost substantially more, around $10k.


Q 3: How much does it take to develop an Android app in India?

An Android app developer in India may charge $500 for a baseline cost, though this is a very minimal price point and will most likely have lots of compromises along with it. 

A more reasonable pricing range would be around the $10,000 mark for an experienced developer who does not cut corners on code quality or optimization. Higher-end developers charge upwards of $20,000 – $30,000 per year, but the pricing varies depending on location and experience level.


Q 4: What skills are required for an iOS developer?

An iOS developer needs a good grasp of computer science, object-oriented programming, and an understanding of the fundamentals of operating systems. Understanding standard algorithms and data structures are essential for an iOS developer.

An iOS developer should also have a skill set including Swift, Objective-C, UIKit/AppKit, Cocoa Touch Frameworks, Xcode, Android Studio with Java 8 language support, Google’s Material Design Guidelines, and Apple’s Best Practices for iOS.


Q 5: Which language is used for iOS app development?

Developing iOS apps is done in Objective-C, a superset of the C programming language. You can use the language and create efficient apps.

Q 6: What language is used for Android app development?

Java is the most used language to develop applications for Android. You can use other languages, but they must be compiled into Java byte code that runs on an underlying Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Android developers typically build their apps in languages like C/C++, Swift, or Kotlin and compile their projects down to JVM-compatible bytecodes. They would then submit these bytecodes to Google Play for review and distribution.

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