“Getting a quality website is not an expense but rather an investment.”― Dr. Christopher Dayagdag.

Undoubtedly, an excellent website can fuel your business expansion. Not only can it enhance customer retention but it even drives higher sales by making a notable first impression. 

Believe it or not, websites are one of the essential powerful marketing channels for your organization. 

However, today’s blog is not about whether or not you need a website. It is about how much website development costs you.

The answer may vary based on several factors like technical complexity, duration of the development process, etc. Of course, this estimation may differ from company to company, depending upon their experience, skills, and expertise. 

Today, in this blog, you will get the best estimation of website development costs. However, let us first know why it is difficult to find the exact cost of website development. 

Do You Think It is Tough to Know the Web Development Cost? Here is Why!

One of the most common questions for many entrepreneurs is how much it costs to develop a website. Unfortunately, there is no exact answer. 

That’s because website development services vary from one business to another and work on various factors determining its price. I have gathered some helpful information to help you understand why discovering the cost of web development services can be complex.

It’s all about-

  • Business Model and Strategy
  • Technology & Platform
  • Features and Function
  • Design and Architecture

Just like you cannot predict the cost of your dream house, it is tough to estimate the price of a website. 

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How Much Money You Need to Develop a Website- The Estimations 

The Cost of Developing Different Levels of Websites

Research shows that the standard cost of developing a website generally varies from $1,000 to $95,000. Here are some data for better clarification.

  • The expense could be between $1,000 and $10,000 to make a website for a small business. (Source)
  • To build a standard website, relying on your necessities, you might have to spend between $100 and $500. The cost of a custom feature-rich site can go as much as $30,000 or more. (Source)
  • The cost can be from $2,500 to $95,000 to create a website. To build a complicated custom website, you may have to shell out even more. (Source)

Now, one thing is apparent, i.e., various factors influence the final website development cost, so let us move to those factors now. 

Factors Affecting Average Cost of Website Development

1. Size of the Project- The Bigger the Project, the Higher the Value 

Cost Of Designing a Website

How big is your project? A simple and small website can charge you around $1500 to build, while a large website with advanced functionalities can cost you up to $10,000.

The size of the project may include: 

  • The number of pages to be designed.
  • SEO efforts and their type.
  • Database needs (if any).
  • Technicality required (Javascript, flash, multimedia, etc.).

A professional who has experience handling such projects will indeed charge you more than someone who has less experience. If you are creating a simple website, it is unnecessary that only an expert can produce the best work for you. 

But, if you need someone who can design more complex websites with different modules, extra features, and excellent interfaces, then only an expert will be able to deliver that for you.

Besides, if the number of pages you want is large, it will undoubtedly take more time than an average-sized website. Hence the cost increases.

Similarly, if you need technical work to be done along with your site design and development, like coding or extra features to be integrated, then again, the overall price goes up.

2. Style Design-Does Your Business Require a Basic Website or a Flashy One?

Top UI/UX tools used by web designers

Your website’s style is a critical factor that adds up to the cost of building a website. Styles have an impact on your web page’s overall look and feel. It can range from simple and professional to complex and flashy one.

Usually, the more custom your website style is, the higher it will cost you. A basic website page is the cheapest to build, while a flashy and trendy website will cost you more.

If you want to have numerous pages inside your site with distinct structures and modules, the team will need to work longer to build these “unique designs” or “unique views” for you.

3. SEO Integration-Do You Want Your Website to Rank Higher in the Search Results?

“A website without SEO is like a car with no gas.” Paul Cookson.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) improves your site’s visibility in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. SEO absolutely affects the cost of building a website. 

If you want your website to be visible on search engines, you must get help from an experienced web design company that will do SEO and website design.

SEO services make your site searchable by all major search engines, giving it a good boost in terms of visitors count and the number of conversions.

Also, SEO integration will cost you more if you want to have many pages for your website since each page needs on-page SEO work.

4. Integration of the Database- How Much Information Will Your Website Have?

A database is a tool that stores all the information on your website. To set up a dynamic website that allows people to search for data and have massive amounts of information stored inside it, you need a database that will help you integrate many functions on the web pages.

However, there are different types of databases. For example, MySQL is a database that allows you to store data for online forums and blogs, while Oracle and MS SQL are databases suitable for E-commerce sites.

