Small Business Website Design Companies

Want to bring your small business into the digital world with a brand-new website? Best Wishes! You are joining the league of visionary entrepreneurs who understand the power of a robust online presence to drive sales and showcase their offerings. 

Web designing covers graphic design, interface design, Search Engine Optimization, etc. However, you might lack expertise, workforce, and funds as a small business owner. So, it is normal to think about whether to build the website on your own or get help from a professional web design company

Therefore, getting help from a reputable web designing company is an optimal choice for your business. Based on thorough research, we have curated a list of the 10 best business website design companies that have mastered the art of creating outstanding online experiences. 

From crafting visually appealing interfaces to ensuring seamless navigation, these companies are paving the way for small businesses to impact the virtual realm significantly. 

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Understanding the Need for Professional Website Design

Importance of Web Designing for Small Business


88% of online users are less likely to return to a site after having a bad experience. – HubSpot


For small businesses, a well-designed website is not just a digital placeholder but a pivotal tool that can shape success. 

Let us explore how a thoughtfully crafted website can impact your small business:

1. Creating a Positive First Impression

Criteria for Choosing the Best Website Design Company

Imagine your website as your virtual storefront. Just as you would want your physical shop to be inviting and organized, a professional website design welcomes visitors warmly. It exudes credibility and professionalism, urging potential customers to explore further.

2. Enhancing User Experience (UX) 

A well-structured website is easy to navigate, making it a breeze for visitors to find what they need. Its streamlined experience ensures visitors will be satisfied and understood. A seamless journey through your website encourages longer stays, increasing the chances of converting visitors into customers.

3. Boosting Brand Identity 

Your website is a canvas to showcase your brand’s personality. Colors, typography, and imagery – they all play a role in creating a consistent brand identity. A professional design ensures your website resonates with your brand’s essence, making it memorable and recognizable.

4. Delivering Clear Messaging 

Clarity is key. A professionally designed website conveys your message succinctly. It highlights your unique selling points and value proposition, ensuring visitors grasp what you offer without confusion.

5. Elevating Credibility & Trust 

A professionally designed website instills trust. Visitors are more likely to engage with a business that presents itself cohesively and reliably.

6. Reflecting Your Commitment 

Investing in a well-designed website demonstrates your commitment to providing a top-notch user experience. It is a testament to your dedication to delivering quality in all aspects of your business.

Criteria for Selecting Top Small Business Website Design Companies

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. – Steve Jobs.

When choosing a top small business website design company, it is essential to consider several crucial factors to ensure your website aligns with your brand, resonates with your audience, and drives business growth. 

Here are key criteria to guide your selection process:

1. Creativity & Innovation

Look for a design company that brings fresh perspectives and creative flair. A creative approach ensures your website stands out and captures visitors’ attention.

2. Impressive Portfolio

A solid portfolio speaks volumes about a design company’s capabilities. Examine their past projects to evaluate the diversity and quality of their work.

3. Client Reviews & Testimonials

Genuine client feedback provides insights into a company’s reputation and the satisfaction level of its clients. Positive testimonials highlight their ability to deliver on promises.

4. Expertise & Specialization

Analyze the company’s expertise and the range of services it offers. Specialization in small business websites showcases their dedication to serving your unique needs.

5. User-Centered Approach

The user experience (UX) is paramount. A design company that prioritizes user-centered design ensures your website is intuitive, engaging, and user-friendly.

6. SEO Knowledge

A beautifully designed website is only effective if it is discoverable. A design company that understands SEO principles will help your website rank higher in search engines.

Fundamental SEO Principles to Consider:

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page Optimization
  • High-Quality Content
  • Mobile-Friendliness
  • Fast Loading Speed
  • Internal Linking
  • Quality Backlinks

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7. Technical Expertise

Behind the scenes, technical expertise matters. Assess their proficiency in coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.js. 

Also, inquire about their experience with platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and Magento, ensuring a seamless and functional website that aligns with modern web standards.

8. Timely Project Delivery

Timeliness is key. A design company that adheres to project timelines ensures your website is launched without unnecessary delays.

Top 10 Small Business Website Design Companies

Your small business deserves a website that captures attention and drives growth. To help you make the right choice, we have meticulously compiled a list of the top 10 business website design companies

1. PixelCrayons

PixelCrayons - Small Business Website Design Companies

Founded Year: 2004

Average Hourly Rate: $25 – $49

PixelCrayons stands tall as a pioneer in the web design landscape. With nearly two decades of experience, this website design services provider has mastered the art of crafting visually stunning and functionally robust websites. PixelCrayons thrives on innovation and creativity, setting them apart in the industry.

