AngularJS vs Vue.js: Which is the Best Front-end JavaScript Framework?

angular vs vue

AngularJS vs Vue.js

Are you a business owner looking for front-end development services, but unable to decide which technology is the best match for you? Are you confused about choosing between two best frontend development tools Angular.js vs Vue.js for creating your web apps? 

Then you are in the right place as this is a must-read post for you. Here we will compare two of the most popular JavaScript frameworks: AngularJS and Vue.js.

In contemporary times, front-end development cannot be imagined without Javascript frameworks. The choice between them plays a crucial role in determining the scalability, structure, and performance of an application.

 It’s one of the most integral aspects of front-end web development and essentially provides the structure for the code libraries to work. Within this realm of Javascript based frameworks, Angular and Vue co-exist with each other and are among the most popular front-end frameworks today.

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While Angular.js, the Google-backed framework has been at the top ranks since 2010.  On the other hand, Vue.js, created by a former Google Employee Evan You in 2014 is a newcomer that has captured a high amount of interest from developers. This is what made it reach over 40k stars on Github in 2017. It was the most popular front-end javascript framework in the year as per the rankings of

Angular.js has been improving over the years through its updates in the form of Angular 2, 4 and 5. Vue.js though, claims to build upon everything that its competitor lacks or misses out on. 

Let’s have a look at some of the highlights which show how these two frameworks perform in web application development individually:

1. Angular.js is opinionated and heavy, but high on functionality. Whereas Vue.js is flexible and light but prefers speed over function.

While Angular is based on a well-formed structure made out of heavy codes. Vue.js is much lighter and more flexible. The reason for this is that Angular has a large set of enclosed features that can be put to good use by the developers. However, in most cases, most of these features and functions are not used for the application.

The Vue.js sheds a lot of weight by not having too many additional features in its main library.  All features are supposed to be added through additional extensions which make it more modular than the Angular framework.

But the well-built structure of Angular provides more scope for adding additional features to the application. The lower size of Vue.js is perfect for implementation if an application doesn’t need a large set of functionalities.

At the same time, Angular.js can be rigid as compared to Vue.js since it is opinionated. What this means is that the developers must build the application in a way as intended by the framework. The latter provides more freedom for developers in this aspect.

Considering all the advantages and quirks, Angular.js should be the best choice for dynamic projects which make use of most of the framework’s features. Whereas Vue.js would be better for small-size projects and other applications which prefer faster speed over greater functionality.

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 2. Angular.js has a steeper learning curve, therefore, you need more experienced full-stack developers for your project.

Angular.js uses Microsoft TypeScript

Angular.js uses Microsoft TypeScript along with Vanilla Javascript, which requires a steeper learning curve

While both Angular.js and Vue.js make use of HTML and CSS. The former use TypeScript, a superset of Javascript created by Microsoft. This means that developers are required to be familiar with the use of TypeScript if they are working with Angular.js Or else they’ll have to learn it from scratch in order to make the best use of it for developing the application.

Though it must be said that the learning curve is well worth the time and effort since TypeScript is in many ways superior to vanilla JavaScript in terms of functionality. At the same time, the advantage of Vue.js development services here is that it can be used to its full potential even with pure JavaScript. This eliminates the need for developers to have additional background knowledge.

3. Angular.js has more resources and support, but Vue.js is catching up

Angular.js definitely has more community support as compared to Vue.js. However, the increasing popularity of Vue.js has led to an increase in community support. The ever-increasing number of stars on Github is a testament to the same.

Though one minor criticism with Vue.js has been that its ecosystem is wider in the Chinese regions. This has led to differences in communication due to a higher amount of Chinese developers within the community.

Why & When should you choose Angular.js

— Angular.js has a wide set of functions and an opinionated structure. This makes it more suitable for large-scale, dynamic and real-time applications such as instant messaging and chat apps.

— It’s highly appropriate for cross-platform mobile development and Enterprise applications.

 Why & When should you choose Vue.js

— If all you want is a lightweight and single-page web application, then Vue.js is the best choice.

— If speed and performance are what matter to you the most.





Both of these frameworks would provide a great structure for your application. But you can choose any of them according to your requirements. If you want a framework that’s almost considered as an industry standard and is well-trusted. Then AngularJS web development is the way to go. However, if your application demands a single-page layout, and if you want it to be fast, light and clean. Then there could be no better choice than Vue.js web development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can AngularJS do that Vue.js cannot?

Angularjs can create single-page applications with fewer issues encountered.

  • What is the best front-end javascript framework: Angular.js, or Vue.js?

Vue.js is much simpler and flexible. Moreover, its performance, scalability, and security are amazing.   

  • Which is a better frontend framework, Vue.js or AngularJS?

Vue.js is a better framework as it is more flexible and simple as compared to the Angular.js.

  • Is Vue.js more popular than AngularJS?

In popularity, AngularJS takes the lead. The reason is quite clear. Angular.js is older. It was initially released in 2010 while vuejs was released in 2014.

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  1. Great comparison i must say but i like Vue more than Angular and that is clearly mentioned in this blog as well

  2. Nice Blog! The explanation about the difference was easy to understand. Vue.js is a lot more modern and in future, it might be more preferred than Angular.

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