Our Angular Development Services

Counted among the best AngularJS web development companies in India, we cover a wide array of AngularjS app development services that include:


Custom Angular Development

We have years of domain expertise that help you get secure, scalable, feature-packed, and mobile-friendly web application development services.


UI/UX Development

Our Angular development team provides creative and eye-catchy web and mobile app UI/UX development services per the latest design trends.


Cross-platform Web Apps

We develop high-performing cross-platform web apps using AngularJS that run seamlessly on all major browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera.


Migration & Upgradation Services

Migrate your existing web apps to the latest Angular versions. Our AngularJS developers have in-depth knowledge of the framework’s features and can smoothly migrate your app with zero downtime.


Angular Consulting Services

To know anything about Angular technology, feel free to contact us, and our Angular development team will readily provide you with consulting services.


Support and Maintenance

In addition to the Angular web development services, our Angular development team is proficient in providing round-the-clock Angular support & maintenance services.

Client Success Stories

We are pleased to serve our clients and take great pride in delivering quality services that exceed their expectations. Here is what some of them have to say about us:

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Want to hire an angular js web development company for your next project? PixelCrayons has helped global businesses of all sizes to develop feature-rich, cost-effective web solutions. With our comprehensive development services, we provide the best of both worlds – speed, and scalability. Get in touch with an angular js development company in India to build your next web-based app.

PixelCrayons: The Right Choice for Angular Web
App Development

PixelCrayons is counted among reputed custom Angular development companies in India due to the following USPs:

Comprehensive Requirement Analysis

We offer an in-depth requirement analysis and help you make a detailed road map for your project. This helps us deliver what you want within the committed time frame.

Well Designed Web App

The first thing your user notices is the design of the Angular web app. We follow the latest web design trends to provide eye-catchy & easy-to-use designs to your web app.

Mobile-friendly Web app

We provide a function-rich responsive Angular web app with an elegant custom theme, feature-rich plugins, and a mobile-friendly user interface.

High Performance & Speed

Our developed Angular website delivers swift user experiences and loads within 3 seconds, boosting your conversions and helping in Google ranking.

Advanced Security & Scalability

We ensure maximum scalability & protection of the Angular site by employing advanced security measures like high-security plugins, data encryption, a secure admin dashboard, etc.

End-to-end Angular Development

We provide end-to-end Angular web development solutions from prototyping & UI/UX designing to deployment.

Verticals of Angular Development

We cater to businesses from a wide range of industry sectors and help them overcome the numerous challenges they face in their specific domain:


Banking and Finance Solutions

Custom banking & financial software development services for cost leadership, increased operational efficiency.



Web and mobile applications help the automotive sector to be more cost-efficient & sustainable.



Advanced e-healthcare solutions with end-to-end web & mobile healthcare application development.


Media & Entertainment

Online promotion solutions, social networking development tools, and more.


Logistics & Transport Solutions

Result-driven solutions for logistics & transportation companies to maximize ROI.


Social Networks Solutions

Solutions for social networks & communities, collaboration, blogs & Wikis, etc.


Travel & Tourism

Improve your travel business' RoI and lessen operational costs with Angular development.


eLearning Solutions

Online training web apps, learning management systems, corporate learning portals, and more.


Online Store

eCommerce solutions, including eCarts & marketplaces, auctions & reverse auctions, social commerce solutions, etc.

Why Should You Choose Angular.JS Development?

Angular. JS is used more frequently than any other app development language today. For web developers looking to create superior web applications, AngularJS is a powerful and robust framework that’s helpful. If you’re wondering why you should use it for your next project, then here are a few reasons to consider:


Wide Range of Features

The variety of features make Angular.JS popular among developers. Some of the notable features include two-way binding, MVC architecture, directives, filters, and expressions.

Data Binding

The extensive use of JavaScript makes AngularJS ideal for web app development. This framework integrates well with HTML codes and is used for data binding.

MVC Architecture

Another great reason to use AngularJS is that it follows the MVC architecture. This architecture makes the development process more organized and logical.


The dynamic nature of AngularJS makes it the best choice for building powerful and scalable web apps. AngularJS is also easy to learn and use, making it an excellent platform for web development.

Ease of Use

AngularJS is very easy to use. Its syntax and pattern are simple, making it an excellent choice for inexperienced developers.

Why Should You Outsource Angular.JS Development?

There are many reasons to consider outsourcing AngularJS development services. It’s a great way to get the most out of your web development project. Some reasons to consider outsourcing AngularJS development are:

Get Access to Expertise

When you outsource AngularJS development, you’ll get access to expertise. You work with a team of experienced and skilled developers who can help you build your project successfully. With the knowledge and experience of these developers, you’ll be able to get high-quality results for your project.

