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Food Delivery Software Solution

Experience the industry’s best Online Food delivery solution tailored as per the specific requirements of Startups, Single Restaurants and Restaurant Chains. Bring joy to the platter of your customer with our Online Food Delivery app that will satisfy your customers with awesome food from their favourite restaurants. Let your users leave the age-old dining options at restaurants behind and help them switch to our Online Food Delivery Solutions.

Join more than 1000+ Businesses who have trusted PixelCrayons’ food delivery solution.

Online food ordering software

Word's Most Popular Online Food Delivery Solution

The solution is backed by powerful tools that help you find potential customers, drive sales, and easily manage your day-to-day tasks.

Stats Say That

Our online food delivery solution is faster, secure and scalable than other solutions available in the market.

Restaurants all across the globe are choosing our food delivery solution to increase their RoI and streamline their business process.

  • 400%

    More Traffic

  • 200%

    More Conversion

  • 250%

    Countries Served

  • 335%

    Increase in Revenue YoY

All-in-One Food Delivery Software Solution

The solution is backed by powerful tools that help you find potential customers, drive sales, and easily manage your day-to-day tasks.

  • Users

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  • Multiple Registration Option

    This solution can be easily downloaded from the Playstore on any of the mobile OS. From the user point of view, the solution provides the option to register using Facebook or Gmail hence making the app more engaging to the users.

    Delivery Details

    The user can easily track the delivery details of their order with the help of the in-built map and access the delivery note anytime.

    Search Option

    A user can browse through the nearby restaurants and specific dishes in the search option. Also, the AI based solution gives recommendations of other cuisines based on user search behavior so as to keep them engaged.

    Filter Option

    There are several filter options provided such as price, dietary, most popular, rating and delivery time so that the user can easily navigate through the app and easily place the order.

    Payment & Wallet options

    Users have several choices to pay for the ordered food by COD, debit or credit card or internet banking. Also, the solution is provided with a wallet where a user can add money to it to avoid the last minute hassles.

    Ratings and Reviews

    Our Food Delivery Solution provides Rating and Reviews features so that the users can express the love and concerns about the service.

  • Registration

    The client as an admin can tie up with restaurants by having a look at the restaurant details and photos of the cuisine.

    Verified Restaurants

    The admin can provide a list of verified restaurants to its users and help them gain trust in the food delivery solution.

    Order Management

    The order Management feature helps the restaurant manager to have a control over availability, preparation time and order acceptance.


    Providing discounts to the customers is one of the easiest ways to entice the customer, the restaurant owner loves to promote their product in this manner.

    Menu Work/Digital Menu

    The chef at the restaurants has the perk of crafting the menu and option in the food delivery solution as it will help in discontinuation of the monotony of the same cuisine

    Rating and Review

    Since the buyer has the right to put the rating and reviews of a particular restaurant, it helps the admin to provide quality service from the restaurants.

  • Restaurant

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  • Delivery Partner

    online restaurant ordering system
  • Login and Registration

    A rider can easily become a delivery partner and point of intermediate contact between the restaurant and the buyer. All one needs to do is to register on to this app by providing personal details and vehicle details through which they will commute.

    Profile Management

    The delivery partner can edit their personal and vehicle detail anytime which will further get verified by the admin.

    Trip Management

    Trip Management feature helps the delivery partner to effectively manage their trip. Here they can accept or reject the order as per their location preferences.

    Map Feature

    Our food delivery solution comes with a map feature which guides delivery partners throughout the way and provides them with contact details of the customers if required.

    Ratings and reviews

    The rating and reviews provided by the customers about their delivery partner helps the delivery boys and restaurant owners to serve their users in a better way.

Seamless Food Delivery Solution for

  • online food ordering app

    Startups & Stalls

    Small Startups and Road-side stalls find food delivery solutions an easier way to grow thei customer base as they are restricted to several facilities and dining options. Our Food Delivery Software Development solution will help them to modernize and generate revenue for their business.