5. Experience of Your Website Development Team- Is Your Partner New or an Experienced One?

Website Development Cost

You can determine the price of your website with one more factor, i.e., what are the experience levels of your website team? An experienced professional will charge you more than a beginner with little or no experience.

But do keep in mind that it’s not necessary that only an expert can produce the best work for your website. What matters is who can provide you with a better job and more value for money at the end of the day.

6. Content Management Systems (CMS) Development- WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal Are the Best Choice!

Content Management Systems (CMS) Development- Website Development Cost

If you plan to have a content management system (CMS) for your website, it will cost you more. A website with CMS systems can cost anywhere between $7000 to $15000.

CMS systems help you maintain your website and give you the freedom to post or edit the site’s content anytime you want. Many companies use CMS systems such as WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal as they are free (open source) and easy to manage.

  • WordPress is one of the most famous free (open source) CMS that is used all over the world. It is also easy to set up, simple, and search engine friendly. 
  • Joomla! It is another great open-source CMS with many professional features like multi-lingual support, multi-user support, and user roles. It also features extensive security settings with customizable template layout options.
  • Drupal is one of the popular CMS systems in use among professionals due to its flexible content management features. Drupal can be used for creating all types of websites, including blogs, online magazines, portals, business sites, etc.

7. Extra Features or Modules- Do You Need a Blog Module or Online Store Module?

website development cost

Having a blog, online store, etc., will require you to have an experienced web developer on board who has worked with such systems in the past and knows how it works precisely. A newbie may not comply with your requirements and may give you faulty output. 

Extra features or modules can be a significant factor in deciding the total cost of your website development. If these features are included, it will cost you more for the design and development of your website. Some modules that can add up to the cost of a simple website or a fundamental e-commerce site would be: 

  • Hosting: Hosting is an essential part of website development as, without a hosting service, it would be difficult for people to find your site. In some cases, companies offer free hosting services with their domain name for a limited time, but usually, it is done at a monthly price.
  • The Blog module: If you plan to have a blog on your website, you need an experienced web developer who can integrate the blog with the site.
  • Online Store Module: If you are planning for an online store, it is better to have it developed on your own website to enjoy the many benefits associated with your website instead of using third-party websites.
  • Domain name: A web professional will have to check on the availability of your preferred domain name through a third-party company before you decide on anything. Once it is verified or available, only development can begin, or else, you would have to opt for another domain name. 

If the selected domain name is unavailable with a third-party company, the developer will have to do it on your behalf and charge you extra.

How Much Does Website Development Cost?

Here is a quick summary of the cost of a website.

Price Factor 


Web Design 

$12,000 to $150,000 / design

Website Maintenance 

$400 to $60,000 / year

Website Marketing 

$2,500 to $12,000 / month

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How Much Does a Business Website Development Cost?

A business website can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. It ranges from $2,000 to $75,000, while yearly website maintenance can go from $400 to $60,000. These costs, however, do rely on the features and size of your site. 

Cost of a Website Based On Your Development Partner 

Option 1. Build an In-House Team

The typical cost of employing an in-house team is about $500,000 per year. It includes the team’s salary, accounting costs, taxes, the office, and maintenance. 


  • An in-house team is reliable as they are working for you.
  • There will be little or no miscommunication as the client and the website developers speak the same language.
  • The client can control all activities in his web development project very efficiently, either day-to-day basis or at least on a week-to-week basis.
  • An in-house team is an on-demand resource; you can assign tasks when needed, depending on the project requirement.


  • An in-house web development team is more expensive than an outsourced team.
  • In-house resources may not be available on a full-time basis, especially if the company has a pool of resources/team that has many projects going at the same time.
  • Getting new clients and convincing them may require more time as the team is already committed to other projects.
  • An in-house team may not have adequate experience or knowledge of all the latest web design technologies/tools required to create a stunning website.

Option 2. Hire a Local Website Development Agency

Hiring a local website development agency will cost you-

  • From $75,000 to $150,000 on design and development
  • Around $60,000/year on maintenance
  • Approximately $225,000 on marketing

Also, there are some other costs you need to bear if you go for a local website development company. 