Save Time and Money

Another great reason to outsource AngularJS development is that it saves your time and money in the long run. You won’t need to hire and manage your in-house team, which can be costly and time-consuming. Outsourcing lets you focus on other aspects of your project while allowing the experts to handle the development work.

Use Latest Tools & Technologies

You get access to the latest tools and technologies. Developers who work with this platform are always up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. With access to these latest tools and technologies, you’ll be able to build a cutting-edge web app for your business.

Achieve Faster Results

Finally, outsourcing allows you to get faster results for your project. You work with a team of experts who can complete the development work quickly and efficiently. With faster results, you’ll be able to launch your web app in a shorter period and start reaping the benefits.


Angular Web Development Case Studies

Our AngularJS development services have helped create an engaging user experience for our clients. As a reputable AngularJS development company, we have successfully helped many clients worldwide to deliver a wide range of projects. Here are some of our success stories: 

Get Detailed Information on Angular Development

Here is our complete guide on Angular Development that you can consider for your next big project. This will help you learn about the process, get detailed information, and choose the right team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions related to Angular web development that our clients frequently ask:

What is angular development?

Angular development is the process of creating web applications using the Angular framework. Angular is a popular open-source front-end framework created by Google. It is created to assist developers in creating scalable, high-performance, and maintainable applications and is built on TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript.

Why angularjs is used?

AngularJS is the first version of Angular, which was released in 2010.  It is an open-source framework built on JavaScript that Google created for creating dynamic web apps. Single-page applications (SPAs) are developed using AngularJS, renowned for their capacity to streamline the development process, boost productivity, and improve user experience.

How is angularjs different from javascript?

There are the following ways that AngularJS is distinct from JavaScript.

  • JavaScript is a programming language, whereas AngularJS is a framework. While JavaScript is a general-purpose language used in a wide variety of applications, AngularJS offers a collection of tools, libraries, and principles that assist developers in creating complex online apps.
  • Unlike traditional imperative programming languages like JavaScript, AngularJS employs a declarative programming style that enables developers to specify what they want the application to accomplish rather than how to implement it. 
  • AngularJS leverages two-way data binding, which enables model updates to automatically update the view and vice versa, simplifying the management of complicated data connections for developers.

Why should I choose PixelCrayons for Angular development?

The most crucial reason you should choose our Angular software development company is our dedication blended with excellence. With 18+ years of domain expertise, 12500+ successful projects, & 5400+ happy customers, we have carved a niche in the Angular app development industry. 

We provide 24×7 support for Angular, HTML5, Ionic, Cordova, and PhoneGap app development services. PixelCrayons employs efficient technology professionals adept at developing high-quality web and mobile applications using cutting-edge tools and technologies.

How long does it take to create an Angular web app?

The time to create a fully functional web app is based on many factors. Customized web designing work can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project and the number of revisions you need. 

After that development phase needs an additional 1 to 6 weeks, depending on the number of pages and functionality required. We follow an agile development process that assists us in delivering your project in the minimum possible time.

Can I choose an Angular developer from your team to work on my project?

Yes, you can! We have a passionate, skilled, and experienced team of Angular developers available for worldwide clients at affordable rates. Our talented and resourceful web developers love to use the latest and greatest technology in their work, and we can help you save time and money.

We use cutting-edge tools like Angular that stand out from the crowd and help us deliver high-quality products within given timelines.

Can the app be deployed on any of the application stores?

Google Play Store is undoubtedly easily compatible. For the Apple Store and Windows Store, it is necessary to follow the norms and coding standards, and if followed, the application can be live on all the application stores conveniently.

What industries have you previously worked with for Angular development?

We’ve worked with a diverse range of industries! From e-commerce and healthcare to finance and entertainment, our AngularJS development company has experience crafting solutions that fit various needs. No matter the industry, we’re here to make your web presence shine.

What kind of expertise does your Angular development team possess?

Our team is a powerhouse of Angular knowledge. We’ve got experts who know Angular, from creating sleek user interfaces to building complex interactive features. We’re all about making stunning websites, working flawlessly, and giving users that “Wow!” feeling.

Can you migrate our existing application to Angular from another framework?

If you’ve got an existing app that needs a fresh Angular makeover, we’re up for the challenge. Our AngularJS development company has migration maestros who can smoothly transition your app from another framework to Angular, ensuring a seamless user experience and enhanced functionality. Just let us know your vision, and we’ll make it happen.