Precision Farming Website Development

We created a website for farmers to help them avoid unwanted practices for a crop, regardless of local soil/climate conditions, etc. The concept is based on observing, measuring and responding to inter- and intra-field variability in crops. It is a new method of farming that tailors inputs of fertilizers, pesticides, etc., to match the variation in the growing conditions within a field.

Technology Used:
  • GIS
  • GPS
  • IOS

Project Type

The client needed a precision farming/agriculture website that would allow them to gather data and accurately assess optimal sowing density, fertilizer and seed requirements, and predict crop yields. We created a website that leverages new technologies and collects field data to enable informed decision-making at the right time and place. The website utilizes digital agriculture techniques, including large-scale farm-level mapping and a comprehensive database of resources generated through space-based inputs and field observations. It helps to create detailed plans to maximize yield and minimize input costs using a Decision Support System.

  • GIS
  • GPS
  • IOS

Key Challenges

  • Culture and perceptions of the users
  • Small farm size
  • Lack success stories
  • Heterogeneity of cropping systems and market imperfections
  • Land ownership, infrastructure and institutional constraints
  • Lack of local technical expertise
  • Knowledge and technical gaps

Proposition & Solution

  • Included case studies and success stories from other farmers implementing precision farming practices.
  • Provided information about cost-effective precision farming solutions that are suitable for small-scale operations.
  • Provided information about precision farming practices suitable for different cropping systems and regions. It can also provide information about market conditions and opportunities to help farmers make informed decisions.
  • Training programs and technical support services to help farmers develop the necessary skills to implement precision farming.
  • The website provides educational resources, tutorials, and FAQs to help farmers understand the technical aspects of precision farming.
  • It includes information about data sources, data quality standards, and cost-effective data management solutions. It can also provide information about data analytics tools and services to help farmers make informed decisions.

Our Development Process

  • The Discovery Phase- Our team worked with the client to identify their needs and goals for the website. It includes researching the precision farming industry and identifying key features and functionality that should be included in the website.
  • The Execution Phase- This involves designing wireframes and mockups of the website, developing the website's backend and frontend functionality, and integrating any necessary third-party tools or platforms. We conducted regular testing and quality assurance to ensure the website functions as intended.
  • Sprint Base Project Delivery- The team may use an agile development methodology, such as scrum, to ensure the project progresses on schedule and within budget. This involves breaking the project into smaller "sprints" of work, with regular check-ins and reviews to ensure the project is on track.
  • The Deployment Phase- Once the website has been fully developed and tested, it's time to deploy it to the live environment. This involves setting up the website on a hosting platform, configuring any necessary server settings, and ensuring the website is optimized for search engines and mobile devices.

Salient Features

  • Interactive maps
  • Data Analytics
  • Integration with IoT devices
  • Weather forecasting
  • Mobile Optimization

Results & Benefits

PF is not only potentially more economical, but it also reduces the number of chemicals released into the environment. It helps to:
  1. Improves crop yield and profit
  2. Provides better information for making management decisions
  3. Provides more detail & useful farm records
  4. Reduces fertilizer costs
  5. Reduces pesticide costs
  6. Reduces pollution

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