  • Local agencies will make your website design process much easier as they are more accessible.
  • There is minor miscommunication as the client and web developer speak the same language.
  • A local web development team is readily available for project work, as the client is nearby.
  • Clients can easily control or manage their projects by visiting the developers’ office at any time for supervision and review meetings.


  • These agencies are more expensive than outsourcing companies located locally overseas, as there will be an additional cost of logistics/traveling, resources relocation, and training.
  • There is a chance of miscommunication as the client may not speak the same language as the developer.
  • The website development project will be managed by the agency only; they cannot assign a task to their team on a day-to-day basis, which the client will do.

Option 3. Hire a Freelancer or a Freelance Team

Estimate Rates of hiring a Freelancer web developer

You can find a website designer for $250 to $2500. A freelance website programmer can charge around $10,000 for the work. Surrounding these high prices, you can create a complicated site for approximately $15,000.


  • Freelancers provide excellent value for money as they charge comparatively less than an agency.
  • The client can closely monitor the development process as freelancers work from their office, which is situated in the same city.
  • Freelancers are accessible and will be available for project work at any time, especially when they do not have other projects in hand.


  • Freelancers may not be as experienced and knowledgeable as an agency.
  • They cannot offer the client complete project management or job assignment, as they work individually on various projects simultaneously.
  • There is a chance of copyright violation as the client may retain all code, documents, etc.
  • It will be challenging to monitor the project development progress unless the client visits the freelancer’s office every day for supervisory meetings.

Option 4. Hire an Outsourcing Web Development Company

Since outsourcing companies hold the right skills, they demand more than freelancers. However, they are not as expensive as local US agencies. For example, if you pay $100 per hour to a US designer, you will have to spend just $50 with the outsourced.


  • Outsourcing web development companies provide outstanding value for money, as their work is cost-effective.
  • There is a chance to keep the entire project under one roof, thus reducing the effort required to coordinate between different parties.
  • These companies can offer fantastic expertise and experience in-house, which may not be available in a local agency.
  • There will be no miscommunication as the client and web developer speak different languages, but this is not a problem anymore with tools like Skype or Google Hangouts for live video chat and screen sharing, etc.


  • Offshore agencies may not be very accessible, as they are located abroad.
  • Offshore companies cannot offer the same accessibility to the client as local agencies do.
  • There is a chance of miscommunication between offshore companies and clients due to the language barrier.

Cost of a Website Based On Your Development Partner’s Region

The Cost by The Teams Region

The nation where you choose to outsource the web development agency also influences the concluding cost of the website development. Here is how web development team rates vary globally.

The Region

The Cost Per Hour


$80 – $120


$100 – $150

The UK

$90 – $130

Western Europe

$70 – $100


$40 – $80


$10 – $30

You should also consider that the numbers are comparable and vary from project to project.

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Parting Thoughts!

By now, you must have realized that calculating website development cost is not an easy task. Many factors can affect the total cost, and you should be ready for it to avoid surprises later.

However, your website is the face of your business. This is exactly why it should be well-designed so that it attracts more visitors and conversions. Hence, it is always good to hire the top website development company to grow your business exponentially! 

If you still have doubts about the cost, mention them below in the comment section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if the website cost will be worth it?

The best way to know whether you are spending too much on your website is by considering your goals. You need to determine what results you expect after hiring a web development agency (a new client base?) and then get an estimate based on that. 

Also, consider the time needed for your desired goals to be achieved. You should ensure that you see some progress within three to six months, or else you can drop the plan completely.

2. What factors influence the cost of website development?

The cost of a website is determined by various factors, such as the features you want to add, the location of the development agency, and the kind of developers you choose. The coding language, too, makes a difference.

3. How much should you pay to get a website developed?

The cost of the website depends upon various parameters, such as the features you want in your website, target personas, and the location of the development agency.

4. Can you get your desired website within $1000?

It is possible to develop a good quality and feature-rich eCommerce website within $1000. However, if you want to get an eCommerce store with complex functionality, custom development will be required, which might cost you more than $1000. Most developers charge either an hourly rate or a fixed price for the project.

5. Who should you contact for a low-cost website?

Local agencies are expensive due to overhead and other factors. That is why you will get a better deal if you outsource your project to an offshore development company. If your budget is $1000, it’s much more likely that the agency will complete your project within the time frame you want.

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