Mobile applications have transformed the traditional strategies of business owners and entrepreneurs. Businesses are more likely to get their apps created by an Android or iOS app development company as more and more people are starting to use mobile apps with time.

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According to statistics on mobile apps, there are 2.25 million apps accessible on the Apple App Store and close to 3.5 million on the Google Play Store. These statistics should convince you that every business requires a mobile app because managing an app-centric business is challenging.

In this blog, we have done a thorough iOS vs Android comparison that takes into account different factors.

So let’s start!

iOS vs Android

Global Market Share: iOS vs. Android

The iOS vs Android market share estimates the combined user bases for each platform, allowing for global determination. There are currently more than 1 billion iPhone users worldwide since the device’s initial release.

Android continues to be the most popular mobile operating system in more than 190 countries, with over 2.5 billion active users, despite its attempts to overtake Apple in Japan and the US. Countries such as India, Turkey, Brazil, Indonesia, and Iran account for more than 85% of the market.

So Android is winning the war based on the current global market share as multiple Android app development companies are providing tough competition.

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Comparison Between iOS And Android

Android is ruling the market globally, but you should be aware of the challenges involved in creating mobile apps as a developer. Let’s examine iOS vs Android app development:

Programming Language

The greatest distinctions between these two relate to technology. Starting with the programming language, iOS apps are created using Swift/Objective-C, while Android app developers frequently use Java or Kotlin.

Because of Java’s high readability, most mobile developers find it simple to construct applications in Swift rather than Java, which requires more time to code. However, Kotlin’s straightforward and simple-to-comprehend attributes may lead to its employment as a Java substitute in the future. Developers choose cross-platform development tools because they enable them to reuse code on both Android and iOS. You can also hire iOS app developers for the development of your app.

System-Specific Design

Apps for iOS and Android both adhere to the fundamentals of software design. However, their navigation and content structure is where the main differences reside.

How you use the material in your app is something that iOS developers pay close attention to. Because of this, it’s crucial to surround the material with some white space. You should be aware of gradients and shadows, two technologies utilized by UI designers.

UI Designers use view controllers like page view, new tab, split view, and many more. The idea behind an iOS app’s design is to convey a sense of depth and layers.

Android’s user interfaces are heavily influenced by human design. These designs are distinguished by their use of color and motion. A more complex collection of tools, such as light, motion, or color, are used by Android designers.

Moreover, Android developers frequently use partitions. As a result, if a project includes numerous screens, the developer can manage all the activities at once. The program is separated into activities and fragments in this way.

All in all, the process of creating an iOS app is simpler and less prone to mistakes than the process of creating an Android app.

Hire Android App developers

Integration with Google Products

One benefit of choosing Android apps over iOS ones is that your business app can integrate and use interesting Google products and add-ons. So you can easily integrate with Google Hangout, Google Plus Chat and Calendar, etc. There are these different sets of Add-ons that Apple also provides and one can choose according to business requirements.

Understand Your Target Audience

Does your business sell products for a mass or niche audience? Are your products for professionals or the youth? Understanding the target audiences and their OS preferences helps you get a clear picture of the platform you should choose for building your business app. The idea here is to maximize the audience reach of the application.


It’s less secure to post an app to Google Play than the App Store. Users are more likely to download an app from Google Play that contains malware. If it gets through the App Store’s moderation process, you can be sure that your app is safe and secure.

While Google’s approval may come in less than a day, Apple’s approval may take a few days. It takes some time for you to become familiar with the quirks and standards of both platforms and ensure that your app complies with their stringent requirements.

Overall, Apple sets a higher standard for safety than Android does. Google is more efficient than Apple in terms of approval time.


The creation of mobile applications, including games and various software types, depends on applications’ quality assurance testing. Using an iOS simulator and an Android emulator will ensure that your application runs flawlessly.

The Android simulator is slower than the iOS. And the Android emulator is more potent than the iOS counterpart and can be used as a replacement in some circumstances. Generally speaking, the iOS simulator frequently falls short of offering accurate software representations of Apple products.

In order to detect issues and improve a mobile application, it is equally crucial to test it on actual smart devices, consider how users will interact with it, and make the necessary modifications.

Due to the large diversity of Android devices on the market, testing an Android app typically requires more time and effort than testing an iOS app. You can hire Android app developers for a smooth process.

Browsers and Speed

As far as the number of browsers are concerned, then Android surely provides more options. On the other hand, iOS provides faster-processing speed, which adds to the speed of application usability.

Reaching the Tablet Market

Knowing your tablet market and the relevance of your product with the tablet audience is very important. The iOS platform scores more than the Android when it comes to the tablet market. Focusing on iOS, if your target audience is skewed towards tablets, is recommended.

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Paid Vs Free Applications

Many businesses wish to make paid apps and a source of revenue for the company. This is true for gaming and service-related businesses that provide a payable service from the app itself. There are two reasons to choose iOS over Android when creating paid apps. The first reason is that iPhone owner generally are more willing to pay for apps whereas Android owners are slightly reluctant. The second reason is that Apple provides an easier and smoother payment system while purchasing apps on the iPhone.

Visibility on the App Store

Both Apple and Android app stores have pros and cons for the business user.

The Apple app store calculates the active users, recent downloads and total downloads of an application for deciding on the app’s visibility in the app store.  There is also a review and rating mechanism that helps users to add their feedback on the applications. All iOS apps are only available to be downloaded from the iOS app store. The app can also benefit from the ranking and visibility features of the app store.

On the other hand, Android apps provide a wider reach, as they can be downloaded from various app stores like Kindle and Amazon. Since there are multiple options to download an Android app, one cannot find the ranking system useful in the Android case.

Final Thoughts about iOS vs Android

Both iOS and Android have benefits and drawbacks; ultimately, which is ideal for you will depend on your unique preferences.

It’s unlikely that the advantages of Android will convince you to switch if you prefer Apple devices for their usability and app compatibility with other Apple devices.

On the other hand, you’re more likely to benefit from the Android operating system if customization and adaptability are what you need in a business mobile phone.

Save your time and cost by connecting with iOS or android app developer companies to get end-to-end mobile application development solutions for various mobile apps across business verticals.

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