  • online restaurant ordering system

    Single Restaurant & Restaurant Chains

    Single restaurants who are not in tie up with any food delivery solution may find it helpful to mark their online presence across several online platforms where their business can v=be advertised.

Benefits of our Solution

Our web and mobile app developers blend innovation into mobile applications and deliver to you the best solution.

  • Intuitive UI and UX

    We provide the best UI and UX for our solution and world-class quality.

  • One-Time Cost

    You need to spend only one time for this and the future maintenance is in our hands with avery minor cost.

  • Interactive solutions

    We provide you with a lively and user-friendly solution so that it leaves a quality impression on the customers visiting your app.

online food ordering app
  • Own your Code

    The code developed by us will always be owned by you as it is against our policy.

  • 100% Mobile Responsive

    Our food delivery solution ensures complete mobile responsiveness. All your listings will be optimized as per mobile devices.

  • Secure

    Our solution will be secured with sitewide HTTPS, two-factor authentication, PCI Certification, & anti-fraud tools to protect your customers' information

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at some of the FAQs (frequently asked questions) often asked by our clients.

Why should I choose PixelCrayons over other food delivery software solution providers?

PixelCrayons is in the IT industry for the last 16 years and has served more than 4800 customers worldwide. We have delivered 11500+ projects to date and have worked with biggies like Puma, Adobe, HP, WarnerBros, and Vodafone.

What technologies do you use while during food software development?

We use a combination of: + Java + AngularJS (JavaScript MVC framework) + SQL Server (database engine) + Apache Tomcat (application server), etc.

What is a restaurant/ food delivery software solution?

Food delivery software solution offers restaurants and food delivery service owners a facility to use web-based tools to receive food orders, payment processing, vendor services, and delivery options.

What are the benefits of getting on-demand food delivery software solutions?

An on-demand food delivery software solution helps your business in many ways. It enables you to reach a broader range of customers and offers you features like cashless transactions, vendor management, etc. Here are the 3 key importance
More customer engagement
People are today more inclined towards placing their orders online rather than visiting the restaurant. A food delivery app makes it easier for customers to interact with businesses. It means less time is spent at the restaurant doors waiting for a waiter or an order.
Instant benefits
When you get an app for your food delivery service, it's like reaching out to a more significant audience base in just a few minutes. You do not need to go looking for customers or make extra efforts to attract them. They will find you with the help of search engines and mobile apps! With just one click on the mobile apps, people can place their orders and deliver them to their doorsteps.
Higher revenue
With on-demand food delivery software for your business, you can expect better revenues. Think about it like this - how much time do you think people spend deciding what to order when they visit a restaurant? Not more than 5-10 minutes! That's where on-demand apps like UberEats and DoorDash help you connect with your potential customers. They place their order and pick up the food in a matter of minutes.

How much time is required to create a food delivery software solution?

Our food delivery software solution is a ready-to-use software solution. We usually deliver it within 15-20 working days!

How will I ensure that my idea of a food delivery software solution is safe with your company?

We sign a non-disclosure agreement to maintain the confidentiality of your ideas.

How much does it cost to create an on-demand food delivery software solution?

The answer to this question is not definite, as it entirely depends on the features you add to your software. To know more about the cost, feel free to contact us.

What are the benefits of PixelCrayons’ Food Delivery Software Solution?

Here’s a list of benefits:
• Highly secure
• Own your code
• Highly interactive solution
• Smart UI/UX
• On-time cost

  • We were very afraid that there is no agency that will deliver the quality that we were looking for. Pixelcrayons turned out to be a very good solution. Since day one, we were engaging in the product development. At the begining, I thought it's gonna be a very hard road...

    Mr. Nilo Quiroz, Wyzchef
  • PixelCrayon’s management has been very knowledgeable & flexible with assigning right resources. The developers are skilled, focussed, and professional who have delivered their thoughts on time. Definitely would recommend PixelCrayons and would use them again...

    Philip Hamichi, Eurowise
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    Martin Celler, Celler Angels
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