Key Services

  • Intuitive and user-centric interfaces
  • Responsive web development 
  • eCommerce solutions
  • Custom web applications

2. ValueCoders 


Founded Year: 2004

Average Hourly Rate: $25 – $49

ValueCoders boasts a global presence and a reputation for delivering scalable web solutions. Their comprehensive approach to web development has earned them the trust of diverse clients looking for high-quality, reliable digital experiences.

Key Services

  • Front-end and back-end development
  • Visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces
  • Mobile app development
  • eCommerce solutions

3. Andersen Inc.

Andersen Inc. - Small Business Website Design Companies

Founded Year: 2007

Average Hourly Rate: $25 – $49

Andersen is an internationally recognized web design and development firm known for creating captivating, responsive websites tailored to businesses of all sizes in the US. Their specialization covers web design, eCommerce development, CMS integration, and mobile app development.

The company collaborates with clients across industries, fashioning custom websites that stand out. Their team of experts excels in web design, SEO, and digital marketing, striving to help clients reach their online goals.

Key Services

  • Web app development 
  • Cloud web
  • Web optimization
  • Web quality assurance
  • Web integration

4. SmartSites


Founded Year: 2011

Average Hourly Rate: $100 – $149

SmartSites is a premier website design and development company renowned for its impressive portfolio. Catering to a diverse clientele, ranging from small businesses to prestigious institutions like Harvard University, SmartSites boasts a remarkable track record.

With a long track record of delivering successful projects, SmartSites solidifies its position among the industry’s top website builders. The hallmark of SmartSites websites lies in their exceptional user experience and search visibility.

Key Services

  • SEO-friendly web design
  • Responsive websites
  • eCommerce development
  • Content creation

5. Pronto Marketing

Pronto Marketing

Founded Year: 2008

Average Hourly Rate: $25 – $49 

Pronto is your partner in affordably enhancing online marketing performance without lengthy contracts. Since 2008, they have crafted and overseen over 3,000 WordPress websites for US, Canadian, UK, and Australian businesses.

It offers more than just web design; they provide a comprehensive suite of digital marketing solutions. Their holistic approach ensures that your website looks good and drives results.

Key Services

  • WordPress design and development
  • WordPress support and maintenance
  • Google Ads and SEO 
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6. Studio Fox Design

Studio Fox Design

Founded Year: 2017

Average Hourly Rate: $100 – $149

Studio Fox Design takes a creative approach to web design, striving to tell your brand’s story through visually captivating websites. Despite their relatively recent establishment, they have quickly made a name for themselves in the industry.

Key Services

  • Creative web design
  • Branding
  • Graphic design 
  • Digital Marketing

7. eSEOspace


Founded Year: 2018

Average Hourly Rate: $50 – $99

eSEOspace bridges the gap between web design and digital marketing, offering comprehensive solutions that drive online success. Their ability to create visually appealing websites that also perform exceptionally well is a testament to their expertise.

Key Services

  • Web design
  • Conversion-focused approach
  • SEO integration
  • Digital marketing services

8. Big Red Jelly

Big Red Jelly

Founded Year: 2017

Average Hourly Rate: $200 – $300

Big Red Jelly takes a dynamic approach to web design, infusing creativity and innovation into every project. Their focus on storytelling through design sets them apart as a top choice for businesses seeking an impactful online presence.

They have assisted numerous businesses globally in their growth journey through a structured three-step approach: 

  1. Crafting a captivating brand identity, 
  2. Developing a robust website integrated with essential online resources and 
  3. Nurturing business growth with collaborative and comprehensive support

Key Services

  • Creative storytelling
  • User-centric design
  • Branding and identity
  • Responsive design

9. Funnel Boost Media

Funnel Boost Media

Founded Year: 2012

Average Hourly Rate: $50 – $99 

Located in San Antonio, TX, Funnel Boost Media specializes in crafting, boosting, and nurturing local businesses through search engine marketing strategies. 

Whether seeking organic SEO services, pay-per-click search marketing, conversion rate optimization, or website design, they are ready to engage in conversations about upcoming projects. 

The core objective revolves around augmenting client revenue using online lead generation.

