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Who was aware of the fact that a year like 2020 will come in which everything would be there under the shadow of a pandemic that is “COVID-19”. It is true that this virus has spread all over the world and has made people’s lives unusual. Yes, everyone’s life has completely changed and now people are looking at this world from the lens of safety and precautions. 

There is no need to explain the statement that why people are tied to safety and precautions because everybody knows the story behind this uninvited calamity. This infectious virus has made us helpless that we are forced to follow this tradition of social distancing, maybe forever.

Well, sorry for using this word “forever” but sometimes this half-known truth makes me think this so. If this virus does not stay forever but it is going to stay at least for a year till the time of the vaccine for which everyone is waiting like nothing. 

So, I am writing this piece of article when COVID-19 is at its peak and till now there is no vaccine or medicine for it. People are stuck in their homes so that they can follow social distancing. This has stopped all day to day activities like schools, colleges, shopping markets, malls, and everything is closed. And this is posing a threat to the national economy. 

According to a survey, The impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic had not only brought the global economy to a standstill but set the clock backward on the developmental progress of several nations. While the rate of infection in India did not appear to be as high as in other countries, precautionary measures adopted dealt a severe blow to the country’s major industries- with finance, real estate & professional services bearing the largest brunt at an estimated loss of 17.3%.

top tech trends
But we know this international lock-down is not going to remain the same forever as this is a great threat to any nation’s economy. So, at this phase when we are in the middle of “no solution”, our technologies are going to help us in the nearing future

Yes! In this blog, I am going to discuss the top technology trends that will redefine a post-COVID-19 world. So, we will quickly jump to the important pointers which are going to make our lives much better during and after this period of COVID-19. Let’s have a look at them:

Tech Trend#1: Online Education

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You might be seeing how kids in your home are taking online classes that are being managed by their educational institutions. Well, I would like to tell you that before this pandemic, the educational institutions were not that much digital. Although they were following some digital trends, the thing that is happening now is totally different. Now, in order to stay away from this infection, a huge number of educational institutions have gone online. This has been done with the help of mobile app development companies in India.

You might be seeing how schools, colleges, and coaching centers are following the process of online classes. In recent times, huge growth is seen in educational mobile apps because students are learning concepts and making their confusions clear on their mobile phones. There are some educational institutions that are conducting online examinations. These reasons will make online education one of the top technology trends.

So keeping in view this picture, it could be said that these online educational institutions are going to remain just the way they are now. There is no doubt that for a certain period of time, this online system of education will be the only hope for the students to get studies completed. This tradition is going to be there even post lock-down. So there are many universities and educational boards that have already suggested that the educational institutions should complete half of the syllabus even after the lock-down.

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Tech Trend#2: 5G Network

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As discussed earlier, the whole educational system is going to be online, for that it is obvious we need a strong and high-speed internet so that the online educational process could be completed without any hurdle and struggle. To resolve this issue and other ones related to online stuff, 5G is the only option which is the next-generation network designed with “Service Based” architecture might get adopted faster. 5G is known for greater quality of service which is the best option for particular service types such as IoT, Low latency applications, etc. in simple words, you might have seen the areas where you usually find network issues, so in that case, 5G can perform better tasks in comparison to current networks. 

Tech Trend#3: Virtual Meetings

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Basically everything is going to be online and one more example of that could be related to the virtual meetings. As nobody steps outside the home. So all important meetings and gatherings are being managed through a virtual process which is called virtual meetings. These virtual meetings are taking place through online platforms like Skype, Zoom, Google Meet. 

These platforms are playing an important role in managing small as well as huge international meetings, seminars, and conferences which is making it one of the top technology trends. A huge number of participants can be added to take part in the meeting. As this trend is playing a very good role in managing meetings and companies, it could be said that it is likely to continue in the post COVID-19 environment in order to avoid crowds and follow social distancing

Tech Trend#4: Shared Spectrum

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As we are already discussing that everything is going online and this will continue even post lock-down. People are engaged in watching online content whether it is video conferencing for a meeting, an online class, or any kind of entertainment video. Even if we talk about the days before this pandemic, over 70% of the space used to be occupied by the video content over the mobile network. And it is obvious that this usage will increase with the passage of time, it means post-lock-down. Ultimately this high demand will overburden mobile networks which are basically not designed to handle high load.

In order to handle this high load and prevent network congestion so that the user may have a better experience, there are various communication companies that will use the “shared” spectrum which is available in different types and numbers. For example, there is a dynamic shared spectrum such as TVWS, CBRS. well, it helps to give extra coverage and connectivity which is really helpful for unconnected populations. 

Another benefit that makes the shared spectrum one of the top tech trends is that you can also share a spectrum between two networks such as Broadband and Broadcast networks. Saankhya Labs 5G broadcast is one example of a shared spectrum. This is known as 5th generation data transmission innovation which is an idea of Broadcast and Broadband spectrum.

Tech Trend#5: AI/ML-based Communication

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If we talk about the top technology trends, how AI and Ml can stand behind all technologies. Yes. It is true that AI and Ml are also going to play an important role in the coming future to make people’s lives usual. AI/ML will help to monitor the load on the various networks that are being loaded by the shared spectrum. With the help of AI/ML systems, it becomes possible for the networks to make decisions in order to choose the most optimum parameters. This is done on the basis of data type, network load, and the number of users. So the decisions which networks can make such as the transmission from one spectrum to another are based on real-time. In this way, the user experience can be improved greatly.

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Tech Trend#6: Satellite-based Asset Tracking Solutions

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There are some places where your mobile networks are so irritating, so in such areas, you will see an increase in remote asset tracking solutions so that the movable assets such as trains, trucks, fishing boats, etc can be moved there smoothly. And when there is no mobile network, satellite connectivity will be used to send and receive data from a central control location.

Tech Trend#7: IoT Solutions

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To follow social distancing, there is one more technology that is going to help us during this time that is IoT solutions. IoT solutions run smart devices that are connected to the internet. After the COVID-19 lock-down, this trend is going to be viral nicely. There will be a use of smart devices in smart homes in a large number.  For example, “smart” refrigerators will take stock and order groceries online. So for these kinds of smart devices, there is a need for regular software updates so that these should be both cost-effective and congestion-free in the mobile network at the same time. IoT is definitely a top tech trend for today & the future and IoT development companies will be in huge demand.

Final Words

We can say that the post COVID-19 the world is going to be really different. We will not be able to communicate directly and have to see the world through the frame of technology. So the above-mentioned technology trends are expected to help us in the coming future. These top technology trends are going to help different industries accordingly. 

Being a business owner, you may be well acquainted with the fact that which technology trend is going to help you after this COVID-19 lock-down ends. In fact, there are various organizations that are already prepared to implement these technologies at their place. Their demand makes various software development companies in India to increase their speed of developing software and apps so that they can give maximum benefit to the customers in this crucial time.

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