How To Create An App Like Uber Eats Using React Native? Know the Ins & Outs of Food-Delivery Apps

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App Like UberEats Using React Native

Do you know there were around 5 million apps at the beginning of 2020? The huge number makes it tough for newbies to enter and survive in this competitive market. Hence, the need to think of an out-of-the-box idea and develop an optimum app becomes a necessity.

Food ordering apps have become a popular idea in the past decade. From OpenTable launched in 1998 to Uber Eats launched in 2014, there has been a tremendous change in the demands of consumers.

The mobile app market revenue is expected to reach $139.1 billion by 2021. Here is the detailed graphical representation that shows the information about forecasted industry revenue as well as downloads.

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In order to win the benefits of this flourishing industry, it is vital to present something highly advantageous to your audience. Successful food ordering apps like Uber Eats is all about a good idea and an appropriate tech stack to execute the same.

React native is quite popular when it comes to food ordering app like Uber Eats. Various popular and successful app like Uber Eats is developed using this framework of Javascript. The benefits of React Native like its suitability for cross-platform apps and code re-usability make it a great choice for food ordering apps developers.

If you are considering a food ordering apps like Uber Eats idea then you are at the right place. You will get information on the following general queries in this blog:

1. How does food ordering apps like Uber Eats work?

2. How to develop a food ordering app using React Native?

3. What are the popular food ordering apps?

4. How does Uber Eats make money?

So, here are the answers to these queries in detail:

How Does A Food Ordering App Like Uber Eats works?

A food ordering app like Uber Eats is less about one company running the business and more about clients and partners. There are two apps, one is for customers and another for delivery personnel. Like any other on-demand service applications, the customers in these apps place the order and get the products (Food) delivered at their doorstep.

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Here are the major features that constitute the work-process of food ordering apps similar to Uber Eats:

Registration: That’s the first step before exploring any application. You can allow logins via Google, Facebook, or other social media profiles.

Search: Now here comes the real exploration. Search about restaurants, their reviews, and dishes along with a short description.

Order placing: Like other shopping apps, the item you like can be added into the cart.

Order checkout: it involves the selected items and the total amount that is to be paid. This is the most crucial point of food-ordering app development. This has to flawless and preferably a one-page checkout to avoid losing potential buyers.

Payment: The payment is usually allowed through a built-in payment gateway.

Notifications: Today is the era of push notifications. You can intimate your customers about the placed order and its delivery by sending SMS or notifications.

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How To Develop A Food-Ordering App Using React Native?

The development of any mobile application like Uber Eats requires a proper listing of the tech stack that has to be included in this. After studying the popular food ordering app like Uber Eats in detail, I have developed the following list of required features for developing food ordering apps:

Restaurant listing

Payment gateway

Location detection of the user


Registration and login



Push notifications

You will be required to hire app developers in India who are well-versed with the latest technologies like Artificial intelligence, machine learning, AR/VR, etc. to add features like location detector into food ordering apps. These features work on algorithms that are developed with the help of technologies like ML and deep learning.

Our team of React Native developers at PixelCrayons recently developed a food delivery app like Uber eats for one of our renowned clients. I am sharing some code snippets here to give you better clarity.

You can refer to these codes for product detail listing:

react native

These codes for category detail listing:

react native app

Refer to these codes for payment:

react native development

react native development

What Are The Popular Food Ordering Apps?

Food ordering apps are getting great business in every part of the world. Some of them are having a worldwide reach with partners all around the globe. They work on the on-demand business model.


  1. DoorDash: Newest of the others on the list. It is a San Francisco based company that expanded its services to 4000 cities across the USA and Canada.
  2. Grubhub: As of 2019, the company has 115,000 restaurants associated with it. With 19.9 million users, this food ordering app is serving 2200 cities in the USA.
  3. Uber Eats: In 2014, Uber launched its food-ordering app and named it Uber Fresh, and later in 2015, it was renamed as Uber Eats. The one thing that separates it from other apps is its flexible delivery rates depending on the distance.
  4. Postmates: An amazing food delivery app that has alluring offers to retain customers during festive seasons. They offer free delivery for a month to all orders above $20. It is easy to get food, groceries, and even alcohol delivered at your doorstep.
  5. Seamless: It is a North American company that is offering food delivery services from restaurants and caterers. These services are available in American continents and London. It merged with Grubhub in 2013.

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How does Uber eats make money?

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Uber Eats gets revenue from various sources including the following:

Uber Eats Revenue source: Delivery fee: Prior to last year i.e. 2018, Uber Eats worked on fixed delivery charges but since recently, it has started using a distance calculating system. The delivery charges in the Uber Eats app are depended on the distance the food will travel to reach the customer from the restaurant.

Uber Eats Revenue source: Share from restaurants: This is the commission that every aggregator like Uber Eats asks for from its partners. It take a share from restaurants per order.

Uber Eats Revenue source: Advertising: It is the marketing fee that is taken from restaurants by Uber Eats. This improves their visibility in the Uber Eats app and promotes their sale.

Final Words:

I hope this article served as a guide for getting a food-ordering app as Uber Eats developed. If your planning and execution are right then your app can even beat the other popular apps. Attracting the audience of the apps like Uber Eats will not be an impossible thing for you.

If you find any kind of difficulty at the planning level, you can consult with a renowned mobile app development company. They can guide the right path and choice of features. All the luck and strength to newcomers trying this idea for the first time.

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