Key Services

  • Conversion-oriented design
  • User experience enhancement
  • Landing page expertise
  • Performance optimization

10. KrishaWeb 

KrishaWeb - Small Business Website Design Companies

Founded Year: 2008

Average Hourly Rate: $50 – $99

KrishaWeb embarked on its humble journey in 2008, diligently carving out a prominent niche in the industry while establishing a global clientele. 

With a comprehensive portfolio, they have successfully catered to over 1950 small, medium, and enterprise businesses.

Key Service

  • User-centered design
  • eCommerce Expertise
  • Innovative approach
  • Holistic solutions

Factors Driving Website Design Trends for Small Businesses

Small businesses turn to cutting-edge website design trends in the fast-evolving digital landscape to stay competitive. Below are the key factors propelling these trends and their impact:

Factors Driving Web Design Trends

1. Mobile Responsiveness: Shaping User Experience

With over 53% of web traffic coming from mobile devices, mobile responsiveness is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Websites that adapt seamlessly across various screen sizes enhance user experience and ensure consistent engagement.

2. Interactive Design: Engaging User Interaction

Engagement drives conversions. Interactive elements like animations, micro-interactions, and chatbots captivate users, keeping them engaged and fostering longer site visits, a crucial metric for small businesses.

3. Visual Storytelling: Compelling Brand Narratives

Visuals are a powerful storytelling tool. Small businesses leverage imagery, videos, and infographics to quickly convey their brand’s story and values, creating a more relatable and memorable user experience.

4. Minimalistic Design: Less is More

Simplicity reigns supreme. A clutter-free design with ample white space directs users’ attention to critical elements, reducing cognitive load and ensuring a seamless navigation experience.

5. Data Security: Building Trust 

Small businesses prioritize data security in an age of cyber threats. Implementing SSL certificates, encryption, and secure payment gateways reassures users, fostering trust and confidence.

6. Social Media Integration: Amplifying Reach 

Seamless integration with social media platforms extends your online presence beyond your website. Sharing options, live feeds, and social logins provide convenient pathways for user engagement.

DIY vs. Professional Design: What’s Best for Your Small Business? 

Let’s break down the different aspects of each approach to help you make an informed decision.


DIY Design

Professional Design

Expertise Required

Basic technical skills to use website builders or templates.

High-level design skills and understanding of user experience.


Limited customization options with pre-made templates.

Extensive customization tailored to your business’s unique needs.

User Experience

May lack optimal user experience if not well-versed in UX.

Professional designers ensure intuitive and engaging UX.

Long-term Growth

Limited scalability for complex future growth and features.

Designs can accommodate future business expansions and changes.


Initial costs might be lower, but potential hidden expenses.

Upfront investment with transparent costs and value.

Support & Maintenance

You’re responsible for ongoing maintenance and updates.

Professional Web Application Development Services often include ongoing support and updates.

Time Commitment

It can be time-consuming as you learn and design simultaneously.

Less time-consuming as professionals handle the design process.

DIY might work for simple sites, but if you seek a polished, tailor-made online presence that reflects your brand’s professionalism, hiring a professional designer is a prudent investment.

To Conclude

These top-notch website development services providers are excellent examples in a digital age where an online presence is crucial. From creative designs to user-friendly interfaces, they have mastered crafting impactful websites. 

Whether a startup or an established business, these experts can help you make a remarkable digital footprint. So, if you’re ready to take your small business to new heights, do not hesitate to partner with one of these outstanding design companies. 

Your success story awaits, backed by the expertise of these industry leaders.


1. What makes a small business website design company outstanding? 

Ans: A small business website design company stands out through its ability to create visually appealing, tailored, and user-friendly websites that reflect the brand’s identity. Such a company excels in understanding the unique needs of small businesses, integrating practical design elements, optimizing for mobile responsiveness, and enhancing user experience.

2. How much does it cost to design a website for a small-scale business? 

Ans: The cost of designing a website for a small-scale business can vary widely based on factors such as the complexity of the design, the number of pages, the functionalities required, and the level of customization. On average, small business website design costs can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. It is essential to consult with design companies to get accurate quotes tailored to specific business needs.

3. Why should small businesses hire website design companies?

Ans: Hiring web developers in India offers numerous advantages to small businesses. Design companies bring expertise in creating professional and visually appealing websites that align with the brand’s goals. They ensure the website is user-friendly, responsive, and optimized for search engines, contributing to higher online visibility. Additionally, website design companies can save businesses valuable time and resources by handling the technical aspects of design, leaving the business owners to focus on their core operations.

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