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Firebase vs Meteor vs MEAN

Firebase vs Meteor vs MEAN
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Meteor or MEAN or Firebase?  Which framework is suitable for your next project? What are the differences? Which one is perfect according to my needs? If these are the questions that are troubling your mind, then this blog will give you some peace certainly. Firebase vs Meteor vs MEAN

Three of these are well known frameworks for application development. However, each has it’s unique propositions and one who is not fully aware of the pros and cons, will not be able to end up with the best suitable framework for his requirement of application development. Firebase vs Meteor vs MEAN

Here, we have compared Firebase, Meteor and MEAN with reference to a few important parameters and discussed about these three frameworks  in details to give you a clear picture. Firebase vs Meteor vs MEAN

Firebase vs Meteor vs MEAN

Now, to decide on the three frameworks, you need to know detailed features and specifications as well. Let us start with Firebase.

Firebase Firebase vs Meteor vs MEAN

Firebase is a Google acquired platform that transformed the way web & mobile applications are developed. This framework is specifically helpful to build business applications to meet growing user expectations.

Developing apps with Firebase is quite simple and quick as cloud computing has simplified the way applications are built in modern times. While building apps on the cloud, your developer does not need to worry about the platform(iOS, Android and web), infrastructure, or the scalability of the apps. Firebase vs Meteor vs MEAN

Moreover, just like google drive, the data transfer and storage  is easy and efficient for Firebase. Whatever client data gets stored in the application, is present in a central repository. The complete data transfer happens automatically, once data has been updated by the user. Firebase vs Meteor vs MEAN

Firebase is most suitable for building real time apps like chat apps, music sharing apps and others such as collaboration tools. It’s a simple cloud platform that helps to create apps in a few hours, just dropping the code into the framework. Firebase vs Meteor vs MEAN

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Meteor Firebase vs Meteor vs MEAN

Meteor JS is an open-source web development framework written using Node JavaScript(JS). This is also entitled as #1 web application framework in GitHub. With Meteor JS, developer gets resources from previous frameworks and libraries to develop a prototype application first and then move on to build a full fledged application. Firebase vs Meteor vs MEAN

Meteor helps in building real-time apps as this feature is there in it’s core model. You just have to build a normal web or mobile application with Meteor and it is automatically real time. The database in the template of the app is updated as soon as the updation is done by user. Firebase vs Meteor vs MEAN

Furthermore, Meteor gives you the liberty to work on just one language and that is Javascript. Therefore, with Meteor, you can create frontend, backend and database, all in Javascript that too with exclusive cross platform advantage (iOS, Android and web). Meteor helps to build apps by writing less number of codes such as, a collaborative task management application (to-do app) can be developed by writing less than 600 lines of codes. Firebase vs Meteor vs MEAN

MEAN Stack:  Firebase vs Meteor vs MEAN

MEAN framework is an easy starting point for MongoDBExpress, AngularJS, and Node.js based applications. It is designed to give you a fast and organized way to start developing web apps with useful modules such as Mongoose and Passport (pre-bundled & configured). Firebase vs Meteor vs MEAN

However, MEAN stack is  a traditional approach to web development. While you get four frameworks to use, it’s by no means a seamless platform. You need to install the four separate frameworks to get it all working as one. Firebase vs Meteor vs MEAN

Moreover, MEAN frameworks are not easy to use. The simplicity you will find in Meteor & Firebase, is missing in MEAN and it’s quite tricky to write codes in Angular JS. Also, you can not use MEAN for cross platform as it is specifically created for web apps. Firebase vs Meteor vs MEAN

Wrapping It Up: Firebase vs Meteor vs MEAN

Overall, one great way of looking at three of the frameworks is- MEAN is a shopping cart full of parts and pieces you need to form a car. Whereas, Meteor & Firebase are the finished and furnished cars waiting to fire up the road. Firebase vs Meteor vs MEAN

This description about these three app development frameworks will definitely help you to choose the best one that suits your needs. If you have any other query regarding Firebase development, Meteor development and MEAN development, feel free to contact PixelCrayons: the leading web development company in India. Firebase vs Meteor vs MEAN

Mark Wilston is a Content Writer and marketing professional at Pixelcrayons. He loves to read and write different blogs related to web design and technologies. Contributing in a blog post aids him spreading the words online with a new set of people.

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