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What are the best Java frameworks for my project?
Which Java framework is best for web development?
What are the different types of Javascript frameworks?

Here, in this blog, you will get answers to all such questions. Let’s go!

Java is one of the most popular computer programming languages. Also, it is a platform. A platform is an environment that helps to create and run programs written in any programming language.

Moreover, there are various frameworks that have been designed to make the coding in Java easy and faster.  


java struts

Struts is a free and open-source framework designed to create various kinds of mobile as well as web applications. It is basically used to create the base of a web application. Moreover, it functions on a special pattern MVC known as Model View Controller

It has a plugin-based architecture and plugins are quite useful. They make it possible to extend the framework to fit with different project requirements. If we look at Struts plugins, these are just basic JAR packages. Hence, these are portable and can be added to the classpath of the app you develop. 

Some plugins are bundled with the framework (JSON plugin, REST plugin, Config Browser Plugin, etc.) while you can add others from third party sources. 

You can easily integrate Struts with other Java frameworks in order to perform tasks which are not created into the platform. For instance, you can use the spring plugin for dependency injection or the hibernate plugin for object-relational mapping. 


java vaadin

Vaadin offers you a platform for efficient Java development. It permits you to create web apps of customizable components that focus on performance, UX and accessibility. 

Moreover, It is a powerful framework that can create web applications. Applications of Vaadin and Vaadin applications are server-side rather than client-side. It is quite different from the conventional solutions found with Java and Javascript. 

Vaadin 10 approaches web app development in an entire way. It permits direct access to DOM from the Java Virtual Machine. With the new release, the Vaadin team divides the previously monolithic framework into two different components. 

It has a lightweight Java framework called Vaadin flow that operates routing and server-client communication and a set of UI components that operate in the user’s browser.

Plus points about Vaadin includes:

  • It is supported by Apache
  • Uses server-side programming
  • Permits you to create rich and interactive web interfaces
  • Good documentation

Negative points about Vaadin includes:

  • Quite simple for code to become overly lengthy and complex


java wicket

Wicket is a component-based web application framework which is quite similar to JavaServer Faces and Tapestry. It permits you to write user-friendly applications with the help of pure Java and HTML code. 

Moreover, it is open-source, server-side, and all the code is scripted in Java. Since wicket applications are made up of reusable pages and components like images, buttons, links, forms, and others. 

Programming wicket application centers around POJOs. Hence, components are also ordinary java objects with object-oriented features such as encapsulation and inheritance. Components are bundled as reusable packages so that you can add custom CSS and Javascript to them. 

Wicket helps you to internationalize your applications, pages, and components by offering amazing support for more than 25 languages. It is built-in Ajax functionality that permits you to update components your page in real-time. 


java vert.x

Vert.x is a polyglot framework that operates on the Java Virtual machine. It permits you to write your apps in programming languages like java, javascript, Groovy, Ruby, Scala, and Kotlin. 

It has an event-driven architecture that results in applications that scale easily even with minimum hardware resources. Vert.x is created and maintained by the Eclipse foundation whose most popular project in Eclipse IDE for Java development. And ‘x’ refers to the polyglottic nature of this popular java framework. 

Moreover, Vert.x is a library, not a container. It implies that you can easily apply other tools and components from other libraries that you prefer or require to create your web application.

Vert.x supports several languages and is quite simple to set up. Furthermore, it is a highly modular and allows you to use any library that you. The only problem with this java framework is that it is quite difficult to scale it onto larger systems. 

Spring MVC

Spring MVC is one of the oldest java frameworks. It allows you to create enterprise-level java applications. Spring was started as a dependency injection tool, but with time, it got developed into a full-scale application framework. 

It offers you an all-inclusive programming and configuration model that comes with support for generic tasks like setting up a database connection or handling exceptions. Other than java, you can use this framework with Kotlin and Groovy. Both of these operate on Java Virtual Machine. 

This framework uses inversion of control software design principles. According to this principle, the framework controls the custom-written code. As a result, you can create loosely coupled modules for your spring applications. 

Since it is highly modular, it permits you to write code which is quite clean and accessible. The only downside about spring is that it’s a complex web framework and in case you are new to Java programming, then this probably would not be the best choice. The reason is that it requires a lot of basic knowledge to work on this framework. Hence, it is not for beginners in Java development. 


I hope that now you are quite clear about various kinds of javascript frameworks. Now, you can easily select the best of them according to your requirements. 

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